Those three are the stun gun, the emp launcher and the heavy rifle. So to acquire these three guns, you need to access the armory in an agency. You can either use your own armory in your agency or you can use a friends armory and their agency to do so. If you do not own an agency, so first were going to start off with the stun gun. The gun costs 330 000 in game and, of course, does what you expect it to and stun players for a short amount of time and that time is about 6 seconds. However, the gun takes about 12 seconds to recharge, which is way too long. Definitely the biggest downfall of this weapon. If youre wondering about the reload spam trick a lot of players use by switching to a different weapon that does not work on this gun in terms of firing distance based on our testing using the blue lights at the airport, we found its approximately one blue light. Spacing or if you want to compare it to a vehicle, a little bit less of the length of an airport bus, so the firing distance is pretty bad and another big downfall of this weapon. Now, in terms of shooting at players that are in vehicles, you cannot shoot people out of their vehicles normally, however, if their windows are broken or down, you can in fact stun them and their character just kind of falls and jumps out of the car, which is Kind of funny also, you can in fact, stun players that are on an oppressor mark ii and they will fall off, but keep in mind that firing distance thats less of a length of an airport bus, its not really all that practical and useful.

Unless theyre like right there in front of you now, if we compare the stun gun to another weapon, i think the up and atomizer is the most comparable and honestly its a lot better. In almost every way now i will say that the stun gun can in fact bring someone down whos using ballistic equipment temporarily, but the up and atomizer doesnt affect a person using ballistic equipment. They just kind of lose a little health, so theres, definitely some positives to the stunt gun and a few negatives. But in most situations the up and atomizer is a lot better of an option. The next weapon is the emp launcher. This one costs about 462 000. It basically does what the emp mines did from the arena war update, but now its in the form of a weapon that is extremely extremely similar to the compact grenade launcher. Basically, what it does is temporarily disable the engine of vehicles. Now it does cause some damage to players as well, but its barely anything, its obviously intended more for temporarily disabling vehicles for most normal cars. It disables them for about 8 seconds which isnt too bad. It gives you some time to either kill them after you disable them or whatever you want to do in that situation. Now, if we see how it does against a tank like the kanjali, for example, again, it does disable the engine of the tank. However, it does not disable the cannon, so the person in the tank can keep spamming that cannon over and over, while their engine is down to kill you, which really kind of negates the purpose, so definitely not the weapon.

You want to use against a tank now for aircrafts if we use the buzzard, for example, it does in fact disable the engine for about 11 seconds, but because of how hard it is to hit aircrafts and how close they have to be its honestly. Not that useful in these types of situations, its basically like trying to shoot an aircraft with a compact grenade, launcher its really not that ideal. Now for the comparison everyone wants to know, how does it do against an oppressor mark ii? Well, firstly, again, as i said, it is extremely difficult to hit any aircraft with the emp launcher and the mark ii is even more difficult because its a smaller object and a quicker and more agile moving object. But if you end up getting that extremely lucky shot, the oppressor will be temporarily disabled. However, its not really that satisfying, because the player will land safely on the ground without falling off this completely defeats the purpose of trying to hit them with this gun. Not really all that great, also its firing distance isnt all that great, either again, very similar to the compact grenade launcher. Now there are some situations where the emp launcher might be useful, like a mission or something of those sorts. But in most situations the emp launcher is honestly a big letdown and not what the community expected. And lastly, we have the heavy rifle. So this one cost 450 000 and were gon na, be comparing it to arguably the best rifle currently in game, which is the special carbine mark ii were going to be using two controlled variables here: two high level players with max stats, one with full health and The other with full health and full armor, we will be testing how many rounds each gun takes to kill the player and how long it takes in terms of time to kill the player in a separate test as well and dont worry, i will show a chart With all the data after were done with this test, so firstly were going to do some tests with the special carbine mark ii.

Again, this is a player with full health and were going to be testing how many rounds it takes to kill them. The round counter is at the top right corner of the screen, for those of you who dont know all right so 11 rounds to kill a player with full health, now were gon na, try full health and full armor, and it takes 13 rounds to kill the Player with full health and full armor, so now that we know the exact amount of rounds lets see how long it takes to kill a player with a special carbine mark 2.. So, in terms of time, it takes about 1.32 seconds to kill a player with full health. Next up is full health and full armor, and it takes about 1.44 seconds to kill a player with full health and full armor. Now lets compare it to the brand new heavy rifle in terms of rounds, so 10 rounds, cicala player with full health, as you just saw and 13 rounds to kill a player with full health and armor now well, compare in terms of time how long it takes To kill a player with the heavy rifle so in terms of time, it takes about 1.22 seconds to kill a player with full health. Next up is full health and full armor. It takes about 1.48 seconds to kill a player with full health and armor and, as promised here is all the data in a chart to make it easier to compare again.

This is from my own testing, which may vary from player to player depending on frame rate, lag, etc. Interpret this data, as you wish, but do keep in mind that the special carbine mark 2 is a lot more accurate with less recoil. So in most situations its the mark ii thats, the better overall rifle plus all the rifles in gta, pretty much have the same range, so damage and time it takes to kill the player are the main things you want to focus on. Maybe if we get a mark ii variant of the heavy rifle in the future, it might be the new king. But for now the king of the rifles is still the special carbine mark ii, so thats the testing for the three new weapons. Overall, they arent really all that great. If, im being honest id say, the emp launcher is probably the worst out of the three and honestly, the heavy rifle its a pretty cool weapon, but you dont really need it. If you already have the special carbine mark ii, the only one thats sort of worth it to me is the stun gun, because it does have some uses. But again the poor range and the recharge time of 12 seconds really makes it suffer and its definitely something you have to consider, because its really only useful in very specific situations. Anyways guys hope this was helpful.