Black is now available for purchase in most online stores and retail stores, such as best buy various camera shops and including sport check, which is where i purchased mine this morning, theyre also available online at various stores such as amazon, adorama and places like that. Now the hero 10 black does have some significant improvements over the hero: 9 black, including hypersmooth 4.0 higher frame rates and even higher resolutions. So well talk a little bit more about that as we get into it. Now, if youre watching this video, because youre new to gopro and hero 10, is going to be your very first gopro, i highly recommend subscribing to my channel as we will be making several videos about the hero 10 different, tutorials and guides, including my beginners guide, which Will be available in about a week from now its a very thorough and detailed video, and it really helps people who have never used a gopro get up and running very quickly once it is available. I will link it down below in the description of this video lets just get into it. Here you can see the packaging is quite similar to that of the hero. 9, black theyve gotten rid of that plastic casing that they used to ship them with, and they have this new case that was introduced last year and, as you can see, it looks very similar. I think its pretty well the exact same case, but i guess i should have shown you the box, because this is an unboxing.

You can see the side. There gives us all the different specs thats, the back and the other side. As you can see, when we open it up its packaged very similarly to how the hero 9 black was packaged, we have all our literature at the top here you can see this is new this year. It says your camera must be updated before you can use it, which means theres a firmware update that must be installed before we can use it quite often when they get these packaged up and ready to go. The final firmware hasnt been finalized, yet so thats something you have to put in after you can see here, we have a usbc cable, looks like just the standard stuff that comes with a gopro, a curved mount. This is for things like helmets and anything that really has a curved surface. You can get flat mounts, they used to come with gopros, but that is a separate purchase. Now we have a battery and this battery for the hero. 10. Black is the exact same battery as the hero 9 black. So if you have hero9 black batteries kicking around, they are fully compatible with hero 10 black heres one here from the hero – 9 black. As you can see, it is identical here we have our buckle mount and then, of course, we have a thumb screw over on the left hand side here we have the new gopro its got various stickers on it to keep it protected for shipping.

Well, take a look at that here in a minute. Well, just double check make sure theres nothing else in there and again, i kind of wish they had included some kind of velcro dividers. It would just make this case a little bit more usable, so your gopro and gear isnt, just all rattling around inside they could have just had them stuck down at the bottom there, but still a very useful case. Now you can see here. It looks like theres dust on it, but thats just from that white cardboard. Packaging well go ahead here, well, take off all the stickers that are protecting the lenses and screens at the back. Here we have another sticker and you can see it even says on there. You must update your camera before you can use it so thats new this year. That was never on there like that before now, once we take a look at it here, you can see it is identical in every way to the hero9 black, except, of course, for this blue lettering and the blue hero 10 on the side just for comparison purposes. Here, heres the hero 10 black heres, the hero 9 black. As you can see, they are identical in every way the button layout, the screens the door. Everything is identical. Of course, the blue lettering is different. I dont know if i really like that. I think i liked it when it was white. I know some people have stated in various videos that they do like the blue lettering, but i think i preferred the white but thats just a little cosmetic thing.

As long as the camera performs well thats all thats important now a couple things that are new with the hero 10 black this year. This front lens protector now has a hydrophobic coating on it and weve seen that in the past uh theres companies that sold those lens protectors that had a hydrophobic coating on it. I think its pronounced hydrophobic but uh be easy on me down in the comments, if not but anyways. So what that does is it helps repel water dust debris, mud, anything that splashes up on the lens, especially if youre, using it in and around water thatll, just kind of get rid of all those water drops off the lens cover there, and that way you can Continue filming without it ruining your footage. That coating also has some anti reflective properties, so in certain lighting conditions, glares and light flares should be minimized, and definitely we will be putting that to the test in later videos to open the side door compartment. All we do is pull down on this little tab and, as you can see, the compartment inside is identical. We have a spot for the battery the memory card and, of course, the usb type c charging port im going to go ahead and stick in a battery. Thats already fully charged just so we can get the firmware updated. Another upgrade this year is this front. Screen now has a higher refresh rate, so that should make the video preview quite a bit more fluid, as mentioned.

