That is absolutely fantastic for such a price point ive, never seen something like this before Music, so Music Applause, hello, everyone, andy here, hope youre well. So today i wanted to do an unboxing and review of this cool little sort of beginner, its more of like a kids drone and ill go through sort of some of the features on why but its good for them just to sort of have a bit of A play indoors, and also a little bit outdoors, its quite safe to sort of you know to have as a very first drone to sort of practice with and play with. One of the really good features is it has anti collision. So obviously, if youre in the house and youre worried about any sort of ornaments or anything fragile, then compared to most other drones that are manual, and you know you could easily hit something and when your kids are playing with this inside, then the anti collision um Should be stopping it from actually hitting anything also, whats, really cool is obviously with a lot of these things. Um, especially with toys and with little quadcopters or drones, is these little ones. Dont have very good batteries. Now this comes with three giving it a total of. As stated up to about 30 minutes, which is you know plenty of time – to have a good bit of fun with and also it has a 360 degree flip as another feature so again – thats something cool for the kids to sort of explore and play with.

So the drone itself is called lulin x26. Now, where you can purchase this from, is amazon and ill pop a link to this in the description below. So if you do want to look at getting this for your kid or just for yourself, maybe just have a little bit of a play with then please go into the description and check the link to get yourself. One of these so without further ado lets pan the camera down and well have a little bit of an unbox and see what this product is like in its packaging, so straight away with the box. What i really like is it feels sort of quite a nice high quality. The prints really good and the actual box is really nice and strong and its really crisp its got loads of nice information all around the sides. Its got the logo, more information logo and the base has got all the kind of legal information as well, but um whats, really cool. Is i like how its got this kind of magnet? If you can see there, it closes via a magnet which is sort of. I dont know its just something that you see, sometimes on like higher quality gift boxes and thats, just a nice little sort of touch that theyve added its not just like a cheap cardboard box. Its got a really nice snap there with the magnet so lets open up and have a look. What its like inside so weve got some protective paper there and already now you can choose different colors with the blades and on my channel.

The theme is like a bit blue, like ive got with my mavic ive got the blue master air screw blade, so i thought ill get the blue, but i think you can get other colors, i think its yellow or orange. So you know, youve got a bit of choice there, but already just straight away: thats a really nice little presentation inside lets, see if i pick it up, it feels extremely light. I cant believe that this things got anti collision technology. That is impressive, and if it is what i am seeing here is its probably difficult for the camera to pick it up, but basically in where the blades meet here here etcetera. I can see a little circle and i think thats, where the sensor is so that must be where the anti collision is, but that feels really really nice and light. So i should put that to the side for now lets take away the protective tissue and it looks like the whole of this box comes away and what weve got on the side inside the box is going to be im going to guess some sort of instructions Which ill have to have a little look through on how to set it up and do a little flight test lets put that to the side for now, so this looks like its got all the kind of gubbins inside again nice box, everythings really well packaged already. Im impressed for the price point on how well this thing has been packaged.

I mean ive, had drones, sort of a similar price thats supposed to be meant for higher higher flying um professionals and the packaging isnt. Actually, as good as this so lets have a little look. Actually, this looks more exciting. Weve got a load of spare props as well, which is always going to be handy. I mean the drone itself obviously has, as you can see, this kind of protective mesh over the blades but its nice to know that theyve actually thrown in some spare props, because otherwise youd have to pay for them. And here is the little controller, which actually looks quite cool, so weve got some little protective foam around the joysticks and that looks really nice, the black, the silver a little on button. Oh, its got a couple of buttons on the top as well, actually feels really nice to hold. It feels a little bit like some sort of xbox controller, if that makes sense, so im sure for kids, its quite intuitive on holding it, but yeah im impressed by that. So lets have a look. What is inside this first little parcel, it looks like weve got the batteries and im going to guess the charger. Weve got two batteries there and im going to guess. This is the charger which, obviously, when i do the first setup and fly well be able to um, show you this, but that looks to me like it will be to charge. Ive got a little screw here: uh phillips style, um screwdriver, which im gon na guess, is to remove the props if you want to put the spare ones on, and that is all the parts but yeah im um im very impressed.

Actually, let me just open up the base and theres already ive just realized, because it did state that there was three batteries for up to 30 minutes and theres one already in, and that is so easy, as you can see there just to open and lock very Easy and simple to do so next thing to do now is to get the batteries plugged in charge them up, and then we can have a little play with this drone and see how it handles indoors and its um features as well: cool, okay, so weve charged Up the batteries, i just had a little play with the uh one of the three, so what ive done is ive just left that to the side, and these two are fully charged dead, easy ill, just show you a quick clip now. Basically, you plug this into the usb plug it into your computer or any sort of usb device. Youll see the red light go on and then thats it after about 90 minutes, itll be fully charged and youll get 10 minutes use out of that. So obviously, 10 20 30, which is really good time for a little sort of kids drone like this thats fantastic. So then to connect it. What i would do is first connect the two ends. So now what you want to do is try and get this slotted inside of here so thats. Now in then you want to pull this down over the top of that little red connector.

