10. gopro has sent me the brand new hero 10 and asked me to test out its maximum capabilities as an fpv pilot. So in this video im going to take the gopher hero 10 into the field and test it and see if its really the most powerful action camera, a fpv pilot could dream of so without further ado time to hit the road. Alright guys we are on the road im here with my good friend zach and were about to hit a waterfall in fact were gon na chase waterfalls today, which im super stoked about and were really going to put the goblin retent to a test. So lets get it change of plans. Zach mentioned theres a cool water hole along the way, and let me tell you he did not disappoint. Just look. Look at this water right behind me. It looks so clear and zach is going to jump off that tree right. Above me and im going to utilize the new function of the gopro 10, which is 4k 4×3 60 frames per second, so i can do some slow mo later in post Music, all right guys, so we just did a little test jump zack as expected completely killed. It no question asked, as now were going to bring the drone up, so were going to fly. The titan xl5 zac is gon na jump off the tree now. Im gon na probably film, actually at 4k 120 frames per second otherwise were going to try to shoot later at 4k 4×3 60 frames per second Music, so Music, Music, Music, all right guys.

So we just had a look at the footage and we absolutely nailed it. We ended up shooting at 4k 120 frames per second to really utilize. This new feature of the gopro hero 10. zack. How was it? Oh, it was awesome. The shot looked stunning, its crazy so now off to the next location. Lets go all right guys. So as we packed up at the other location, we met these two fellows right behind me and these guys were super keen to actually do an action scene with their motorbikes. So im gon na utilize. The new function of the gopro 10, which is 4k 4×3 60 frames per second, so it can go nice and close. So, if you ask me, were ready, lets go Music, stop thinking, stop flying lets, go all right guys, so we finally made it to our last destination. For the today, we met some amazing people along the way on day, one which is absolutely great, but just have a look at this majestic waterfall right behind me, its looking absolutely insane, and now all we have to do is dive it down with the fpv drone, But for now lets head down all right guys, so we just made it to the bottom of the waterfall, as you can see its right behind me and the aim in this shot is to fight to basically chase zach as hes running, and then you reveal the Waterfall at the end and ill be diving it down there super stoked, so lets get it foreign.

What is going on guys its another beautiful day and yesterday was absolutely insane together with zach, because we were chasing waterfalls and all the other crazy things that weve done. But today is another day. This means were going on. Another full ten mission, in fact, were already here, because zach took me to this epic location, where hes gon na jump off a rope today, so lets see how we go so, for this shot were going to shoot at 4k 120 frames per seconds, because i really Want that crisp, slow motion, Music, uh, Music, all right guys, so we just had to look at the footage, its actually looking super crisp and super close. So i was pretty happy. How are you feeling bro? Oh dude? It was unreal insane off the next location. Lets get it all right guys we made it to the final destination. We met up with one of zacks, good friends, who is an amazing motocross driver, and you already know what were going to do were going to put the gopro 10 to a test im, probably going to film everything in slo mo. If you ask me, lets roll baby Music, alright, alright, alright, today is another day and another full set mission, and its probably the pinnacle of all footsteps: missions that weve ever done, because zach is gon na jump off this bridge right behind me, which is 18 meters High Music now Music, all right, so we just nailed the shot.

We got that close up so that we want it guys. Do you think we did it yeah lets go baby lets go all right guys, so we made it to another location. Once again, we are here the cool waterfall spot, as you can see right behind me, its actually super secluded and super peaceful, and we have. We have zach right behind me on the top of this little waterfall. Im gon na fly the protac 35. This one again were gon na shoot. It slow motion, im gon na, be nice and close. As you know, even though i love these kind of shots lets see if we can nail it lets, go so: Music, Music Applause, Music, all right guys back on route im. Here with my friend coops, and we are trying to chase some crazy waves today, whats happening bro yeah, the waves are looking really good were going to meet up with harley clifford eight time world champion. Wakeboarder alex is out on the ski with him. Right now were gon na. Do some foiling were gon na. Do some surfing and yeah so much to do right, crazy shots. Absolutely all right so were just coming down to single beach, trying to find some ways beautiful conditions. Today the boys are down the beach on the jet ski, so i think were gon na drive down the beach find a little protected spot just by ourselves. Lets get it all right guys, so we are back, for this.

Shot were going to take the chimera 7 with the gopro 10., probably going to do a mix of 5k and 4k footage, and i really want to get as close as possible. The boys are already outside right behind me, im, not quite sure if you can see them and really trying to get some cool close up shots of the jet skis driving um super stoked for this one, because i really want to get some cool action shots for This one uh yeah, Music, Music, Music, all right guys, so i just actually reviewed the footage. Im not gon na lie its actually pretty epic. We did a mix of close ups wide angle. We also absolutely nailed the figure eight shot which im super proud of. We pretty much nailed this for today, so its time to go to the next location. Lets go change the location this time out of breath because were trying to get some crazy mountain bike shots and, as you can see behind me, i just walked all the way up here. The boys in front of me pro tip never pack too much equipment, which is easier said than done when you fly fpv and want to get the banger shots im currently charging batteries in my pouch, just because i didnt have enough time to do so. Jesus christ. So now is the time to like subscribe and comment, show some love and tell me that it was worth it to get all the way up here.