It now has hyper smooth 4.0 and really i dont know how much more they could improve the hypersmooth 3.0 on the hero9 black was already pretty incredible. So im pretty eager to go out and test that out do some comparisons. Uh definitely stay tuned for that. But the big thing that a lot of people are gon na really like about the hero 10 black – is that the frame rate and the resolution, as well as the megapixels, have all been increased. This now is capable of 23 megapixel photos. The resolution that the hero 10 black is capable of capturing is now 5.3 k compared to 5.0 k of the hero, 9 black and the frame rates have all been increased as well, so you can now shoot in 5.3 k at 60 frames per second, you can Also, now shoot at 4k at 120 frames per second, so thats pretty impressive, and of course you can now do 2.7k at 240 frames per second filming at 1080, unfortunately does not go up to 480, which i was hoping, but you can still film at 240 frames Per second at 1080., it also has the new gp2 chip, so everything should be faster. The touchscreen should be more responsive and, of course, well be testing that out now lets go ahead. Here were going to get it powered on and well connect it to the gopro. Quick app and well get the firmware updated now gopro did update the quick app overnight to make it compatible with the hero 10.

. So if you do go out and purchase, one of these today make sure you update the quick app to the latest version. So lets go ahead and power it on here its going to go through its little setup process. I really hope they got that touch screen issue figured out, because that was one of the things i disliked most about the hero9 black is that that touchscreen was very unresponsive even with all the updates firmware updates, they did never really 100 fixed. It so lets hope they got that all sorted out well agree to their terms. Well, turn gps on and even there we get a message saying your gopro must be updated before you can use it. Leave the gopro on and launch quick, so lets go ahead and do that well, go to our cameras and were going to click, add new camera. So right now its searching for a new camera and it says there we found your new gopro hero 10 black. So lets go ahead and well pair. The camera well name our camera. Its going to call this one here: hero 10 black well save the new name. Now its saying lets install your update, hit continue now. It doesnt really give us a list of what its updating there, but you can see there its transferring the update to our camera so im just going to set that down and well let it do its thing and ill be right back in a minute there we Go its all done its installed.

The firmware update so well hit continue and its telling us our hero. 10 is now ready to go im going to do a separate video about the gopro quick app later on, but for now were just going to focus on the gopro. As you can see, the cam firmware is updated and were all ready to go here. So, im just going to do some quick testing here with the touchscreen and well see if it is indeed better and so far it looks pretty good yeah. I would say that that touch screen is a 100 percent fixed theres, no more leg like there was, and if you had the hero9 black, you know what i mean. You know youre touching things and touching it and touching it trying to get it to uh. To read the input from your finger, but that looks nice and responsive of course, as i test out this camera ill play around with that more and ill include that information in my full review, which will be in a couple weeks from now now i dont want This video to drag on too long, but just a couple, quick things here before i go because the hero 10 black – has the exact same form factor as the hero 9, black, all accessories that you purchased for your hero, 9 black, if you decide to upgrade, will Work things like the max lens mod will work the media, mod battery chargers and batteries for the hero, 9 black will work 100 with the hero, 10 black and, of course, things like cases, sleeves nd filters, any kind of mount that youve purchased for the hero; 9.

Black will be 100 compatible with the hero 10 black. Now, as mentioned at the beginning of this video, if youre going to be purchasing your very first gopro and youre choosing the hero 10, as your very first one make sure youre subscribed to my channel as i will be uploading, a full beginners guide, probably within the Next week, or so on top of that im going to be having all kinds of tutorials comparisons against the hero, 9 tips and tricks and everything to help you get the most out of your hero, 10 black once ive been able to use it and test it Out thoroughly ill make a full review, probably within about two weeks, maybe three weeks i dont like to rush my reviews i like to make sure ive used it thoroughly before i put a review out well folks, thats, basically it i want to thank you for watching This video, if you enjoyed this video, make sure you give it a thumbs up its always greatly appreciated, as mentioned dont forget to subscribe to my channel, so you dont miss any of our upcoming content.