This is a bi copter drone, meaning it only has two propeller arms instead of the typical four that you see on a lot of other popular commercialized drones, i say its been almost two years in the making, because these guys, the makers, zero zero. I met them out at ces january of 2020. This drone was supposed to come out last year, but because of everything that happened and got put on hold and now its out, they emailed me a couple weeks ago, and i was like wow, you remember me i am so flattered, especially since back then i had 4, 000 subscribers and not 70 000, so they were probably like wow call this guy now, like thats, probably why it took so long to get an email back anyway. No just joking, zero, zero guys! If you watch this thanks for sending this out, ive had a blast with it ive already unboxed it i mean. Look. I already took the drone out of it its right here so im, not gon na im, not gon na maintain that illusion for too long its just i dont know id like to hold the box up so drones. Pretty cool ive been enjoying flying its very simple. Very easy: this is a nice introductory level drone that a lot of people could use. I even let my 11 year old fly and hes had a blast with it. So were going to go and do the unboxing first impressions talk about it.

Show you some of the flight stuff and discuss what this thing can do now that its out, but before we get into all that, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. Thank you for being here. If you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell, if you want to update two new videos, come out now lets talk about the zero zero v copter falcon Music. Alright. So here we are with the v copter falcon, and this has been a long video in the making. Like i said, ive been really excited about this. I saw it at ces 2020 and were talking almost two years ago. So im really happy. These guys are able to get this together and get the drone out because its top notch, we got the blast off controller here as well. This goes hand in hand with the drone you have to have to fly. It now lets go ahead and take it out of the box and see what we have here. You have this nice foam carrying case. One thing about it, though: if you have the stand on the battery that helps it land, then you cant, put it inside the case, so be sure to take that off before you try to put it in there, but nice little carrying case keeps it protected. When you travel and youve got everything you need in here to get started and nice enough, youve got an extra set of props in here, along with the screwdriver that you need to take them on and off.

So youve got the tool that you need extra propeller blades. Then weve got here. Also, the charging cable that youre going to need for the controller it has to be charged as usb type, a to type c, so youre covered there and then, when youre done charging it. If you want, you can plug it into your phone. If youve got an android phone power adapter to plug into the charging base that connects and charges the battery, this is the stand i was talking about, goes on the bottom of the battery and then heres the main charger here. So this is what the ac adapter power cord plugs into, and then you plug that in the wall, this charges the battery, and it also has that usb type a so. You can simultaneously change charge the controller and your drone battery, which is really really nice. So taking open the case here, you can see that uh, the v copter falcon – and this is just a sharp looking drone. Its very well made its not rickety it doesnt feel cheap. It feels very, very premium and its just a stellar. Looking drone, i like the way it looks i like this by copter design and you can pop the battery off with those latches right there and then also theres latches in front of that. You press the button and it allows you to expand the rotors out. So that way you can fly it, which is what of course, you have to do.

The battery has an indicator on it to show battery level, and then you can also see the camera there, which has the three axis gimbal its actually pretty stable during flight and thats nice as well go ahead and take the controller out of the box. So you can see what all is in here: youve got the documentation that tells you how to use the controller, what all the buttons do and all that jazz. So that way, youre good to go. Whenever you get ready to fly, you dont want to go out there and just plug everything in and start flying, because it doesnt really work out. That way. You got to turn everything on and get it connected and then heres the controller. The controller does feel a little on the plastic side, which, of course it is. It doesnt feel like super super hefty, but it is easy to fly with. I, like the simple interface, just the two joysticks the stop button and the return to home button on top and then youve got the cradle there for your phone. You can put an android phone in there or an iphone. This allows you to fly with either so thats nice. Its got a little compartment on the back, for the thumb sticks. You can screw those on easily no problems there. I wish it had an extra set so make sure you dont lose them, but they are pretty easy to install and theres got a nice tension.

