Well, this one wasn’t a good experience at all guys, look at the state of the box. It is crushed. I mean crushed there’s a big hole right through the box right through the box, and i open the box. I get into the case check the case out crushed the bottom side. Has a big like three inch round hole, two three inches, then i get into the case and you can see the state. This was all pushed like this. I take the drone news check that out absolutely destroyed. This thing will never fly, never fly, the arm is broken and crushed like it look guys it’s ripped to pieces. This is what your postal service does to your parcels. It’S, not bad enough. I waited a month to get this, but i get it and this is the state i get it in so i’m. Making this video right now for banggood to hopefully get a refund, or at least a replacement and i’m hoping they don’t ask me to ship this back, because it will cost me money to ship this back. It will probably cost me like 30 bucks or so actually, probably more 30 40 bucks to ship this to china. I only paid 130 for us. I think everything else in the case is: okay, there’s, the camera camera seems all right, but you never know battery’s not destroyed. Uh transmitter, i think, is okay. Yeah transmitter is not crushed, but nice, nice for your postal service to just fire.

Your parcels around like this right and absolutely destroy it, like you, can see the case puncture right through the case. I don’t know what the hell they were putting on this, but i i can’t stand the postal service anymore because of this, this is the you have to go through to get your parcels there’s the legs and extra props. They seem all right. I hope i haven’t opened it but that’s the type of i’m in for now. I i wanted to review this drone today, for you guys and uh, take it out for a flight, but that certainly isn’t going to happen with this race. That thing will never fly. Never so don’t trust your postal service. They their workers are just incompetent that just throw your around and don’t care.