If you can and then close it shut as seen there. One thing i need to mention is the drone, even though it comes with the batteries for the drone, you do need four double a batteries for the controller which, with the little screwdriver, provided you just remove the screw, put them in and put it shut. So without further ado, so youve done all that now what you need to do is press the on button on the controller which has you heard beeped and theres a little red light flashing. Then theres a little on button here press and hold that the lights are flashing. Then what you do is with the left. Stick you go up down as you heard it beeped the lights have stopped flashing, so that means now the drone is done now before you set off for its first use. I would recommend you do a calibration and to calibrate it on a flat surface. Put both uh the left and the right joysticks into the bottom right hand, corner youll, see the lights flash and then, when they stop flashing release so ill. Just do that now so there, hopefully you saw that. So that means now it is calibrated. Now, what im doing is im sort of doing this? As you can see, this is like a living room. Space weve got babies, toys and all sorts and, and so its a good sort of environment, to test this in with its anti collision and just a little bit of fun, so theres a few ways you can take off, you can start the propellers by going up And down with the left, stick or you can pull them into the center like sort of a lot of traditional, more expensive drones.

So well do that so the props have now started up now. I can either take off with using the left stick and going up, or i can actually use this top button here, which will automatically take the little drone up into the air at a set height. So ill just stand back so im going to press this top button, so itll do an auto take off. So look at that. The drone has just taken off itself, so ill just do a little bit of a so now its started off in a slow mode, but im just going to keep it on that. So if you can see with the controller left is going left right is going right down, is going backwards on the right forward is going forwards, so thats how you control it. In that regards now, you can control the yaw by doing the left, stick left and right and also whats really cool is. Hopefully, you can see this ill, bring it closer towards myself that the green lights indicate that thats the rear of the drone, and if i flip it around youve got the red lights, which is the front of the drone. So it is really good. I mean youve. Just seen, look at that ive got my no no hands holding its keeping position really really well. Now lets just go to the left and ill show you the empty collision, so im going to the left and going to the left and going to the left.

Oh, and did you see that it moved away from the wall? That is really really good, so lets go over towards the corner of the room. Again, im going forwards forwards, oh and there we go, it stopped itself. How good is that so lets come back? Hopefully, you can see this so im going towards this unit. Oh, and there we go. The drone has automatically gone away from the unit. That is absolutely fantastic for such a price point ive never seen something like this before so yeah. As you can see its really good fun, really stable. You can do a little tricks but um ill see. If i can do that inside, you can use this drone outside as well, but id highly recommend just to keep it more indoors, just because its so small and light that, in outside conditions, when its windy its it struggles a little bit, i mean you can do It on a calm day, itd still be great fun in the back garden with your kids, but i would use this more as an indoor drone. So, as i mentioned, this is in slow mode. So, as you can see, im going full left im going full right. So its really good so for your kid hes not going to go crazy and go flying into anything too fast. But what ill do now is if you press and hold the right stick in youll, hear it beep twice and thats going into fast mode.

So well do that now: Music, there we go two beeps and there we go so it went into the mode. I had to click it back in to accept it and now, if i go forward, look at how much faster that goes backwards left right. It is so much more responsive. Look at that that is so cool. It is really really responsive. This would be a lot of fun, its a lot of fun for me as an adult, never mind a child. So what would be great about this is the fact that your kid can start off in like a really slow mode and then, when they get a little bit more sort of you know confident, then they can experiment. So we should try a little trick so thats the bottom button on the right or a lot of kids. If weve got a playstation, 2 itd be r2. Now what ill do is im going to hold the controller to the right and then ill press? The little sort of trick button and lets see it do a little trick and there we go. Did you see that it did a little flip and if you noticed really durable it just bounced off the floor, and it was absolutely fine lets do that again? Oh, that is so cool, so lets try a different one. Maybe we can do uh backwards and do the trick whoa. Did you see that i did a little backflip very, very, very cool, such a good little drone this for the money? Honestly, fantastic, i mean look hands off.

It is brilliant, so thats all the features to show you on the drone. So what i can do now is, i can manually land the drone ill actually show you two different ways. You can do this, so the first one is. I can obviously just go myself using the left. Stick slowly go down to the ground press and hold the down button, and the props have gone off. Lets start the props again and lets this time manually. Take off fantastic took off no problem, then, if you press the top right button or again, if youre a playstation owner, if you press r1, it feels like press that and the drone will go down safely and the props will go off absolutely fantastic. I absolutely love this thing. I think it is a lot, a lot of fun for the price point. I highly recommend this little drone get this for your kids or maybe even as an adult im, not going to be age specific, even as an adult to get started with using the various of the left and the right joysticks taking off landing. This is a fantastic beginner drone to get practicing its so safe to use the propellers are hidden its very durable. The battery life is great youve, just seen, ive been flying for a while with absolutely no problem, and if i want to keep going, ive got another two batteries ready to go with another 20 minutes of battery life, which is just fantastic, so i hope youve enjoyed This video, hopefully its helpful as well, if you just bought this drone, you just want to watch a video on how to set up and get flying, really appreciate everyone.