Nice feedback on using the joysticks, its very, very comfortable to fly, which i do like and you can see on the bottom, the charging port there also on the side that switches, what switches it from normal to sport, mode and thats, pretty much it for the unboxing And the look at the controller and also the vcopter falcon, so lets go ahead and do some discussion hands on with the falcon all right. So weve seen the unboxing youve seen all the stuff thats in there extra set of propellers comes with the screwdriver, comes with everything that you need to fly straight out of the box, so you get the v copter falcon and then you get the blast off controller. These two go hand in hand, so you can fly now its actually pretty straightforward and easy if youve ever flown any drum before this ones going to be the same typical setup on the controller. The left, joystick controls your altitude and also the position of the drone. So you can spin it around in circles. While it stands at the same position and then the right one is what gets things going: thats, how you move forward backward and strafe left and right, if thats, what its called im? Not a drone expert im. Just a guy that likes to fly drones, so i this is one of those things where i was like. Okay, i really want to get in and test one of these out.

I had the power egg. The power vision power egg earlier this year that i tested out and then i went and i bought the uh fpv drone by dji totally loved that one. So whatever these guys reached out from talking to them two years ago, im like yes, absolute, no brainer. I want to test it out. This drone offers some things that other drones dont and the biggest thing that i get with like flying. My fpv, i was ecstatic whenever i found out it could fly up to like 28 minutes or so, and its got different sport mode like sport, mode, regular mode and then manual mode. You can do like flips and stuff, but yeah, instead of like 25 to 28 minutes of flight time. You get like eight, so thats the thing, the harder you fly, any drone, the faster the battery is going to deplete because its like spinning up uses a lot of energy. This one right here, the v copter falcon, is rated for about 50 minutes. Now i have not got 50 minutes because i havent just set it in the air to hover for a long time. This is not one where youre actively going to fly and get 50 minutes its just like when you talk about earbuds yeah youre supposed to get eight hours, but if you listen to it on 100, with really busy rocky music and turn on active noise cancellation. Youre. Not going to get that so, depending on the type of flying you do is gon na drain the battery more now, am i getting 30 40 minutes heck yeah, i am.

This thing is amazing. I flew it and flew and flew it, and then i looked at it im like wow. How do i have this much battery left, because everything else ive ever flown has been less than half an hour and thats the frustrating part im not doing flips. I mean i do enjoy my fpv, but the thing is its a different type of beast, its a different type of drone and were in an era now where there are different types of drones for different types of situations. This one is a very good beginner drone. Very easy to use very easy to fly very simple setup, long battery, so youre not having to buy four batteries for it, youre not having to spend an extra two hundred hundred fifty dollars per battery to keep flying very simple mode. Very simple interface youve got the controls already built out on here i mean youve got a dedicated button for the camera. Also, to start the video you can adjust the shutter for the light, and then you can adjust the angle and then youve got the antennas on the back. Youve got a built in controller mount here which flip it around pop it up. You can put your phone in here. You can use an android phone or an iphone pop that in here, and you connect it to the bottom because on the bottom, its got right here, a usb, a port, and what that does you use usb, ada, lightning or to usbc plug it into your phone And thats how you watch while you fly and then you recharge this, it has a built in battery user, usbc youre good to go, and then, when you look at the front of the interface, what do you see not a whole lot here? We have the stop button which stops while youre doing stuff, and then we have the return home button thats about it and then a switch on the side that switches between normal and sport mode, the normal mode, its going to limit your velocity and your feet per.

Second, when youre climbing, so this is something that when you first get it, if youre a beginner, you first start using it thats going to come in clutch. So you cannot be smashing into things. It has some automatic obstacle avoidance and some stuff like that. So it is very important, its kind of like training, wheels or bumpers when you go bowling kind of keeps things where its supposed to be and keeps you from doing anything drastic, because this is very safe, its a very safe drone, its very easy to fly. I havent had any problems with interference with the signal or things like that, so your biggest concern is going to be you you and obstacles. The drone is just out there having the time of its life flying and then its like. Oh, no, you smashed me into a tree so be safe. When you fly it maybe go up to an altitude above where you cant hit anything and explore there now this one, it does have preset limits on it. If you fly within a restricted area space like where im at now, it limits it to 50 meters going up, but you can change that in the app and you can move that and scale it up higher. I think up to 600 meters of what it goes to like vertically and then going away. I think its 1500 meters, of course, follow the faa guidelines youre supposed to keep it in line of sight and all that stuff.