Okay, lets get it Music were just discussing. How were gon na do this were just gon na. Go all the way up to the hill and were probably going to do a mix again of 5k uh 5k4 by 330 frames per second just to get that nice motion blur and then most likely also get some slow mo clips. So 4k 4×3 64 frames per second, so we get the most out of the shot. Damn look around like this is absolute fpv. Heaven something ive been dreaming of for so long, so another great spot to put the gopro hero 10 to a test lets, get it Music lets go alright guys. We are here at another location and if you know me by now, i have a weak spot for waterfalls. Speaking of waterfalls, we are currently, i think, at the biggest waterfall ive ever been its right behind me. Im not quite sure if you can see it, but all that matters right now is that im going to go on the next full scene mission lets go so this is a. This is no im, not gon na lie. This is a pretty tough shot. Its super far away, we actually measured on google maps its around 700 meters, away from where im standing so its actually not too crazy, but still it is a risk um. I just want to nail this shot. I really want to get as close as possible over the rock formation and then redo.

This really clean dive. Im gon na shoot at 4k 60 frames per seconds because i want to have the freedom later and pulse to slow it down, but other than that literally adrenaline is kicking in lets, fly baby, so alright guys, so we just got that close up shot that i Was dreaming of getting it was absolutely insane and the best part we shot everything in 60 frames per seconds, which means i can actually slow it down in post, which im super excited about so its safe. To say that this trip has been absolutely amazing because we got to shoot at so many diverse locations and im. Actually super excited to have a look at all. This amazing footage so its time to go back in the studio lets, go whoa wow. What a trick. So here are my final thoughts as to why i believe any fpv pilot who wants to take their corner to the next level should get a gopro hero. 10.. First 5k 4×3 30 frames per seconds on the gopro hero 9. I never really utilized the 5k function. However, on the gopro 10, i was able to use it most of the times, because now it allows you to shoot at 5k 4×3 30 frames per seconds, which is amazing because later on, when you put it through real steady goal, it doesnt crop as much over The last couple of weeks i was able to notice the difference between shooting in 4k and 5k, and let me tell you its pretty damn crisp shooting in 5k 30 frames per second and keeping the shutter at 160 really gives you the most cinematic footage you could Ever dream of just make sure you pair it with an nd filter.

The second reason why i believe the gopro 10 is an absolute game changer for any fpv pilot. Is that youre not able to finally shoot at 4k 60 frames per seconds four by three, as i mentioned earlier, when you put your footage through the stabilization software like real, steady, go itll crop the footage into a 16×9 being able to finally take slo mo clips In 4×3 is just yeah im, pretty speechless im sure you were able to tell in the video that i really took advantage of this new feature having the freedom later and post to slow things down when you have to is really a lifesaver, sometimes so yeah 4k 60 frames per second is probably my most favorite feature of the gopro 10.. Another great feature of the gopro 10 is also that you are able to shoot at 4k 120 frames per seconds. Yes, you may be saying, oh by 16, by nine, i know, but if you have a shot in mind – and you know exactly how you want to execute it and youre aware of the crop edge later, it is still amazing that youre now able to shoot at 4K 120 frames per seconds. If you wanted to shoot 120 frames per second on a gopro 9, you would have to shoot at 2.7 k, which normally never looks good. Unless you really shoot in the most perfect conditions, which lets be honest, is really the case being able to shoot at 4k.

120 frames per second is a great feature for fpv pilots, especially if they want to nail an extra shot that requires you to slow down later on post. As you can see in the video, i shot it at 120 frames per second, quite often, especially when i wanted to nail a close up, slow motion shot. Another great thing i noticed about the gopro 10 is the reaction time of the touchscreen. For example, the touchscreen on the gopro 9 is sometimes not as responsive compared to the gopro 10.. Having a more responsive touch screen really makes a huge difference, especially when youre in the middle of a shoot where time is money. This means being able to quickly change between settings or presets really makes a huge difference. And finally, this is for any fpv pilot who likes to vlog like myself or likes to do any pov style videos. The gopro hero 10 is a great logging camera. In fact, i dont even believe that i still need my dslr camera to vlog. This thing is an absolute beast and the internal microphone is top notch for this video. Besides the intro and the outro, everything was filmed in the gopro 10 and there was no external mic attached to it. So youll be the judge of the audio and footage quality. However, i believe, if youre in the field – and you know everything is going fast – paced having a gopro as a vlogging camera over a dslr camera that is quite heavy, its a no brainer to me that i would rather go with the gopro 10 over a dslr Camera and thats it guys.

These are the reasons why i believe the goal pretend is an absolute must have for any fpv pilot. I truly hope that you guys found this video helpful. I can ensure that i had an absolute blast putting this together and i really want to thank everyone who was involved, putting their heart and soul in this and really risking it all just to get that money shot. That being said, if you have any questions regarding the gopro, 10 or fpv in general, just drop them down in the comments or reach out to me on instagram. I will also link all the products that i use for this shoot down below, so you can shop.