Why im indoors right now? What is that temperature in fahrenheit its this? That translates to freaking cold? Okay? So since im indoors im going to do a video on fpv, because everybody keeps asking why are you not doing more fpv videos? Fpv is a hobby. First person view you wear goggles. You fly a drone around well its, not because i stopped doing them its because i had so many camera drones to review that i put all the camera drone stuff out and now im jumping back into fpv for a short while to show you some cool things. So the company beta fpv these guys right here, beta fpv. They sent me a pile of fpv products about two months ago and i do like beta fpv. I just havent had time to review their products, so im going to show them all at once. Right now in this video and its pretty cool, because beta fpv, if youre not familiar with beta fpv, this is a company that makes fpv products for beginners and pros. But the cool thing is on the beginner side and the pro side everythings inexpensive. I think they have like the lowest prices for almost everything, so in this video, its all about beta fpv and i have this bag and they filled it with items. I dont have everything in it, but im gon na put everything in it. As i keep showing you stuff over here, as i show you an item im gon na put the price up there and youll see how inexpensive everything is to get into the fpv drone hobby.

All right lets reach in and grab out our first item. What is it its? A little drone? Well actually its a case, but in the case is the meteor 65 pro so heres the deal pay attention everyone, because i get asked this question way too many times on youtube. The question i get asked is: hey its winter time. I see you flying fpv drones. You know i got the goggles on im flying around outside or in my house, and everybody wants to buy a drone to fly around in their house, and most people make the mistake of buying something too fast, too big and they just smash up the walls and They cant fly around in their house because it takes practice to fly fpv. I always recommend a 1s whoop that is the best drone to learn on and to fly in a house. So if you just want to buy a drone by itself thats super inexpensive. This is a really good one. The reason its a really good one is not only because its 1s 1s is the battery, but everything you get in the kit is really good. So you get like a battery charger, a battery tester you get the usb cables. You get spare props, you get two batteries, you get the drone, you get some documentation, you get a lot of really good stuff, and this little guy has a camera on the front that you wear goggles and fly around now, youre going hey, i dont have goggles.

Well, beta fpv has you covered because you can get these goggles. These are the vr002. I think they might be up to vr003 im, not sure if they are, you ill put a link below, but anyways theres, the price of the goggles super cheap and inside you can see what they look like: hey, just wrap them around your head power them on And go flying now. The two really good things about this drone is a this little antenna on the back that sends out your video transmission signal people call it a vtx, it shoots out at 350 milliwatts. So that means, if you have like a three story house four story house, you could probably fly it from the bottom floor to the top floor, while youre sitting on one floor and going through the walls and everything else, its very powerful. If you fly it outdoors, it means you can go a fair distance, at least three football fields in length, its pretty good. For that, the second thing about it: it is e l, r s e l, r s is the new communication standard for drones, and mostly it comes out for the small drones because it weighs next to nothing its a tiny, tiny little receiver chip that sits in The drone so its already in this one, and it means that whatever radio youre using to communicate with this guy has to send out an e l, r s transmission signal to talk to the e l r s receiver, so beta fpvs got you covered there too.

So for somebody like me, i have this radio called the jumper tea light. Ive had it for a long time. Ever since it came on the market, it is slowly being discontinued, so you can get it at a steal of a deal and ill put. The current price of it up there, so if you buy this radio, its really good, because its a four in one module, that means nothing to you if youre a beginner. All it means is that you can probably connect this to an awful lot of different drones. On the market today, probably about 70 percent of them fpv drones – that is not the camera drones. You know like dji and autel. No, this is in the fpv hobby, but this is where beta fpv shines on the back theres a little module so im going to pull that off, and this is what you get from beta fpv its an elrs transmitter to talk to this. So it just sits on the back, and how much does this cost theres the price up there next and nothing so to show you how cool this is and this little module? Let me just connect them together, really fast and show you slide this on the back and we just power on our little radio, its going to speak to me and probably complain because i dont have the switches all pushed down which im going to do in a Second, im pushing most of them there we go switch warning.

