Carry on this is an embargo box, maybe youre asking whats an embargo, its basically like a secret. I can open this box and look at whats inside, but i cant tell you guys until today, when i post this video, i got ta, keep it a secret, its the brand new gopro hero 10.. I cant believe, were on the 10th generation of gopros. Definitely wasnt expected. I thought it was a little bit of a big box or just gopro. Did they send you a submarine? I no joke. Ive always wanted one of these. I think this is like a remote, controlled boat. Ive always wanted one of these. As a kid, oh man, this is, this is actually perfect. You take this. Thank you. The gopro hero 10 has the new gp2 processor, which basically means doubling everything. They now have 5.3 k up to 60 frames per second 4k up to 120 frames per second and 2.7 k up to 240 frames per second, and i am really interested in testing out 5k 4×3, which is what i use for the fpv flying on top of That new hyper smooth 4.0, which is going to be better stabilization and theyre, saying they made the like kind of horizon leveling when youre shaking it like this better from a 27 to 45 degrees. So you can go 45 degrees without you noticing. Apparently, the stabilization is really good: faster wireless connections and faster startup, very important, plus, more responsive touch screen which, if im honest, has always been a little bit of a gripe of mine with gopros.

It never really felt that responsive, but those are just specs on paper. You know how i do we need to take this thing out to the real world and see how it actually holds up were on a boat again uh. Last time i came here, uh chris howe hi. His dad showed me a good time. So this time i brought my own boat, you brought a boat onto our boat. We got a little duck on board here, too yeah thats, thats, fred, howe, actually thats, oh thats, my cousin. I hope you dont. Oh sorry, you brought tempo, i brought fred, i didnt mean to offend fred. Oh no, i mean thats where he likes to hang out hes going for a dip. Its gon na make us all look like the biggest noobs by showing us how this is done. This makes it look like its so easy, like anybody could do this, and then i know how hard its gon na be get up and ride. This way, future maddie here ive had a chance to look at the footage from the hero 10, and i got ta say its pretty freaking great lets start off with the image i think its looking really nice. We were just kind of cutting it back and forth between uh the sony, a7s3 footage and the hero 10, and it looks pretty good, like yeah its not as good as my big fancy, expensive camera, but it fits pretty well, it doesnt feel jarring and just like Out of place yeah, it has a bit of that wide gopro look.

But overall, i would say the image looks really nice and having the option to go 5.3 up to 60 frames per second, you can do 120 frames per second in 4k. Looking incredible and then all the way up to 240 frames per second and 2.7 k still the image is looking really great. I i dont know im pretty impressed so far with the new gp2 processor and, overall, i think gopro has pretty nice colors compared to some of the competitors in this space, so yeah first impressions were quite good. Also something i didnt mention is. You can actually take up to 19.6 megapixel photos from your video footage, so you can just film your clip and then afterwards, through the app you can just grab a frame and make that into a 19.6 megapixel photo, which means its going to be much more convenient. Its kind of hard to take photos with a gopro, its never really been. My thing. That makes it a lot more fun to get those photos and it means youre, not gon na miss that perfect moment, because youre literally getting 24 or 30 frames, and then you can just choose one like youre guaranteed gon na get the moment uh. So yeah thats pretty convenient and then, when you need to edit those photos, there is no better program out there than lightroom. This portion of my video is sponsored by adobe. Photography has obviously played a massive role in my career and, if theres one program that just fits perfectly in my workflow, its lightroom theres, literally no better program to edit photos and in terms of control and ease of use.

I could not edit my instagram photos and my thumbnails without lightroom and as a youtuber thumbnails are so incredibly important nowadays in terms of getting my videos out there, so i will spend hours on a thumbnail tweaking every single last thing i can to make that thumbnail. Pop just a little bit more in hopes that more people will see my videos. I really think the best part of lightroom is the unmatched editing control you have, but done in a fast and, most importantly, simple way i can make my photos come to life with my style by using the professional presets in lightroom or use my own personal presets. As a starting point, which gets me really close to the final product and then i can tweak and refine the contrast and colors through their simple sliders, the hsl controls the curves go in and adjust specific areas with the brushes or even remove unwanted stuff. With just a few clicks, its really fun and easy to make your own presets and the colors and the pop that you can get in your photos, its no wonder that pretty much every photographer out there uses lightroom. They even have this new super resolution feature where, with the use of ai artificial intelligence, you can actually increase the resolution of your photo by up to four times, with surprisingly accurate results. This means you can take your older photos and increase the resolution literally make them better than when you took them or take any photo and crop in way further than you normally would and get a completely new photo out of it.

