Welcome to my channel, while currently the snow has pretty much melted in my area, but its coming again. So i thought since its melted and i have grass – and i have you – know, gravel to drive on and pavement thats. I will fly a plane. So fms sent me this plane. Oh i dont know. Maybe three months ago i never got around to reviewing it. Havent even opened the box. I know nothing about this plane. It is the pa 18 super cup even had to read the name off the box. So this is supposed to be for beginners its supposed to be super easy to fly and theres something really cool on the back. I just read: it says easy to control. Remarkable stability. Super gliding effect can do somersaults, rolls and other actions. I guess thats up to the pilot, but what i liked about it. It says that it has a one key return to home and a one key rollover. I do not know what that means, because theres no gps in this, but were going to find out in this video either that or im just going to crash the heck out of it. So let me open this box and lets see what we have inside. Do. I have this upside down, probably yes, i do take the plane out now for many of you watching. If this is your first time on my channel, you will know that i am a pro when it comes to camera drones and fpv drones and im pretty good with rc cars and trucks at high speed, gas or electric.

But when it comes to helicopters, im an amateur and when it comes to planes im an amateur, even though i fly them on my channel just to show how easy it is to fly that anybody can fly them. If i can put it together and fly it. So can you you know so thats what were going to see so right now, its out of the box looks like even the tape is starting to yellow it. Hasnt been used for so long lets. Take it out and put it together. So thank god, theres instructions. If you know me, i hardly read instructions, but i think i will on this one, so i know nothing about planes all right. So in the box it looks like that right there that styrofoam goes. We dont need that uh we get our wing holy cow, thats, light theres, not much to it, but uh check this out. That is right. Here we have ailerons or flaps. What do you call these things and for the entire body? We have a rudder back here and elevators. At least i know the names of those lets get rid of that and then in the bottom we have a controller, so include it. So everything you need is here: there should be a battery some spare stuff. So let me pull this out and show you whats there, so theres no prop on here. So this is the prop. You do get the wheels theyre in this bag.

Theres a battery in here very tiny one. We have the charger for the battery. We have another set of wheels, so maybe oh thats a tail wheel, because these ones are big thats, a small one, and then we have these things here all right. So the next thing to do is take these instructions and put it all together and uh. Go out and fly it so lets do that now take this battery and stick it on the charger, so we can get ahead there. There we go plug this into a usb all right on top theres a little servo motor, and they want you to attach these little arms to it very simple, no difficulties there all done – and i guess next ill just attach the wings. So this wing unit fits here like this. Oh you got to click it in the place. Hang on a sec got ta, hear a click. There. We go got the click there. We go now its on thats not coming off unless it has a bad crash. Now those little arms i installed that are here and here you probably cant – see it they just attach on to the ailerons on the wink. I think theyre called ailerons, so there we go. They are both on the little metal rods here and here are in place. So now, when i power it on and use my little controller to turn, it will turn next install the supporting bar set to the body, as shown all right so thats these long things that i was confused about, so they just hook.

You have a spot away out here, a spot here, and this things got to go in. It just holds the wings in place. Everything is uh like a lego block. It just clicks into place. Thats it nothing difficult at all, get a click sound and get a click sound. There we go, we are locked and play, i think, thats pretty much. It looks, looks like a plane front landing gear assembly insert the front landing gear into the slots, as shown. That must be the stuff i threw on the floor, so you just bend them in, and release and the force of the metal pushing outwards will hold it in place tail wheel. So just do it like that. The only thing missing is a prop. The propeller protector can automatically eject the propeller when the aircraft encounters an unconventional landing, in other words uh in other words crash and then just push and then uh lets see. If we hear a click, i heard a click whats. Next, oh lets learn about our remote right here because theres some cool little buttons on it aerobatics button. So this little thing here when you press it, you press it and it does aerobatics. I have no idea what that is. It says if you put the gyro switch strong upwards, its for beginners thats me, then, if you put it to the center its a soft gyro, so theres, less assistance, okay, so gyro assistance, and when i put it all the way down, thats expert mode.

In other words, theres no assistance, thats just me crashing into a tree or the ground. Okay, the batterys not charged yet but im going to stick it in and just make sure everything works. Here we go and if youre wondering about what type of battery this is ill bring, it close, so you can check it out theres our little battery and if i bring this wire down, youll see the connector fast before it focuses. On my face, oh theres, on my face like that: stick the battery inside it says binding instructions, keep the transmitter switched off. Uh joystick to the bottom connect the battery to the plane. I did that turn on the transmitter within five seconds. All right so lets. Try that i turn you on funk and within five seconds turn this on bind hey, they bound thats, good, all right. So now it says: reading the instructions that uh well, this plane shouldnt go anywhere. If i move the joystick no wont work, so it says the only way you can take off now. Is you take this joystick? You go to the top and you go to the bottom. Now i have control so there we go. I can see on the back. I can move so i can fly left and right and uh lets. Try my right joystick, so theres those little ailerons, whatever theyre called flappy things all right and for the motor the throttle there we go at least the propeller doesnt fly off.

