First i’m, going to show you this if8 controller, then the alpha a75. This is a small, tiny whoop. It comes in analog and digital, and it is the little brother of let me just grab this. This is the alpha a85 from iflight, so this is the smaller version than this one. I think this is one of the tiniest lightest, tiny, whoops digital on the market. In this sort of you know, specification frame, category it’s actually quite strong for a tiny loop and it flies really decent as you’re going to see in this video actually i’ll just stop talking and show you the video check this out. Hey everyone welcome to my channel, while i’m out here today at my local beach, and there is a ridiculous amount of people out here. So many people in fact that it’s hard to find parking. My jeep has four wheel drive, so i could park anywhere, but there is cars i’m looking at them right now. They are stuck all over the place trying to park out here in the snow, it’s insane so i’m out here today for the review of two products. I have the if8 it’s a brand new remote control by iflight and the alpha a75, which is a super tiny little whoop from iflight as well. So let me tell you about both of these. The if8 is a new controller for beginners and, if you’re just getting into the fpv hobby – and you want some little game controller – this might be the one for you and the thing you’re going to see is the range because i don’t know what the range is On this i don’t know if it’s a mile or less than a mile but i’m going to fly pretty far, because i see a lot of people ice fishing.

This thing is not very noisy, even with a little 3s battery on the bottom, i have a 450 milliamp hour battery, which is recommended it’s, very quiet it’s not noisy at all, so i should be able to fly it over and around people out here. So how about i go do that now now. The other thing i want to mention is i’m going to be flying with my dji fpv goggles. Now the camera on here only sends back a digital signal to the goggles and the goggles record at 720p. So that’s the only video i can show you. I have no other camera on here. So basically, everything you’re going to see is coming from this tiny little nebula camera in the front digital, but like all fpv drones, there’s, no stabilization it’s, not like a dji drone with a three axis gimbal and everything. So if i bounce this around in the air, well your image bounces around in the air. So if you see any bouncing around in the air, that’s me the pilot. So what i’ll do next is i’ll put a hat on with a camera on top and fly. This just to show you how it flies. If you know you can see it flying and how noisy it is. So let’s do that now this here little controller has vibration feedback, haptic feedback i’m, going to turn it on. It should see a green light and when it’s on i don’t know if you can see it out here, there’s a green light in the front right here.

Next i have a 3s battery i’m just going to plug that in. Oh, the wind is blowing out here. This thing’s going to get blowed around all right there we go so it’s all set to go. Let me put it down over here, so the gopro picks it up that beat you here is. I always have a beeper on my drone watch. This click, this beeper stops that’s just so in case i lose it. I can find it with the beeper sound by going like this. Where are you drone and then unclick it there? We go all right, so the drone is ready to fly so this camera should be working and we should be able to see it go up in the air wouldn’t. You know what i dropped my drone in the snow here it is so let me just put it down it’s facing the camera it’s full of snow, but as soon as i arm it, it will fly off. So here we go arm and let’s, take it on up, got ta watch the wind and there it is in front of me, make sure the wind doesn’t take it away. I’Ll bring it up so that’s as noisy as it is. So you can imagine if i have this up in the air it’s not gon na, be heard by a lot of people, so there it is all right, so let’s hit the arm switch. Oh, i almost caught it that was the worst catch ever look at this thing.

I’Ve got snow all over it all right, let’s! Take it for a flight now i’m just going to knock the snow off here, knock it off as long as the snow doesn’t melt on here, we’re good, so we’re just going to knock all the snow off and we’ll take it for a flight. Here we go. I can see it moving. Oh the wind’s got it the whoa. I almost hit a pole there, the wind’s got it let’s, try to keep it look it’s tilted sideways because of the wind blowing. This is insane. This is insane the wind is just. Can you hear it in the microphone just a howling so i’m, taking it nice and low um, my my glasses, that i wear underneath these goggles, but they are transitioned, so they’re a little bit dark right now from being out in the sun. I got ta wait till they lighten up, because everything looks like nighttime here all right, so right in front of us, we have the ottawa river and it’s, just this big white sheet of snow and i’m going to come on back to me, going over the trails Coming back this way there we go go through the trees. I can see somebody walking in front of me there’s a car in the parking lot how’s that looking for video going around the car, this thing’s so light. If it hit a car uh, you probably won’t. Even notice it let’s fly over me there.

