So did you get a dji money too for your christmas, or are you waiting till january sales and then youre gon na get one with the christmas money? Youve got it well. If you did get one for christmas, congratulations to you! Well done you got some fantastic weed drawing and if youre still thinking will i get one or not, i recommend you do youll have great fun yeah and we could be getting another vp, the lockdown next year and a dji mini 2. Drone is just a thing to keep you occupied, oh youre, stuck at him anyway. If you do have one heres, some of the things that you might think about doing before you go out of life the first time and some of the things that you might think about doing when you do go out flying for the first time. So please sit back with a turkey sandwich and enjoy this video hello there. Well, if youre watching this video, it means that youve probably just bought a dji mini 2 drone or you might be thinking about it or youre. Maybe thinking you want a drone, but youre not quite sure what you should get but lets. Supposing you have just bought one or youre just about to buy one. This video is going to show you a few of the things that you might consider doing on your very first flight and theres, a few things that you should do before you commute in your first flight.

I suggest that when youre in the house, power up the dji drone power up, your rc controller make sure youve downloaded and installed the djdg make sure youve installed the dji fly app and go ahead and update the fly, app update, the firmware and the drone and Update the firmware and the rc controller, if you need to, i would also recommend that you do a compass calibration, a gimbal calibration and an imu calibration in the house where you eat well before you come out and probably the most important thing of all. When you come out, dont forget to bring your sd card after my drone six months and ive been out twice about 20 miles away from home, powered everything up wont. Let you get the message no sd card installed did i feel stupid? Yes, i did so now. Ive got two cards, one stays in the drawing and one stays in my bag, so that, if i forget that ive left this one in the back of the computer, at least ive still got a spare back up in the bag. So once youve done all that things, you can pack up your batteries and youre, drawing in all your gear and come out and youre in the field heres. Some of the things that you can do when you take your very first flight. So now you know, youve got your controller and youve got your phone or your ipad or your tablet, or whatever connected up to it and youre about to fly for the first time.

So before we start theres a few things about the control, you can customize the controls so that the the sticks do anything. You, like ive, actually changed the up and down stick so that when i pull back on the stick, the drone goes up and when i push down when i push forward, it goes down and thats, not the way it initially comes, and it was always counterintuitive to Me to have it the other way around, because when i play games and im flying something you pull back on the stick to gain altitude. So i made that way change and you can customize just about everything in the controller, its very simple to do so. Your first flight, what you want to do when you come out is you want to find an area thats open, theres, no trees, too close by no power lines. No obstacles are in the way because you dont want to be crashing it within two minutes of taking off for the first time. I would also recommend that you learn straight away, how to hand launch and hand land its very simple to do, and it will save you having to worry about a marshy area, a sandy area area. Taking a a surface pad with you. You can just launch your hand wherever you are, so all you have to do is turn the rc controller on turn, the drone on make sure youre connected and itll tell you and hotel you can fly.

So all you need to do is hold the press on the take off button and hold and take off, and it will take off just like that now, Music, so heres, a drawing its very windy today, as you can see its getting blown about quite a bit. So there you are now the first things you want to be doing really are learning how to just go left. Go right, go up, go down, rotate left, rotate right and thats it. Those are the only motions that you need. Those are the individual movements. You can do things like moving it left and rotating at the same time or, of course, the opposite, and this is something that you can use. If you want to rotate around about objects, wait there you go to take down the camera, but once and for taking around myself once youve been at it for a while youll get used to these for them for the first 10 minutes or so all you want To be doing really is back forward up and down just getting used to it gently you dont have to go too far. Turning around and coming back and getting used to how much pressure you have to put or how much pressure you dont have to put on the controls, its very, very responsive, im, going to show you how to do a hand landing here. Very, very simple. A lot of people say that you should face it away from you.

Doesnt make any difference to me. I can land it facing towards me facing away all you would really do you would bring it fairly close to you and i like to have it facing me when im doing it, so you would have it fairly close now, theres a sensor at the bottom. So when you put your hand underneath it its going to sense that and think its the ground and its going to go up because it wont land, unless you tell it to all, you, then do is just hold down button and itll land in your hand. As simple as that to take off again click the take off button and hold the big tickle button and off, it goes very simple, very responsive, a great way, drawing youll get 31 minutes battery flying time according to the dji dji website after 28 minutes regularly – and I bring it home with about 10 15 percent battery life in it, so you probably can get 31 minutes and maybe even a bit more so if youre thinking about getting its a 4k camera takes great photos takes great video and very easy to fly. Well, i hope that was useful to you all the best for the new years when it comes happy flying in 2022 gizzary thumbs up.