You can see the gyro is working here. Thats, not me, do it making that sound so as the plane flops this way the gyros go so right now its saying thats centered thats, not centered. It should sit like that. So i have to adjust one of these ailerons or whatever so ill. Do that next and then finish charging up the battery and well go fly. It whoa get back airplane. The wind is blowing this everywhere. All right so lets power you on thats, on put in beginner mode there we go thats good, its all set, and we just have to attach the battery and were all set for a flight, oh my god, its getting windy. This is not going to be good. This is already, i could tell you its going to be a fail uh. It is starting to snow a little bit too. Oh its cold out here. Oh, my plane is blowing away, hey im the one whos supposed to fly it, not the wind, so its blowing that way try to get on an angle like this all right here we go take off. I got it up. Look at this. I can almost catch it, its going so slow here lets bring it around. That is the worst landing ever. Okay were gon na, throw it into the wind, but actually im gon na throw it see. The wind is coming this way. So if i throw it that way, Music there, we go theres a big turn.

Oh i got ta go ahead, oh its too big a turn. Is it powerful enough to come back its coming its coming? So you can fly this as a beginner case in point. Thats me so now that i have it, what im realizing is little inputs. Little inputs is all you need, not uh large ones. Like i was doing, i was like just killing the throttle and everything, but here i am in the wind a little bit of snow. Coming down and its doing well, this is pretty cool. Look at this. I can take it along the ground ill, bring it back. This way, dont want to crash it when it goes with the wind it wants to go. Lets bring it back, so it doesnt hit that post bring it back over to me. Come right at me here, not bad baby were doing well, mom left no hands. This is pretty cool, bring it this way nice and low, and come right up my head up. So i dont know for a guy like me who doesnt fly a plane im actually enjoying this here i got to bring it over to the left, bring it to the left, bring it back. I dont know what the range is on this, but i would say its probably as good as you can see it. So as long as you can see it, you have range lets, bring it down for a landing there. You go watch this watch this pro landing.

Watch this years of flying look at this just reduce the throttle. Look at that look at that all right! So im pretty impressed with myself that i got it to go that well now, im gon na put a little camera on top and see if that works. I dont think its gon na work because thats a lot of weight with this wind thats got to lift it im still using the same battery, but lets try it now. What ive done is i put a piece of velcro up here and i got a piece of velcro on the bottom of this camera. I got a funny feeling its gon na thunder in send my camera flying and well have footage of me thundering in again, because thats usually what happens center of gravity a little nose. No thats, not bad, not bad, not bad, not bad. Okay, cameras on still the same battery, all right, all right, camera, youre working here we go oh, this is this is not going to be good, but here we go im, giving it up up up up up up up there we go. I got it its flying with the camera, no its, not no, its, not flying with the camera, its crashing with the camera. This time, lots of elevator, Music, elevator, elevator elevator into the ground. This time, im gon na shoot it on an angle. Thats a weird angle: oh my god: try this again up up up up up, keep it up and smash it to the ground.

All right! I gave up on the camera up top its its much too heavy, so im just going to fly it one last time without the camera. Here we go. It flies so nice when theres no weight on top with the weight on top its, not that good. Okay, theres a little button on here to do acrobats watch this lets, bring it close. Oh i flipped it upside down all right a loop. Here we go loop. Oh im done in a loop, thats, pretty cool thats, pretty cool im frozen. I cant even speak, but thats pretty cool. Can you take off on the pavement with a low battery? I can could fly it low to the ground im, keeping it here and then ill put it down on the ground over here, bring it around whoa its too low all right. That was a lot of fun. With this baby, i was really impressed with how it flew out here, its windy and very cold uh yeah, very cold. Everything is freezing up here, but this thing did well its still on look its well. You can hear it its trying to orientate itself because i left it in beginner mode the whole time thats. The only way i could fly it in the wind. There is a switch over here. You saw me use it. Hopefully it showed up you press this switch when youre flying then move the joysticks in the direction you want the plane to go, so you can make it do a barrel roll, as you saw, or you can make it do a flip like that.

Its pretty sweet. Also, the wind is blowing it all over the place here. Also theres a switch on here. The return to home it just went fly also theres a switch on here. The return to home switch its right over here, its kind of a gimmicky thing. You press it before you take off. It knows what direction its going and then, when its flying, you press it again, and it does a 180 and comes right back to you. Youd have to use it on a non windy day because right it didnt work here with the wind blowing, it was going in all sorts of directions. Final thing, ill say about it. Its super durable, i crashed multiple times put the prop back on. It still flies perfectly fine, all right so before the wind blows it away again, i just want to say yeah its very durable and uh. It gets a thumbs up from me because i think this is really good. There is no damage to it from all the smashing and bashing i did. I did put a second battery in it. I didnt have the right type uh, but i have a lot of batteries at home. It was too big, so i just taped it on the bottom and it still flew even with that, but it still runs everything still works. The next thing i want to do is go home and get warm so go back to me indoors check this out.

All right, so how was that flight? Was it pretty cool? I dont know because i havent gone out to fly yet im recording this right now before i go and fly just in case, i lose. The plane flies off someplace back to china, or maybe i destroy it into a million pieces, and i have nothing to show you but some confetti. So with that being said, hopefully my flight went well and if you would like to buy this plane, the links are below go check it out and if you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch.