This is the cheapest three wheel, scooter that weve reviewed so far and overall, i think its just a great way for people who are maybe new to the sport or dont have that great balance to enjoy electric scooters so lets take a look, subscribe and lets ride. All right guys, we just got this box from gotrax in so lets, open it up and see whats inside much styrofoam, as you can see, not too many bells and whistles got a charger: a 42 volt, 2 amp charger. I got some tools and some bolts there and theres a scooter wait. Something looks a little strange here. Let me take this thing: what its got three wheels, why does it have three wheels? What did we get this time and why does it have three wheels? Well guys weve got the handlebars to set up which isnt too complicated were gon na set that up and then take it out on a ride and see what the heck. This thing is. Music, all right guys lets take a look at some of the features of the gotrax g. Pro first thing that we should talk about, obviously, is the crazy three wheel. Design youve got triple airfield tires two in the back each one. That looks to be like a eight and a half inch tire, maybe even bigger and youll notice – that each one kind of can camber at a different angle. So it makes for a really unique riding experience.

Having that extra stability in the back and youve also got double disc brakes as well as double spring suspension, so overall just a really smooth ride and you could probably handle most terrain. Just fine two mud guards on the back tail light in the back. That reacts when you press the brakes, so it gets brighter and youve got your alien ride sticker here, of course, too structural mud guard here and fender. You can rest your foot on there its got this rubber matting, though it has this hook here, which does get in the way. So not super comfortable. You kind of have to get your foot back up and onto here. I do like the deck its a really neat. Design too looks like a rocket of some kind so coming up to the front here, youve got your front hub motor running at about 300 watts, with a little bit of a bigger tire than the rear. Youve got a 10 by two and a half inch tire there with the same front, disc brake that you have on the rear. Youve got a nice integrated ring here to lock your scooter up and youve got a fully mechanism here so locks into a pretty nice compact package. Weve also got this integrated cable lock on the stem, which is a nice little deterrent and well talk more about the later. But it just kind of comes out here, loop, it around a pole or something – and you just stick it in this and then its locked youve got this crazy red hook.

Here you could actually hang a backpack there. Maybe if you have your bottle bead that you purchased with the alienwrites code in the video description, you can hang it right here. Is it useful i dont know, but its kind of cool one additional use case. I guess that you can use it for is when you fold the scooter. It can lock into this rear rest here and its a super robust folding, lock its not going anywhere. Most scooters like might come out and then drop the scooter, but this thing is solid. Pretty awesome, folding lock there so coming up the handlebars youve got pretty comfortable grips, they feel pretty solid and you have a thumb throttle here with integrated through cruise control. So when you enter cruise control, its gon na keep going, and then you have to press the brakes to stop that. Youve got two brake levers here and whats cool about them. Is they have these uh locks here, so press the brake press, the lock and the scooter doesnt move thats your kickstand, you dont need a kickstand with three wheels, so stinky little bell there and you have a button race. You have power and mode switches up and down a little hard to see the display, but you can generally kind of see where youre going as long as theres some shade over it. So when you first turn it on, you have to enter your code. Another security feature there thats kind of cool levels.

You have level one and level two its going to show you your speed and your battery so guys thats. All we got for the features of the gotasg pro overall, just a nice little starter, scooter at 900 bucks. Its one of the more expensive go tracks, but i think you get a lot of features for that money now lets go check out a hill contest with the gotrax g pro all right. We are going to do our hotel test up alabama street, as you can see, theres a few different sections with varying difficulty and the top is really steep. It goes up mountain, so lets see if this little scooter can make it to the top there we go and we are crawling up the first section here. You probably dont have these steep hills in your city, so so this scooter is probably going to be just fine in your city, but san francisco has these mountains in the middle of the city, which is kind of crazy. We are going about eight miles an hour up this first section of the hill. We are in level. Two settings are maxed out. Okay, so we made it up. The first section of the hill lets see if we can make it up. The second steeper section four miles an hour. This is a lot deeper than the first section. Music were going three keep going crawling up at three miles. An hour lets go, it is not giving up.

It wants to just keep climbing its giving it all its got. We did it, we made it through that second section, a really steep hill, i dont think were gon na make it up this crazy hill, but lets see where it goes up and thats all we got so overall, not bad physical scooter, not gon na make it Up as steep as it feels, though, so back to the security system, youve got a nice cable lock out here that you can extend insert into the scooter and secure it to any bike lock or pole, but you probably shouldnt leave it out for very long Music. Hey hows my scooter thats, my scooter, Music, all right guys, thats all we got for this episode with the gotrax g pro electric scooter. I had a really great time with it.