I am right there there’s another person, stay away from them, everybody’s on the trails today, all right, so i can’t go too far, because i really don’t know what the range is on this controller, but there’s some people ice fishing out here, let’s see there’s a trail Right there there’s some people out there there we are let’s, bring it back. This way, oh i’m, in the wind now so i’m going against the wind. How fast can this go? Oh, the wind is just blowing it’s picked up whoa that’s, a lot of wind all right. Coming back to me all right, i’m gon na do one more round here some people out here. There we go, and i see the people out there pulling something let’s go see what they’re pulling and they’re probably wondering what is that little thing check that out the looks on the faces. I love that all right so i’m going right against the wind right now. Coming back i’m gon na go follow a trail. Oh my god. The wind has just picked up something insane. This is just crazy. Well, here, coming over, this is an ice hut here, there’s somebody in that properly and let’s just go over it yeah. I can’t even get close to it because the wind is just blowing me. I don’t want to hit the snow but uh yeah. It says my battery is getting low now because of all the wind i’m getting the red indicator.

So let’s just stay on the trail. Here in case it dies before i make it back and uh. We should be good it’s, getting pretty darn low there’s a person there is that car stuck. I can’t tell oh no, that car is parked all right, so let’s go between these cars, nice people and let’s bring it on back to me all right. There we go i’m gon na park, i’m gon na drop it out here. I don’t know if i can drop it on the back of my jeep. Do i have enough power? I hit the snow all right check out this drone. Look at that. Look at oh now, the wind’s blowing again my camera’s moving everything’s moving but uh. So flying in the wind, with this thing you know it would be best not to fly on a super windy day i’m out of the beach. The wind is just howling out here. Look at the dro, my camera’s bouncing around right there on the top of my jeep, so you can see the whole image moving due to the wind. This thing here probably flies great indoors and it probably flies great when there’s very little wind, but on a day like today that was insane, but i was pretty impressed with this. If 8, the range – because i was standing facing, you know out to the trees out there, and i was flying off that way, so it was at an angle, but it did really well really well, you know i didn’t lose connection uh for flight time.

They say you’re supposed to get like anywhere from uh five to seven minutes flight time on this. That would be, if it’s, not so windy, because when i turn this around to go into the wind, i had to give it a lot of throttle to get it to come back but uh other than that it’s pretty darn decent i’m pretty impressed. Hopefully i get a chance to fly this more often when there’s not as much wind, but it is winter and wind just keeps howling all right, so that was pretty cool. The takeaway from that video is that it was super windy out and cold, and this thing here had no problem flying through the wind, even though i dropped it in the snow a few times. It had no issues, and i was only using a 450 milliamp hour. 3 cell lipo battery – this is the recommended battery for this drone because of the way power to weight ratio. So this is what the company recommends. Now you can put a bigger battery on it and fly for longer. If you want – or you can put a smaller battery, you know when i received this out of the box, i did not read the documentation pretty much normal for me and i put a 4s battery because i just assumed it was a 4s drone and i flew It around the basement here, like i always do with every drone i received to make sure everything’s working and it flew fine, and i was like wow it’s – got a lot of power, it’s pretty good, and then, when i read the documentation they said we recommend a 3S battery at 450 milliamp hours – i was like ooh.

