After being a beta tester for gopros new stabilizing software, real steady 2.0, the official release is finally here for everyone to use um. After the first video i made about real steady 2. I realized that people had a lot of questions about it and im going to answer all those questions in this video. When does it come out? Does real steady one owners get a free access to real steady 2? How much does real estate 2 cost and what can we expect from real estate 2 in the future? Lets go the absolutely most asked questions about the new software was: when does it come out, and the answer is today: it is now available for everybody to use, and i think real, steady 2 is going to totally change the game and how we stabilize gopro footage When it comes to render time stabilize quality and interface, i was honestly blown away, and i only expect things to get better and better with the official version and gopro told me that they will work constantly in the future to get new updates and do cleanups with Bugs and they will do everything they can to optimize the software both for macs and windows users, so thats a thumbs up. The second most asked questions. I got from you guys where, if the people who already bought the real, steady, 1.0 version get a free access to real estate 2000 or if they actually had to buy the new version 2, and i got ta tell you guys, i am so stoked to tell You that you actually get a free access to real steady 2.

If you have bought the real steady one version lets see. I honestly think this is such a huge deal from gopro, and i must admit that i was super excited when i found out about this. So there will be a way to add your real, steady one activation key and email to the gopro player app on your computer and get full access to real study 2 right in the gopro player app and thats super nice. Another thing a lot of people were concerned about was the cost price of real steady 2. The fact that real, steady 2 is so much better than the first version. I was worried that the cost price to buy real estate 2 would be way more expensive than the first version, but i have more great news for you. Real steady 2 is going to cost exactly the same as real. Steady 1 did 99. One time pay and its yours forever. This is huge if you were thinking about getting real steady before, but wanted to see what real steady 2 was going to be. This is honestly the time to go for it. I will have a link to real estate 2 in the description and im not benefiting or getting paid. If you follow that link its basically just a link to the official real, steady home page, the gopher team is currently working on new firmware updates for the gopro player app and real estate 2, and they will constantly keep pushing limits to make it faster and work Out possible bugs i get the feeling that these guys really do everything to make a rock solid software and thats something i can appreciate every single day.

There is no way to hide that im beyond excited about real steady 2, and i think gopro really really did the right thing when it came to giving already real steady users full access to reinstead too, especially since there are more and more stabilized softwares like gyroflow And other stabilized softwares out there constantly popping up. I think gopro did the right thing there. The fact that gopro did ask me and other pilots to become a beta tester and give feedback to the software as it was made its also something i really appreciate, because they are listening to the consumers and lets the actual users of the software get to test. It huge thumbs up im extremely curious to see what gopro comes up with next, but for now i can just say that im very excited and if you want to see more content about gopros real, steady, fpv filmmaking, i make videos like this.