Two two cameras mark and track voice control gestures for photo slash, video one key, take off slash landing circle fly track victory, flight headless mode, one key return, speed, switch emergency, stop let’s, open it and take a look at it, see what it looks like: Music, here’s Everything that comes in the box, the drone, the remote control, blade guards a charger, an extra charger, an extra battery, oh just a battery, a screw and extra blades and a case okay guys. Here we go for the first flight. It flies pretty good. It seems like it’s, pretty easy to control. Let’S fly it in we’re, going to look at the controller. So this right here is the speed button because well speed. This is the headless button. I don’t know what this one does. This one is the return to home, and this one is the circle fly like we just showed and then over here there’s the landing button, the stop button, the take off button and the light button for the light on it and then up here we have the Photo button to take a photo and the video button to take a video now we’re gon na check out the app and pair the phone to the drone. It rhymes okay, guys now we’re gon na try to take a video let’s. Try that again move it up tight. I can see you Music Applause, speed, Music, okay, guys now i’m gon na try to take some pictures.

Let’S do another circle: Applause, oh i’m, getting all the and the app’s nice because it tells you the battery. It tells you the battery life and the signal book says this – has anywhere to eight to nine minutes. Fly time in just this little bit, we’ve been flying, it it’s already wasted half the battery, so it’s a good thing. We’Ve got two batteries. Here are my thoughts on the drone a15h um honestly, i actually think it’s pretty good. Like it’s. Really i mean it’s good to know how it videos how it has a whole entire app to it Music and as a beginner, it’s, really easy to fly it’s better than all the small ones we’ve tried to fly. I can’t wait to fly this more over the summer and i want to give a huge thanks to snap team for sending us this uh it’s really awesome. So i totally recommend it hit that notification bell give a thumbs up hit that subscribe.