I got the wrong battery on, but i didn’t damage anything. It does handle a 4s battery it’s just that a 4s battery weighs more so you’re putting more weight on this thing and you’re using more power to get going. Whereas if you use the 450 milliamp hour, 3s battery lipo, then everything’s perfect, it’s very, very light and it zoom it’s gone, which you saw in the video. It was really really good and with this battery they do say you’ll get over five minutes of flight time. Up to seven minutes, it just depends how you fly. If you are a freestyler doing rolls and flips, and everything you’re really gon na have to blip the throttle so you’re not gon na get as much power. If you’re racing you won’t get as much power because you’re on the throttle low to the ground, but if you’re just a sunday driver now, you’ll probably get seven minutes. You probably saw in the video two. I had a cable hanging off the bottom and that’s because the only battery i own that’s, a 3 cell 450, has a jst connector on the end. So i have to go jst connector to xt30, which is on the end of this here, drone so that’s. What you saw hanging off the bottom of the drone when it was flying around this drone does come in analog as well, and if you want to save yourself a hundred dollars, i would get the analog version.

The reason i would say get the analog version is because it’s just over a hundred dollars for this thing, which is a really good, buy and most tiny whoops, you never fly very far anyways you just keep them within a couple of football field ranges, and if You have this controller, you know this. Has i didn’t say it in the video because i didn’t know, but i finally read the specs on it. It has a mile range, so you’d have a mile range with this, even an analog and that’s. Quite far now the camera on mine that you saw was a nebula. It was just a little nebula vista, nebula camera in the front. If you get the analog version, you have a run cam nano 2, which is a pretty decent camera and iflight has a really cool deal on right now, if you buy this drone in analog – and you include this your controller, they have a package deal. So you get the if8, you get the drone, you get three batteries for it. Three batteries that works with this plus a battery charger. The whole package, oh and goggles, that record you can record in the goggles. The whole package i’ll show a picture of it. Someplace over here, the whole package is 299 dollars, u.s, which i think is a steal of a deal for this package. If you want to get into fpv that’s a really good deal of a deal, because this is probably one of the best beginner fpv drones on the market, it’s really well made and it’s so simple to fly and it’s a lot of fun to fly.

As you saw in the video all right, let me get over to this here controller, which is the if8. This is an eight channel controller. I used it in this video because, when iflight sent me this drone, they said ha ha we’re gon na put our own receiver on it. So, instead of leaving no receiver on it like a lot of drones, i receive have no receiver, and then i just use my dji fpv remote controller to connect to like the dji cadx vista system. Instead, they put their if8 receiver on it, which meant haha steve. You have to use our radio in your video to fly it, which i did so i flew with this. I didn’t know what the range was and i’ve already mentioned. The range is now that i know is one mile which is pretty decent. This here thing, when i look at the specs on it, eight channels uh it’s, the batteries built in so you charge it up. You get four hours of usage after you charge it and with those eight channels this here radio can connect to any type of fr. Scyro that’s a d8 or a d16, which is very common. You can get in almost any fpv drone on the market and as well as the receiver that’s in here, which is the iflight if8 receiver that they sell themselves. So if you buy any future, i flight drones, you can just ask for the if8 receiver and if you own, this you’ll be able to bind with all of them.

It’S really simple in the manual that comes with this. It explains how to do the binding, which is super super simple. They have a little system where, if they say, if you leave this in the middle this here, joystick on the left, if you leave it in the middle, that means you want to bind to a d8 receiver. If you push it up, you want to go to a d16, a north american or down as a d16 european i’m, not really sure which is which but anyways the manual tells you that it’s that simple, it does not have a display on it anywhere. It just has the color system if you power it on and your switches are up. This turns red if your switches are in the right spot to make a connection with the drone. This turns green, simple, simple. It vibrates. Haptic feedback has a speaker down here, so it lets. You know: beep, beep, beep, bell sounds and stuff like that to let you know things that you’re doing i don’t know if there’s voice on it. It does have open tx but it’s, a special type of open tx, that you would have to access through a computer i’m not going to bother doing that. So, basically, any firmware updates. There is a spot for a micro sd card up top that you put your micro sd card in with new firmware on it and it will just update automatically also on the top.

