10, black from gopro for the past couple weeks now been working on a really cool edit thats going to drop next thursday, along with a bunch of really other awesome content creators. So you definitely want to tune in for that, but in todays, video im gon na do a little review of the camera break down. Some of the new features that i like some one or two that im not the craziest fan of, but i wont, lie im very stoked on this camera ive. Finally, gotten all the things ive been wanting from gopro for quite a while now so were gon na dive straight into it and get through this review. So first thing i wanted to mention on the hero: 10 is the form factor. It is exactly the same form factor the hero. 9 same shape same size, they claim its 5 grams lighter. I havent bothered to wear it myself, but i dont think the average persons really going to notice that im really stoked that its the same form factor mostly because i use a lot of third party accessories for my gopros. So any third party accessory that you guys might have for your hero 9, its going to work with the hero 10s. So i personally really like to use a genome when im shooting with my gopro in around water. It just makes your underwater shots a lot more crisp and clear and allows you to get those split shots where you can see above and below the surface of the water at the same time.

So its really nice that i can use the hero 10 with the g dome without having to wait for a new model to come out. Another accessory i really like using is the air video which i put my gopro in and then throw the camera to usually towards an athlete or some kind of object, and you get some really incredible shots with it, so really cool that the form factor is exactly The same and uh, but the big change this year is actually the internals which well get into next, so the big changes from gopro this year are actually internally with the new gp2 chip. So what does that mean? That means were now getting better slow motion. Aka higher frame rates at higher resolutions were getting 4k at 120, which is my personal favorite mode, and so the one im using the most and were also getting 240 frames per second, at 2.7 k, which is honestly the best slow motion you can use if youre Shooting high paced action sports, like i do when it comes to wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc. So this is a massive upgrade. I cannot even stress how much of an upgrade this is. Personally, i would have liked to have seen gopro do something crazy, like 400 or 500 frames per second at full hd. It probably would have turned the camera into an absolute heat brick, and it would probably you know overheat in a couple minutes. I still think they probably could have done it, maybe limited it to only record for a couple minutes before overheating.

I think they probably should have done it for marketing purposes, even though the footage might not look as great, i would have liked it – maybe well see it in a future firmware upgrade from gopro. I think it would be a smart decision, marketing wise for them to do that. But honestly, the average person does not need more than 240 frames per second and having that slow motion in 2.7, k and 4k is honestly any filmmakers dream. The quality coming out of this camera is phenomenal. One of the things ive really noticed about the gp2 chip is just the general processing power of the camera is a lot better, so i didnt realize how bad the touchscreen was on the hero 9. Until i got the hero 10., it is super sensitive, super intuitive and it just works really really. Well, i its crazy. When you get a hero, 10 in your hands, youre going to realize how bad the hero9 screen really was. Um yeah its its its a proper upgrade and yeah its almost frustrating using the hero9. After getting this thing in my hands, so with the new gp2 chip, we also get hyper. Smooth 4.0 hypersmooth, as you may know, is gopros just revolutionary stabilization its been around since i believe the hero is seven days and its just upgraded and improved every year. I honestly dont know how they do it its. You know, hats off to the engineering team. Theyve done an incredible job, hypersmooth 4.

0, honestly its quite difficult to see the difference between the hyper smooth, 4 and hyper smooth 3 from the hero 9. Both are so incredibly good. I guess the big difference is that, with the horizon leveling mode on the hero 10, you can now tilt the camera to 45 degrees, and the horizon will stay level, whereas previously on the hero 9, it would only go to about 27 degrees and then youd see The horizon start to tilt pretty incredible um. You know most people youre not filming like this, but you will get shake on certain sports and certain activities, so youre gon na notice that difference when you have it in that mode. But you know thats what we have. The max lens mod for so thats actually what i should speak about next so last year when gopro brought their hero9. They also released a brand new mod called the max lens mod, which was a pretty awesome invention by them. And you know it really took stabilization to the next level. You could honestly move your camera completely upside down any which way and the horizon would stay completely locked and you get some really incredible shots. I took advantage of this setting quite a lot and got some pretty incredible shots with it, a really really fun accessory to play with. So one of the reasons i found the hero 9 to be quite redundant with the max lens mod for someone like myself, is because i have the regular gopro max and i can shoot very similar modes, pretty much identical modes to the hero.

9, with the max lens mod with just the max and hero mode, but now with the max lens model and hero 10 youre, getting double the frame rate, so youre getting better slow motion, thats fully stabilized, which you cant get on the max. You know the max. Only goes up to 60 frames per second year 10 youre gon na get 120 frames per second completely stabilized, so its really make a big difference. Buying the max lens mod now is a no brainer im going to be recommending this to a lot more people than i did with the hero 9, especially even if you own, the max im gon na still recommend it to you, because the shots you get. This are on another level, so yeah pretty cool to see that upgrade this year with the hero 10. But i really really hope we see a new 360 camera soon from gopro. Dart will see it this year, but hopefully in the next year. So i think a lot of people forget how good a gopro is at taking photos. You know nowadays were living in a predominantly video world. Everybody wants to shoot video, but the photo capabilities on these cameras, especially last year when they upgraded the megapixels. I believe it was from 12 to 20.. Now were getting 23 megapixel photos on the hero 10.. So a slight bump, i mean ive snapped a few photos. I think theyre pretty incredible. Dont underestimate the photo capabilities of the camera.

