When you first open up the box, you get a nice little fabric case that the drone is in so let’s go ahead and get this opened up and then outside of our container we’ll, have our instructions on our manual up. Here we have our remote control. Um then we have our extra battery the drone itself. Okay and over here we have our charging cable um. Underneath it we have some extra propellers and propeller guards, and it has one battery already installed in it so to fold it out. We’Ll just get these all folded out, and this is how big the drone is. I’Ll, get it charged up, we’ll, take it out and fly it and see how good of image quality comes from it, and, most importantly, to me is how well it hovers. So after i got everything unpacked like i said, we have two batteries, we have our charging cable um. It comes with a number of propellers, as you can see, they’re tagged with this one is b. This one is here a you need to make sure you put the proper ones on in this bag. Here is extra nuts to go up on top for holding it so i’m going to get this all charged up. Read the manual and we’re going to get the app installed and fly this drone so once you’re connected to it via the wi fi i’m, going to go ahead and turn on my remote control i’m going to go ahead and pull out the paddle on the bottom.

To connect my phone in here, one in here i’m, going to do the prepare to fly. This is going to walk me through the process of doing the gyro and the gps.