But you can change the parameters, but if youre inside, like a restricted flying area like i am close to an airport, then its going to limit where you can fly it or how far so control straightforward and simple its very good. I, like it a lot and its very stable. I havent had any problems, i havent lost connection and you can fly up to you know you can get a thousand meters away. You can very easily get a decent distance away from this thing and still maintain your connection. 4K camera capability. You can take pictures and you can record the cameras got a gimbal built in by all accounts. I i like this a lot. The only thing that is is you get the price tag, its a thousand dollars, and you can get some other drones less than that now, but this one, its a bi copter its built out well its got that crazy flight time yeah. You could go pick up a five or six hundred dollar drone, and then you got ta go buy like another 150 200 battery just to get the same type of flight time. It also depends on what youre using it, for this is a very leisure driven drone. I think its not trying to do flips its not trying to do speedy stuff, its not trying to race its just nice, reliable, easy set it up and go, and then you fly for a long time.

You can use it, you can have it follow you which is nice. You can have it do this like cinematic, pan out where it flies backward, and you know it keeps the camera locked on you the whole time thats about it. This isnt one where its like got 20 different modes. You have to worry about or concern yourself with its just nice. It works easy. All you have to do is just pop the little propellers out like that, connect it and youre good to go, and i think its pretty straightforward and simple that way, and i like it its been interesting. It reminds me a lot of the osprey that the military has where you have like the propellers and they go up and its the airplane. That looks a lot like a helicopter, so they did some cool stuff here everything you need in the box to fly it. The price tag i think here we are now in in 2021, going into 2022 id like it to be a little bit less expensive, maybe as its been out for a little while theyll drop price on it, some, but as far as flying it and using it. It is a pleasure. The only hang up that i really have with it other than the price is. Sometimes it takes a while to acquire the satellite connection. So these use gps and it has a return to home feature. It has a take off it identifies where you took it off from so that way.

In the event that you get on low battery, it loses connection, it can fly back and land where it took off from thats a nice safety feature. It works, ive tested it. Gps, if it doesnt have at least connection to like 10 satellites, which is very normal, i used to be in the military to do a lot of ground combat stuff. I used to do infantry stuff and land nav and we would have this thing called the plugger, which was this like big box. Looking thing, it looks like a gigantic game boy with an antenna on it and you would connect to the satellite. So you could get your grid coordinates using the magnetic grid system and all that good stuff, so thats how these work they connect to all the gps satellites and it goes bam. This is where it took off from this is where its located thats a good thing. So it wont let you take off until it has connected to at least i think, like 10 of them. So my recommendation is turn this on first, so that it can start connecting to the gps satellites before you get ready to fly. So if youve got other stuff to do turn it on give it a couple of minutes and then, if you find yourself underneath, like some heavy foliage or trees or stuff, where youre not going to take off anyway, maybe next to a tall building thats interfering with The signal you might have to move around a little bit, but by and large thats the biggest frustration ive had, is just getting it to connect once it does that itll, let you take off youre good to go, have fun dont crash it its a good time.

So i like it a lot again im a very novice drone pilot here, im just a tech enthusiast who loves drones and its not really like the biggest part of my channel, but it is something that i was excited about this just like. I was with my fpv that i bought just like the power egg. This is another drone out there in the drone utility belt that i think is great for beginners great for people who just want to get started and want to have something that flies for a long time, because the biggest frustration that i have in flying any drone Is that beeping noise saying you got to come back down and heres the thing when you talk about drones yeah, it might have a 20 25 minute flight time, but once it gets to twenty percent its basically like. Let me automatically fly back home, so really the first five or ten percent youre just getting spooled up the last twenty percent youre landing. You only get about seventy five percent of your battery. So if youve got a 20 25 minute battery, you might be talking 15 to 17 minutes this one going up to 50 and they even demonstrated that at ces yeah, if you set it there to hover its going to fly for a lot longer, but still youre Going to get way over 30 40 minutes just flying it casually anyway and thats what i love about it so thats all ive got in this video.

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