No that didnt give me it all right so were ready to go. I just take my little battery here, a connector and im going to plug it in this is all included. It comes to life. It makes some sounds its turning green in color on portions of it, and it will fly right here, ill show, you ill just get it. Oh you cant see it in the picture. Let me get it so you see it in the camera there. We are so well put an angle mode and well arm it there we go and ill fly it right here, its look at how close it is to my head. I can shave my mustache or eyebrows, but anyways im not worried because its a great drone for flying indoors, its a whoop. Here we go there. We are baby. Look at this thing. I can just bring it around here, like okay. So let me say this im: a pro ive been flying fpv for years and years, but this my you know this is so simple to fly, and this is what you need to get if you want to fly indoors and put your little fpv goggles on and Im gon na stop talking and im gon na show you this there we go as i smash into the microphone the price and the link to all this stuff is well. I already showed it so lets go on to the next thing: thats in the bag.

Next item in my magic bag would be this haha. What is that that is a radio so say you, didnt have the last radio i showed and you didnt buy the module. You said why cant i buy it all together. This is it its called the light ray the light. Radio three: do i have that upside down? No, there. It is light radio, three so inside it looks like this. There you go. It looks like that. Now, the cool thing with this light. Radio 3 is. It comes in two formats, so you have to know ahead of time what radio you want for the drone you buy. If you want to stay in the e l, r s, communication hobby, like the first drone, i was flying that little one. Then you need the e l r s, radio, if you want to stay in the other hobby, which is the standard hobby where you can connect to like fr sky and all these other receivers that are on the market been around for like 20 years, then you Need the uh: where is it there? Is it and you need the other one see i have two of them. They sent me two to show you that theres, actually two different radios, they look identical. The only thing different is whats inside so this one here i know for a fact: is fr sky compatible and futaba and a few other things, and this one is the e l r s hobby.

So i could take this radio if i pull it out. I could take this radio and i could hook it up to that little drone. I was flying that little indoor meteor drone that i was flying earlier and it would be perfectly fine. So in your package, you get a set of instructions, you get this, you get the joystick protectors made out of rubber on the back, which is really cool. Is that you know that module that i was talking about so say. Let me explain this really quick say you bought this radio and this radio is the radio that is not for e l, r s its for everything other than e l r s, because you didnt want to buy the e l r s, one anyways youre gon Na see where im going with this, you can then buy this tiny little module that i showed in the first portion of the video slide off the back like that and you take the module and you stick it on the rear like well like there we go. I got it on there, you go so now. This radio turns into e l r s, so you have the best of both worlds. This is like the standard communication plus the elrs. That is pretty incredible, so the buttons on here theyve made it for beginners, so theyre three way: switches on top on either sides. So you got click click for center and click for down, but whats really cool for the fpv hobby is the two bottom switches are latch switches.

So would you push them in they stay in and when you push them in again, they just pop out so its on or off and its very easy to bind this to a drone. Actually, i bound it to a drone just seconds before i made this video portion that youre seeing im just putting this one away and wheres the drone here, so i bound it to this drone, so this drone. What is this called? This is an old drone. I have this is called by beta fpv, its called the beta 65x. You can put a micro sd card in it to film and everything else with the camera. Ive had this for a long time and ive smashed the heck out of it thats. Why? Its a little banged up it takes two batteries im going to show you the difference between a 1s version and a 2s version. So for me, sitting here im going to hover it with this radio, try it uh it might get a little wild, but lets give it a shot all right. So first things first take our left. Joystick push it all the way down hold the power button in it will turn a color, should turn red and then go blue and play me some music to put me to sleep now. This drone, you cant, buy it anymore because they only make drones for about a year and thats it there we go. I have to warn you.

I have smashed the heck out of this thing and i broke the prop guards on all the motors uh from years and years of use and abuse so uh it buzzes the props buzz against the the prop guard. So youre gon na hear this buzzing sound, listen! Uh heres the latch switch there you go thats, not bad, though at least its still gon na work, its just lightly touching on there, but its kind of annoying but im gon na show you now, with this controller im flying it theres my on off switch see Off on so its really good so lets turn it on and lets bring it up and try not to whack me in the face Music. There we go. This is a 2s, so its got a lot of power. If i want to give it a lot of power, but there you go baby and with the latch switch lets see if i can do it catch catch catch. I have such butter fingers all right, so thats it. So this radio is how much youre asking its that much its not very much, and you can get it once again in two versions and one last thing to tell you. This is so inexpensive that if you buy it and you dont even have a drone. But you just want to use it with your flight sims. You can, because you just put your usb cable down in here and then into your pc or your mac, and it automatically recognizes this as an external joystick device and you can fly flight sims and have a blast learning how to fly and then finally get yourself.