If you want the best program to edit your photos and get those colors youve always wanted to, i can confidently recommend lightroom theres no other program. I would rather use to edit my photos thanks again adobe for sponsoring this portion of my video now back to the hero 10.. That must turn a try. Lets see how this goes. That far, are you nervous not at all? Ah, first try compared to the weight skating. Oh my gosh, i was just like muscling myself and this ones just like you can stand now. Oh right, standing nepa destroyed my time to jump in its so freaking. Fun oh makes you feel like youre, eight years old. Again, love it thanks. Chris thanks james, you guys are great. I finally hit infinite surf. That was the first time where i felt like okay, i got this now surfing has been done. We we reached infinite surf for a little bit there uh chris was just just cruising like no problems, 360 shove it everything now were deposed doing some sort of what im in a high critical situation right now. I need to get this disarming the the bomb here. Putting together the boat got ta, try out the book. Gopro sends you an rc boat. You got ta, try it out so thats. Next batteries installed its time to check out the power thats transformer all right, uh. Hopefully we dont, we dont, lose the brand new gopro. Here, ive never done this before.

Do we just like throw it over to each other? We just maybe maybe send it off there. We should check the angle first. What are we even doing here? Okay, yeah, okay, bon voyage! All right does it float? Imagine yeah! Imagine it did it youre having the best day ever. This is actually so. I legit have always always wanted an rc boat, its like the coolest thing ever. I love that just phrase chris literally saw this. One was like. I have oh ive, literally been looking at youve been looking at these today i was like i was on an rc website today. Well, here it is gopro. You guys should probably just make these boats too. Oh, my god, chris, i dont think youre getting any good. Gopro shots go bro the best footage. Not this way hold on. How did you do? How do you do the flip? How did you say you do it? He said forwards and then backwards, but oh no, that bump left there that we broke our toy. Oh no, i think we lost like no ill go swim and get it swim shave. I can go its okay ill. Do the walk of shame? Well, the fun lasted for a little while that doesnt mean its like done forever, doesnt it dude im so jealous you have this. I mean like knock on your door and be like. Can i have your receiver jens gon na rip it? Oh yes, childhood dreams are being lived out right now.

Oh come on, you can do it, you can make it over. Yes, come back! Oh wow. This thing footage, probably the best were just gon na – have to start filming with this way more because the footage is just so good, of course, that we have to do it for the footage thats. The most cinematic way to get footage, though i had to start driving this boat around a lot more now its time for the champ to ride the the best rider in the boat by far right here. Its so good, okay lets lets, see, lets see what youre made of thank you on a day, oh top it off with a little james riding boss over there. Your dad is such a champ yo right, i hope, im him when im holding yeah. We can always. Oh man, what a day gopro! Thank you for letting me test this thing out. Uh lets get back to the office and give some final thoughts. So yes, with the new processor, the gp2 were getting more frame rates, but is it really faster in terms of startup and responsiveness? Well lets test it here is the hero9 hero 10 were gon na. Do a startup test three two one: okay, so its a little bit faster, not by not by a drastic amount, i would say, but there are times where even that split second counts and the hero 10 definitely starts up a little bit faster and in terms of Responsiveness, i would say i noticed a difference right away.

I wouldnt say its as good as lets say my iphone, but it is more responsive now it feels a little bit better, sometimes with the hero. 9, for example. Id do a swipe and nothing really happened. Im getting much better control of the settings with the hero 10.. Probably one of the craziest updates is the stabilization which was already really good, but the new horizon leveling its kind of crazy, so watch this. We can film uh myself turn it that much and you dont see any tilting. The horizon states completely level all the way up to that much thats crazy. You can do this much turning and the horizon stays completely level. Just walk with me for a second look: how stable, im just tilting and turning this and look how stable, thats pretty crazy. Now the downside is its only in the linear mode you dont get in the wide mode, but still thats, really impressive for reference. Uh heres. Just like the normal stabilization, this is what it looks like im. Gon na, do some parkour parkour run and running. How stable is it guys? Is it good, uh, so thats normal stabilization then well do boost? Did you like my parkour skills? Yes boost parkour? This is the boost. Stabilization ninja, kick oh, oh im getting way too old for this uh. Was it stable for time lapses? Theres some really interesting features. You can now literally schedule a time when the gopro is going to turn on and start recording, so lets say.

For example, you want to get that nice sunrise time lapse and instead of actually waking up at 5, 00 am in the morning. You can set it up the night before schedule, so itll start up at 5 am or 6 am or whatever you want. Now. The hero 10 will wake up at that time and start recording. While you are sleeping in your bed comfortably and getting well rested, and then maybe youre saying well thats great, but my batterys gon na be completely dead. Its gon na screw me over for that day. Well, they have you covered with duration capture. You can choose how long the gopro will be running for so yeah thats thats, pretty convenient did i mention they made. The lens cover super hydrophobic, so water doesnt really stick to it that much anymore thats also very handy. I it still definitely does stick to it, but i found that theres, like smaller droplets and its easier to get off there, whereas like sometimes its like so hard to get the water off the cover, so yeah thats a pretty cool new feature. So, overall, the best new feature of the hero 10 is the propeller. Absolutely ridiculous. Thanks gopro for letting me check it out great update the hero. 10 is a really capable camera and ive been a little hard on gopro. But ever since i got really into fpv man, ive just been loving using the gopros theres, just something really nice about the image: how wide and dynamic it is im so hooked on fpv and every time i capture some of that footage.

Ah yeah, sorry, gopro! For being a little rough on you, but uh yeah, this was great, especially the propeller.