A lot of upgrades you can get and if you want to dump as much money or as little money into vehicles out there. That are for trail crawling like this uh traxxas uh trx4. There are rc's out there for all budgets. Bronco is one of my favorites to be quite straightforward. I got huge tires on this big guy Music. Four wheel drive. I know some of you will love my sound kit. Some of you will hate it. Uh that's totally uh up to you guys. Of course, i got it on a five second shut off there i'm, using the sense innovations s dual sound kit. I see their website is up and running again and they've got tons of sounds that you can download and program into the sound box, although it is quite expensive, i'll try to find one on amazon if i can find it and leave it in the video description Box for you guys beautiful, i love the slow crawl, also like it's an art form all in itself, even in full size. You know everybody understands that, but when you're able to pilot a vehicle from outside, which i'm doing right here and still choose your lines, this helps me in my full size wheeling as well. It allows me to push limits where i don't have to worry about breaking my neck i'm gon na bring it come straight down. I'Ve changed my rocks around i'm constantly changing my rocks around well, at least once a year.

I should say that's constant for me there. We go there, we go the traxxas trx4, making a bold dance. Oh nice, can i pull out of it. I can a little bit of a rubbage on the back there, though i'm wondering because there's still been so many people that have seen the trx4 before the bronco, which version of the bronco. Do you guys like the best? Is it the red and black and chrome like i have here, or was it like the sunset orange that they did before, which was just brilliantly beautiful i've had it also, let me know in the comment section you got: ta have monster tires on on a truck Like this, okay, with big tires, though that means it gets further away from the ground, which means the center of gravity changes which makes it very top heavy. Oh, i have a little servo plug hanging down, that's, probably for the horn accessory. Oh i'm gon na have to go around that cheater rock see if we can go on the outside of it i'm, just straddling the outside of the rock the engine roaring away there. We go. Look at that got some hookup. This is where i want big belly clearance right here, so important for belly clearance, so you don't, get hung up and these portal axles, of course, just doing their job and keeping uh. You know that belly up and away from those big jagged, uh hangers, see again.

Where else were you gon na see a a ford bronco of that age on uh portal axles, a very rare except in the imaginary world, of radio control? But in that way we can still build custom vehicles like look at how much the radio control hobby has actually influenced full size. We'Ve been saying in the industry for years that we're going to see electric motors just because it seemed more efficient and have way more torque. Oh, i knew i was going down, but i can recover that oh yeah there you go. This is tough because we're looking bird's eye view, but if we get down ground level, lots of hangers down into a scalloped area – i'm gon na here i'm gon na all the people that suffer with ocd right now are screaming fix the plug it's gon na rip Off rubbing that nice chrome bumper over the rock that's, okay powering our way through when in doubt, throttle out, especially when you're not in a full size vehicle denting it the whole way. I want to back up and get a better approach angle here, very good spot. Hop up on the rock and then it's really narrow up here now. I know that there's not a whole pile of people that love watching my rock crawl videos, but i know that there is a a very big group of folks that do like to watch, and i want you guys to make a comment right now, if you're watching Rock crawling is something that you do enjoy watching because there's a lot of people that always write me and say don't bother doing these, but i always do these videos for myself as my own journey, my own rc adventure through a hobby that's just fascinating.

Look at the glint of the chrome that just that just does it such a good, looking shot good looking vehicle a classic. Oh, i almost bit it right off of the edge. How am i gon na save that i'm already hanging bye, bye? I live to drive another day fascinating there. It is there. It is oh yeah aided a little bit on the bumper, but it was totally worth it. We'Re still able to crawl around down. I go down. I go we're in it now we're in it. I got a cavern right here. Can you imagine doing this in full size? There are people out there that actually do this for fun. On giant rocks like the moab boys, everybody down in utah, i want to get down there and uh, see that in person that's on my bucket list to do for sure i'm sure there'd be a few people down in utah there. That would invite me down, put on a good show, come on now, oh i'm, all jammed up in between the bridge and the rock there. We are oh down. He goes that's. Okay, i put in a recovery rock over here: it's steep it's, a punishment that's for sure come on now it's steep, but i think it's doable there. It is there. It is it's. Just such a sharp corner i'm not going to turn around i'm going to have to bring it down and around turned around on my 100 point turn the engine starts to roar.

Now i got to get that rubber up there. There we go there, oh, like that. I don't want to flip and roll. This is a very dangerous area. Oh my gosh that just looked easy. I'Ve had many a fails there. So are you somebody that that does do trail trucking and if you do, do you insist on having a driver in your truck or do you uh like paint it like? I did. I'Ve got a few trail trucks. Some of them i choose to have a driver in some i like just to be random and not have a driver at all. Well, there you go my friends, we made it all the way around the rock horse with the ford bronco. This thing is awesome. Let me know what you think in the comment section down below looks like i got to set a stronger, drag break that's for sure this thing is an absolute beast: it's one of my favorites in comparison to the axial scx 103 gladiator, the jeep. They are both very comparable, except this one has many more moving parts uh. It has the two speed transmission that comes automatic. It does not have a dig feature to it, but these are like a definite must have in any rc garage. My friends, thank you.