A drone and check this out theres one more thing for this light: radio 3 – and that is you – can get a case. So this is so popular that beta fpv said. You know what people are going to buy a lot of these because they dont cost a lot, but they do an awful lot that will make a case for it, so they made a case. They sent me the case too. So i could show you so you have this case hand carry. It does look like a handbag uh. What inside it lets get rid of all this ill. Show you this in a second, your little controller fits in there and i think, if you take, if you bought the elrs little module say you had the normal standard edition, the elrs thing will fit down there and it looks like that and then you close everything And youre all set to go and you do have a little spot at the top to put other odds and ends. You know batteries and things like that. They sent me these two neck straps but theyre made for this. So one says light radio on it and let me open it there you go so you can have a neck, strap that says light radio. You put it to the right size around your neck, and then you hook it into this little device up front right here, and then it hangs off your neck as youre flying so that your hands free to do other stuff.

One more that they gave me to show you and this ones very colorful – and this just says beta fpv light radio express lrs. So let me give you some prices, then, for the next strap too. If i havent, given you that so this next strap here, it costs that much this neck strap here, costs that much this carry case costs that much so you see everything in the hobby is rather inexpensive. So what else is in my little bag? Oh check this out. I have two more items here. These are the beta fpv micro transmitters. So what the heck am i talking about? So let me explain that remember this guy i showed earlier in the video – and i said you put this on the back of your radio so that it can talk to a drone that has an e l, r s communication system. So in the fpv hobby we take our radios, i have so many radios over here. We take our radios and we put modules on the back, because if we bought the radio and it came with a certain communication system in it, that could only talk to certain types of drones or receivers, and we wanted it to talk to something. You know else. Thats new on the hobby, then we put a module on the back, see back here, theres a module stuck there and i have an antenna sticking up there. So for this radio i have put a crossfire module on it, so that means it will talk to any type of receiver, thats a crossfire receiver and thats different from what this radio is able to talk to.

But when i put the module on the back now it can do everything the radio can do, plus that and thats what i was showing with this little item here, which is called a nano transmitter and its made by beta fpv, and it goes on the back Of anything with the little nano connector back here so beta fpv said: hey, we left out the people who want the micro connectors. So this is a nano connector and theres, also a micro connector. So, on the back here, my crossfire module is micro, so they made these. So once again, just like this guy, you have two different types of connectors and theyre for the elrs communication system, so these are transmitters. They send out the signal. So if you bought a drone, you know some drone and it has e l r s receiver in it. Then these will work in the world of e l r s. They went and split up the frequencies by three. So on the box, i have to read them: you have 2.4 gigahertz thats the most common. So if you have to buy one get 2.4, then you have 915 megahertz and thats the second most common. Then you have one ive, never used 868 megahertz, never used that. One anyways, so i have two of them here: ive got the 2.4 and the 915., and the only difference between the two is obviously the different frequency. The bandwidth that theyre shooting out at the 915 is for longer range than the 2.

4. However, ive never tested it, but everybody whos tested the two says: theres no real difference between the two. So you must also stick with 2.4. So inside the box you get stuff flying out, so you get the transmitter, which is pretty cool im going to show it to you. You get an antenna. I have two radios, almost identical so on this gold radio. I have a crossfire module in the back and on this black radio i have the beta fpv micro, els, 2.4 gigahertz module on the back. So now this radio sends out all the standard communication. I can connect it to pretty much 90 of the fpv drones on the market and if i need to go crossfire well, then i take this one here and i have a little crossfire thingy back there, but i dont use crossfire too much, even though its really Good, so let me show you: this module really quickly, its very simple its designed for beginners, so it takes power off your radio. It runs, but if you dont have it connected to your radio – and you just want to do a demo like im doing right here, you just plug it into a 2s battery there. I did it and you can see on the bottom. We have a display. You see it down there, so it comes to life now ill show you some close up video as im talking about this. So on the front i plugged in this battery to an xt30 connector in the front, and it takes to a maximum of a 2s battery.

You can put a 1s or 2s. You do not have to plug a battery into it. The only time you plug a battery into it is, if you do not want your radio to have the power sucked out to power this, or maybe you have a crappy radio that cant power this so then you would power it and then over on the other Side, you have a usbc connector and you use that for firmware updates. If you want to update it and then on the bottom, if you have a really crappy radio, you can just connect this externally with this tiny little cable that they include goes in the bottom and then into your radio. But most radios have the micro port on the back, because if they dont then youre not going to buy this youll go, buy the nano so down here on this little screen ill. Show you close ups as well. You press in the five way switch and then you can go through all the selections that there are you dont have to do that you can do them on the screen on your radio. You can also change the colors on the back. I dont know why they put that there, but it looks pretty freaking cool. You can change the colors to multiple different colors. You pick the one you want. Probably a good idea for changing the color is because then you know what module this is compared to other ones.

If you have lots of these, so the price of this baby is right up there, its not very expensive, and if you are knowledgeable about these little transmitters, then you know that they shoot out at different varying powers. You can select the power from like 25 milliwatts. All the way up to like 500. I believe it is on this one, but you can go all the way up to one watt, not on this one. If you want the one that does one watt its black in color, this ones white, obviously, but the black one will do one watt and theres the price of the black one. Do you really need one watt of power? Well, if youre going super far and the battery on your drone can handle going super far like a lot of battery power to get out really far, then one watt will get. You really far were talking miles upon miles upon miles like more than five, probably more than ten. You know, and even more than that, all right so im going to unplug this and ill just show you one in action. So here let me just power on this radio welcome to open, tx all right same idea as the previous drone, so im just going to plug in a battery in this one. This is a little e l, r s, flywhoo firefly drone, and usually every time you hear that e l r s, usually the drones – are tiny in size, because the receiver e l r s is so micro, tiny thats.

Why theyre popular so small drones usually have elrs and a lot of beginners start off with elrs to get into the hobby? The funny thing is that e l, r s, is the latest greatest thing and everybodys diving into it. So if you go with elrs, youre, youre sort of advanced future proof all right. So let me plop this down, so you can see it its very small in size like this thing is like ridiculously small and take my little radio over here, and it should be connected because i have my module on the back all set to go there. We go and put it in the proper mode. Oh thats, not my mode switch there. We go all right. So once again you can fly these things. Small, tiny things you fly them indoor in the winter super powerful. Is there any power in that battery yeah? There is hardly any power there we go. I think i have to charge that battery, but there you go baby. You know i say the baby thing all the time. These things are so much fun to fly around your house in the winter time, so thats what you need if you want to get into this hobby baby there, where oh, i tried to catch it a different way. Every time i catch them, i hit the arm. Switch to kill the motors, but a lot of times in these confined spaces because theres a microphone up here and other lights around.

Here i smash into everything so uh yeah. So there you go these little guys. Transmitters are really good if you need elrs. So, in summary, let me show you everything again really quick and tell you the prices, so you have goggles here we go price is up there. Let me get rid of that. Then we have these light. Three radios and one is e. L, r s only and the other one is standard and you can put a module on the back and nano modules. So let me put that oh sorry theres the price of these up there and then what else did we have we had? Well, i showed that, oh and then we have the straps and the two straps here. So the clear colored one, the price is right there and the one that says, light radio thats a thicker material. The price is right. There. Then, of course we have the case. You need that price is right there and then ill go over here. This is the little nano uh communication transmitter price is right. There. Then we have these really cool things. This is the last thing i showed the express lrs microtransmitters and one is the 915 and the other one that i have here is the 2.4 theres also an 868, but, like i said, ive never heard of it. So price is up here. You can also get these in a one watt version and the version of the one watt version is up.

There thats just way more power, then. Finally, you have the meteor drone that i said its great for flying indoors and this things not very expensive. Its got. Brushless motors, pretty cool long transmission, uh range with the video and, of course, its elrs, so you can fly it really far and the price for this is up there. So let me get rid of that and the last thing i want to show you because its so funny this bag has got a price tag on it: yeah so heres the price of the bag, the tote bag, its up there as well thats hilarious, all right! So i think thats it. I dont see anything over there over there over there im sure i missed something anyways if i did ill show it to you in a future video. So links are below to everything. I showed you here and go check it out because it is very inexpensive if you want to get into the fpv hobby now. I know if youre a beginner youre, probably confused over a lot of things. I said because its a different world, especially if you come from the camera drone hobby, like dji or autel or hubsan or fimmy your mindset is one way and then, when you get into the fpv world its like its a different world altogether, you have to learn Everything all over again just its like learning how to walk all over again, but you have to walk before you can run so yeah.

You got to start someplace. So with that said, if you have any questions on anything ive shown here, just post them below and ill get back to you all right guys, thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in the Future video, with many more products to review and a few more fpv items, all right.