You have a usbc port, so you can charge it up. So you get your four hours also on the top, you have the usbc, which can also be used to use this with a simulator which i’ll show you in a second. The great thing about this is the price it’s only forty nine dollars u.s. So for forty nine dollars u.s, if you wan na, fly all future ifly drones or any drone on the market with an fr sky type receiver in it, then this is goodbye if you like the game controller style. These are only designed for the fpv hobby. Very simple, very few switches in the front: you have your normal on the bottom. Those are two position switches, like click click and on the top. Both sides – you have your three position – click click click there you go i’m doing it super fast, but anyways there’s. A lot of clicks there so it’s made 100 for the fpv drone hobby. It does have this little cool thing on the bottom. I don’t know. If you can see it, there, i’ll show you a picture has little spots at the bottom for people who are pinchers and thumbers of the joysticks. So you can rest your fingers. I find they’re kind of hard to get out. I always have to stick something we just get a screwdriver here, stick something in there to make them pop out, because they’re really dug in so you’d have to almost leave them out but anyways.

So you put your fingers on that to hold on to and then your joysticks doing this sort of thing, and it should work quite well on the back. They must have something for a new feature, because i pull this back off. Here is the bind button to bind to drones, but also this whole entire back looks like a spot to put an external transmitter like a crossfire or whatever, but in the documentation it makes no mention if it actually works with a crossfire system and there’s no place To set it up so at this time i don’t think it does so next, let me show you quickly how you use this on your computer with the flight, sim it’s, really simple. Watch this all right. I have a camera over here pointing at my laptop and i’m going to show you how to use this here controller with pretty much any sim on the market. First thing you do is turn it on the reason i’m showing this. I know it’s kind of silly. A lot of people are going. Why are you showing this? There are people out there who are noobs and can’t even figure, this out so i’m, showing it right now so it’s on right. Next, you know find the spot for the usbc port it’s on the top i’m going to plug in a cable, ta da it’s in next, have your laptop or computer and find a spot to put the cable into there.

We go it’s in now, it’s connected what happens is in modern computers with modern operating systems when you connect anything usb to a pc or a mac. This is a pc this one here. It automatically recognizes it as an external device and it tries to think is it a mouse? Is it a joystick? What is it so? They all know your computers all know that this is basically an external joystick it’s. That simple, some controllers you receive will actually have a display and when you plug them in they say, do you want to use me as a joystick? Or do you want to use me as an external? You know external uh device, then always pick joystick i’m going to start up. This is called tiny whoop or something like that. I’Ll just try, tiny tiny! Where are you tiny whoop there? It is top one. So i’ll start that okay, so i’m in the sim and i can fly see i got throttle. I can move left right bounce around if your controller doesn’t work right away with your sim it’s, because you did not set it up, you’ll see in every sim it’s going to say. I know you plugged in an external device like for joysticks or whatever, but you have to set it up, so it knows which one is the throttle, because it doesn’t know what side is the throttle or what side is you know the pitch and everything so look For some place to configure your controller and then you’re all set, so here we go and on this one here, if i look at the bottom, i have acro mode.

I can hit mode and go into stability, mode and that’s. What if you’re a beginner and you’re learning how to fly, you should fly instability, because then it just stays nice and stable, and you can go nice and slow and fly through everything. Go around the park. Go out. The only thing you can’t do when you’re in stability mode is it can’t, do flips it won’t, let you and that’s just like on a real fpv drone when you’re flying in stability mode that’s, how you should learn to fly your very first time, at least for The first few days until you get the hang of it stay in stability mode like angle, mode and you’ll have a great old time, because then, basically, all you have to concentrate on is your left and your right not hitting anything your throttle for up and down Just like i’m doing here going over things, you can still go through things. No problem like this, but you won’t be able to do flips or rolls when you get good, then fly in acro mode, so i’m in acro mode now and that’s. When you can do stuff like this, like you see me doing when i’m flying acro and you can fly faster, you can tilt forward flat and fly faster, all that great stuff, so that’s the great thing about learning the fbv hobby, all right so let’s bring it On down and crash into something there we go all right.

The last thing i want to show you is the unboxing it’s super super fast. I do the fastest unboxings known to humankind so i’m, going to show you what comes in the box for your if8 and what comes in the box for your a75 watch this, and here we go with the captain, drone superfast unboxing. This is a box open the box. It looks like this take out the controller and you’ll see the instruction manual very important, plus the antenna which you screw on the top of your controller, and then you have the usbc cable so that you can charge up your controller as well as connect it to Your pc to play a sim on it, and here you can see that my if8 is a mode 2. That means the throttle is on the left. There is a speaker on this controller it’s right here when you power it on the battery remaining voltage is shown by the number of led lights that pop up on the rear. You have your switches, two position switches are on the bottom, and three position are on the top. You also on the very back of this controller. Have these little handles that pop out some people like to hang on to those so that it doesn’t slide around in your hand, it’s pretty cool on the top. You can see where you plug in your usbc cable, to charge up the controller as well as use it as an external device on your pc or mac, so that you can play flight sims and below.

That is a micro sd card slot for firmware updates and over on the right is a trainer port on the back of the radio. You have your bind button and you’ll push that in when you want to bind to whatever receiver you’re going to connect to and now let’s move over to the alpha a75. This is the box. Now, if you want to see the configuration of my drone in this video here, it is right here so inside the box, you get the alpha a75, pull it out, it’s pretty much all put together, there’s, nothing! Much else to do. You do get some spare parts. You get, i don’t know why, but you get an entire frame. Just in case you damage yours, they give you a spare one as well as the canopy. Just in case you damage yours, you get a spare canopy speaking of spare items, you get spare props too. These are quality, props, they’re, gemfan brands, so really good, three bladed props. If your alpha a75 is the digital unit, you get two usb cables, one for the digital unit here and the other one’s for betaflight right here you can see. The port also included is a spare battery, strap spare screws and a spare little rubber pad for your battery pretty much every fpv drone on the planet comes with stickers, so you get stickers. You also get the instructions for the flight controller right here. Just in case, you want to modify it and you get some details if you have the cadx vista.

This is the instructions for that the motors are brushless motors is at 8000 kv. Don’T put your fingers in there, it’s gon na hurt, and you can see the prop guards going around the props right here. So that means you can fly it into a lot of objects and it just bounces off indoors or outdoors. Here you see the xt30 connector. If you buy batteries make sure they have an xt30 connector on them, and here we should be seeing my little receiver that’s, the if8 receiver, that they included on mine. So if you get this drone – and you want to use that controller, you can get that receiver here, you can see if you get such a receiver. The antennas pop up through the top they’ve already installed it like this. When i received mine – and here you can see the digital unit and the digital unit – is your cadx vista unit and here’s your camera – my camera is a nebula camera because it is on the digital unit. Really good. You saw the image it looked quite decent. You know for just recording in the fpv goggles, and here we have a nice close look at the f4 flight controller, which has a 20 amp esc’s for the motors very decent for such a small drone really well constructed really good and it can take a beating That’S for sure all right there you have it so what i’m going to do is i’m going to put links below to both products.

You can buy them separately, i’ll also put links below so that you can see that package deal for 299 u.s. Where you get everything i think it’s a great thing for beginners. You get everything at once: the goggles, the drone, the controller, a charger, a battery charger that does all the way from 2s to 4s, which is uncommon that people give that away. Nowadays, plus you get three batteries at least that’s. What i saw online so i’m going to put a link to it. You can go check it out, see if i’m i’m just talking crazy here or what but uh.