Ive been having a lot of fun. Shooting some photos on the hero 10.. So, as you can see, the photo capabilities on the hero. 10 are pretty impressive. If you enjoy shooting photos on your gopro any gopro. For that matter, i do make my own gopro presets for editing photos which you can find on my website ill. Have that link below if you want to check them out. If you want to up your color grading game on your gopro photos, um yeah, you can see some of the before and afters really makes a difference, really takes your photos to the next level its. What i use for all of my photos on my instagram so yeah if you want to check that out, itll be linked below and then also if you want to color grade your videos. I also have video filters as well really enhances your footage. You know for any activity, whether youre in the snow, the tropics, shooting underwater. I have video filters that really enhance your color grading on your gopro, so yeah. If thats something youre interested in ill have a link below something worth checking out. I uh yeah. I use them for all my videos, so the battery life on the hero 10., its the same as the hero 9.. If you have the hero 9, you will know that there was a substantial upgrade in the battery life last year and youre going to see the same sort of performance with the hero 10.

However, if you are using the high end modes on the hero 10, like the 4k 120 or the 2.7 240, it is going to chew up the battery a lot quicker. I definitely noticed this while filming so battery life still impressive, but does not last as long when using the high end modes. So if you plan on using those high end modes with the hero, 10 youre definitely going to want to have some extra batteries with you. So one of the things i have mixed feelings about when it comes to new hero 10 is the hydrophobic coating theyve put on the lens now theres, a lot of pros and cons to this. I have spoken about my methods of managing water droplets when shooting with the gopro in quite a few other videos and uh. You know that changes with this new hydrophobic coating its going to push water off the lens. A lot more. You can see in some of these gopro shots, uh filming some wakeboarding. You know the water beads off, but it does leave a small little water droplet on the lens that eventually falls off. I prefer keeping the lens wet the whole time so im gon na you know battle to find ways of managing this when shooting, with this camera, now, im, probably gon na end up putting the hero 9 lens on it for certain activities. You know some activities, you want the hydrophobic, some you dont. I think you, as the end user, are going to have to decide that for yourself, but if you prefer keeping the lens wet like i have in previous videos, you might want to put an older lens on your hero.

10, but thats. Something youre just going to have to work out for yourself. I have very mixed feelings about this, so yeah. I hope you guys have enjoyed this review. I try to give as sort of unbiased opinion as possible. I am really stoked on this camera. You know ive been wanting all these modes and settings for for a while now um. I can understand why theyve delayed it. I mean its impressive, that you can get something that shoots. 4K at 120 frames thats this big, that fits in your pocket for gopro. Do that really really cool really impressive um little disclaimer im not paid to make this review, which means i can say whatever i want, which i feel like i have. However, gopro have contracted myself and nine other creators for a really epic video project where we basically got free reign with a new camera, got a budget and they just let us run wild with it that is coming out next week. Thursday, were all dropping edits. You dont want to miss. It. Weve got some insane clips theres, so much that i had to hold back on playing in the little intro clip of this video that im saving for the video next thursday. So you definitely dont want to miss it make sure youve got all the notifications on. You subscribed its going to be an awesome edit and theres, going to be 10 of them online from a variety of some of my favorite creators.

So, im really excited for everyone to see that and uh yeah. If you want to get the new hero 10 black, i will have that link below if you do enjoy what my channel and, if you do enjoy watching the videos – and you want to support me if you do buy the gopro through the link in my bio. I do get a little bit of a kickback, so thats really cool. If you want to do that and um yeah, i would recommend anybody upgrading to this camera. Um theyve been previous years where ive gone like oh, maybe get this camera, maybe wait a little bit. It doesnt matter what gopro you own, you should upgrade. This thing is an absolute weapon. So as i do every in my review videos, i have the new hero – 10 black giveaway, to one of you guys. If you would like to stand a chance of winning this, all you have to do is post an instagram story of any section of this video tag myself and tag my filters, instagram page as well, make sure youre, following both the accounts too, and we will announce The winner, probably in about three to four weeks time on instagram, so make sure youre following us there and uh yeah. One of you will be walking away with the brand new hero 10 black real soon so yeah, i hope you guys have enjoyed. I will see you real soon for an absolute hammer of a gopro edits, im super stoked for it.

Thanks for watching and ill see you guys in the next one, oh its good, to be back boys yeah. It is good to be back Laughter.