I, like my jersey, look like a sponsored rider. This is not sponsored by liquid death. This is not sponsored by thor its, not sponsored by red bull, its, not sponsored by ktm, its, not sponsored by james coffey, its not sponsored by gopro full disclosure. However, gopro did send me the new hero 10 for free to review, so that you know that they also sent this big big speedboat, so funny story. This camera came today the day that youre seeing me record this it came today. I had one day to basically figure out what to shoot, where to shoot who to shoot with then go shoot. It all then come home and edit everything and get the video done in less than 24 hours. So i did not have time to ride this precious speedboat. I think maddie did maybe maddie and i will go race them together. If you think we should race our speedboats. Let me know in the comments below you might be wondering pete: where did you get that tasty sponsored looking pro rider you ride for red bull? Do you ride for ktm? No, i in another life i do, but my friend cole thompson he does and that dude rips Music. So this is a ktm 450 factory edition some menthol handlebars here the wp forks, the fmf pipe. Here we have w wheels. The slogan of ktm is ready to race and thats. What we basically do. So what youre telling me is that it rips it rips man it is, it will itll, do backflips for you, okay, im ready for.

Can you actually do backwards? I cant do backwards. Im gon na say, like i dont know, if i feel good about you doing it. That scares me. I yeah im, not the backflip type of guy, but i can do some whips. We can do some big jumps and uh. Maybe even a few transfers you ready for this. Hopefully it goes better than last time. I thought that was me. No, it was not you yeah. This is like what fpv stuff was designed for, though yeah for sure im so pumped. So it is no surprise to anybody watching this video that peter mckinnon plus gopro equals no bueno. I have never really liked gopro and im just gon na come out and say that they know that. I know that you know that i feel, like the cameras. Never really capture what i feel like they should be capturing or theyre, never as good as i want them to be or think they are or see them in the previews that has changed with the within the last two versions, i would say like around the hero. 8, it started to kind of shift for me hero 9. I actually really liked, and i use it a lot in the hero 10. So far from the day. Keep that in mind from the one day ive used it it. It works, really really good and ill. Take off and then hopefully the timing just works out, then just not go far deep in okay, Music, okay, the whole thing im here for it thats what the cool kids say: right Music.

We had it on the fpv drone. Typically, when youre flying an fpv drone with a gopro on it, youre gon na use some kind of software like real, steady to just further stabilize that footage. The hero 10 footage straight out of the camera. It doesnt need any post stabilization, its so good. Just in camera raw straight onto the timeline, it looks phenomenal hows the track dude its mint. I cant believe how good the dirt is. We got a little rain last night, a couple tornado warnings just watered it all for us its another day just another day. Take a look. I mounted this camera to the front fender of the bike. Now that fender, you can see in the shot just bouncing up and down its super super light, but notice everything else notice, coal, the entire environment around him – is not moving at all. So it just shows you how much that camera is actually compensating for the amount of shake that is literally happening in real time. That bike is bouncing up and down that fender is flying all over the place and the background is not moving at all the stabilization. In gopros, in 2021, as of like the hero 9., going back a few models, but especially now with the 10, is so good. I slid this back on for the video like ive, already taken it off and labeled everything: okay, thats, the little kit. That is my action. Cam kit.

Look how tasty that all looks. It was the best day for gopro. The clouds were just mint. Yes, that sky is real, oh what a great day for filming fantastic. You know when youre outside and the conditions are prime and youre. Just like beyond stoked that youre a photographer and cinematographer thats gon na look ridiculous pumped now one of the things that gopros included with the package that i was actually pretty psyched with is this plastic little card here has like recommended best settings. I dont. I love that thats thats, a google search, come on youve done it youve done it all like the protune settings for the color profiles, what they think you should keep the max iso minimum iso. I think itll help a lot of people and save a lot of google searches, so gopro great job on doing that, all right, taking a look at the body, it looks like every gopro youve, pretty much ever seen that screen on the front might even be bigger. I think its new and improved the text. This is the first thing, youll notice. The text is blue, its not white, and i love that its a completely insignificant update. It does nothing, but it looks great and its like a welcome change. I feel like oh, the gopro finally looks a little different makes me happy same thing. You come to expect built in mounts down here this things waterproof. Do we trust this Music super cool feature on gopro? If youve never seen this itll blow your mind, im gon na fire it up so i can show you is like the tilt limit has now been increased to 45 degrees.

So when you have the horizon lock on, like can you see like look at the back of the screen there, like thats thats, how far you can tilt this without it actually moving the horizon? Like look at that, you can go that far. That is thats just fantastic, so combo that with stabilization, the wide lens like these are just getting better and better and better. Now, speaking of better, what are some of the new options? You can shoot 240 frames per second, at 2.7 k, like look what that looks. Like able to just hold the camera and just whip pan as coal rips around that berm, what? If i told you you can do 5.7 k. 60.. The resolution modes are just theyre, theyre ridiculous, like the fact that this little thing can shoot almost 6k. 60 is absolutely absurd. Filmmaking tools just continue to blow my mind as everything gets smaller or stays the same size and the tech within them is like. If you think, 10 years ago, this camera should have cost like 70 thousand dollars. The entire experience using is pretty good when youre flipping through the menus, youre pulling them down youre going side by side. Sometimes it can be like a little slow, not that its like ever a problem or youre thinking gee. I wish this gopro wasnt as slow as it is, but theres a new chip inside it, which is making the entire experience faster, thats one of the things that gopro is pretty pumped on this year, powered by gp2.

Let me give you what what does gopro say about it. Gp2 processor gives hero 10 black two times the performance of hero9 black, with double the frame rate better than ever stabilization. With the time that i had, i didnt even get into taking photos with this thing, which i really want to do. I want to do a whole separate video on just shooting, with the gopro ive taken some photos with way old versions of gopro and been absolutely shocked at how good those photos were thats. What kind of started getting me thinking on a different line like oh, maybe im missing something here. Do you remember these shots underwater? I couldnt believe that was a hero 6. I think so now youre getting up to 23 megapixel photos on this, like thats, 20., 23 megapixels. Even from the hi res video modes, you can pull 19 megapixel stills out of those which is awesome, so theyre really giving you a lot of flexibility as to like what you can do with the one thing, its also the exact same footprint as the hero 9. So we were able to just slide it into the fbv drone, with no issues, because i didnt get to use that super cool speedboat. I didnt get to test the new hydrophobic lens material. A lot of people know this. If youre going to use a gopro outside in the water, sometimes you got to lick the screen ahead of time or put some kind of wax on it.

Ive even seen people like put ear wax on different types of which is super gross, but i mean i guess it works, but its always going to repel water off the front, but now theres a new coating on it that should repel the water for you. So you dont have to worry about that anymore. Weve all been there, weve got great footage. You come back and right at the beginning, some water splashed hit the lens and 80 of that coverage is now gone and you can see nothing so that being eliminated is stress eliminated when youre shooting things that matter when you dont want to miss a take. When you get back to the dock, when you get back to the car, the studio, wherever youre, home and youre, reviewing footage youre, not like what what and that was my problem with gopros – i got back home – they never looked how i wanted them to look the Angle always got messed up somewhere, so i was just pointing at my crotch or my feet, or up into the sky got water on the lens right away: got mud on the lens right away, its sound indoors, low light. It just always seemed to suffer, but i feel like since those complaints. These cameras have gotten way way better. So yeah, i guess you could say with the hero 10. I am a fan. I still think the battery life could be improved. Theyre, the exact same size batteries.

You can use your old batteries from the hero 9. In this i just wish they lasted longer like you get going and you get them back, theres 20 percent left and they take so long to charge. I just wish its got to be the same footprint, so i guess they cant really change the size im, not an engineer. I have no idea how they make these things. I just wish this lasted longer, even with this new hero 10.. I only had it one day, but i did go through two batteries relatively quickly. I also had the camera on for several hours going non stop at the highest resolution, so it was due to a lot of use its, not a big negative at all its just something that i think over time could be improved as well better battery life. I think im most mind blown on the stabilization to have a camera, this size that can go in your pack and stabilize something as rough as ripping this dirt bike through this track, and it just is so buttery smooth like it legitimately, is having the ability to Shoot 240 at 2.7 k. 5K. 60. 5.7. K60, like those are just frame rates that are so so nice to be able to use theres a lot of versatility to work with. Also, you stick it on an fpv and it looks absolutely incredible and then, at the end of the day, cole gave me this super cool jersey.

He signed the back too im hanging this in my garage. You know i am look at that so cole, if youre watching this thanks bro, maybe one day in another life, i can dream to ride a dirt bike, just one percent as good as you do for now ill. Just stick to my little 110 pit bike because im not scared of it. So thank you gopro for sending me this camera to review and thank you for the speedboat you guys are very generous, especially after all of the shade i throw at you online in several videos. Im. Sorry actually, im, not sorry. I meant what i said in those videos, but this camera im impressed and i am a fan, so thank you again. I had a lot of fun using it and wow. We were actually able to get this done inside a day, thats pretty great to everyone involved. Thank you so much dude. Thank you man! Thank you so much that was uh youre, pretty good at that yeah ive been doing it for 20 years, so okay, ive learned a thing or two that makes sense um. I hope the footage looks good. You made it look good. My turn you make me look good. Thank you see you buddy so hit that like button, if you like this video smash it if thats something that youre into 20 21 style subscribe.