Music long years ago. We made a trip with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not only or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour when the world sleeps india will awake to life and freedom Music a new day, a new dawn, a hopeful young nation set foot expectantly into the world as the nation awakened to new possibilities. The flames of entrepreneurial energy was sparked formed 10 days after indias independence on august 25th, grasim story mirrors the dynamic spirit and youthful vibrancy of india Music. The story of grassen is one of determination, audacity in the face of challenges, ingenuity and boundless dreams. Music, the architect of this story of perseverance and triumph, was the visionary gd birla. His association with mahatma gandhi was deep personal, yet had a profound impact on the direction of the country, while the father of our nation worked tirelessly for the political independence of india, gdpr painstakingly built the industrial foundation motivated by the spirit of nation building Music Music. The journey of grassen began in nagda the heart of the nation Music. Music nagda was the launch pad as grasin left forward and expanded its presence across india crossing new milestones and setting new benchmarks, Music Music. Those early dreams took shape and came to life as grassy metamorphosed from a leader in man made fiber to a diversified conglomerate aggregating along the way, a constellation of stars Music from creating a globally recognized business in viscose, stable fibre to creating a chemicals business that catalyzed The growth of various other industries from incubating a cement beam – that is a key pillar of indias infrastructure story to fulfilling the financial aspirations of millions of indians grasim, remains truly big in every indians, life Music, so Music grasims roots were indian, but its aspirations were always Global grasim was nourished in india to flourish globally global scale, global standards, global reach, like a galaxy grasim, knew no geography.

The world was its canvas Applause Music. We are now reimagining a sustainable future by focusing on people, planet and prosperity, Music, our aspirations, choices, innovations, endeavors and commitments are all about. Building a better world a better tomorrow – and we are all in this together for the story of grasim – has always been and shall always remain the story of a nation, its people and their aspirations. At 75, today, we honor the vibrant community of employees, customers, bankers, partners and investors who have supported us through this incredible journey from where we started to where we stand. Our journey is a testament to the power of the collective years too. The future and many more possibilities, and into the next dawn we rise with the heads towards the sun and our feet, firmly rooted to the ground. We are grassing and this is our trust. With destiny.