com here and today ive got a complete footage extravaganza from the hero 10 compared to the hero 9, the insta 360 1r and the dji osmo action, as well as the dji fpv drone. Now all this footage is straight out of the camera. So it is, as is, i didnt, modify in any way shape or form, with two exceptions uh in the case of insta360, in order to enable their best stabilization, their flow state stabilization. You have to run it through the software. That is a bit of a pain in the butt but thats just the way their cameras work. So all of that footage has been run through their software after the fact using the flow state option, as is in the case of the gopro hero 10. For the last two videos, the fpv videos, in those cases i went with real steady go, which is what most fpv pilots would use to take the unstabilized footage and run it through real, steady, go and output that everything else, though, except for the fpv drone videos, Are exactly out of the camera, as is for everything else that you see there? You can use the chapters along the bottom to skip around the different sections, as you see fit, pretty straightforward youtube stuff. Now let you be the judge of the footage, but i do want to kind of state the obvious the osmo action. The most current camera that dji has released is over two and a half years old, thats, certainly going to play into some of the capabilities.

It has at certain resolutions in certain frame rates and the insta 360r. One inch is almost two years old this january. So again, the same thing kind of applies, theres just limitations of what this camera could do, while both of them have been very capable and do fairly well in these tests. Just keep that in mind, but these are the cameras that are available today. This is, it is what it is, and the price reflects that and in some cases the footage reflects that as well. Also in the description somewhere is a dropbox share. That should have a bunch of this original footage that i put in there uh. So if you want to look at it in more detail, you can do that if youre finding this video, interesting or useful whack that, like button, it really does help with this video in the channel. Quite a bit with that have a good one yep you can go faster, fairly, faster, so slow down a little bit. Okay, cool thatll do donkey so lets go so im gon na do a proud to the left. Music, slow down ill, get the cows with you. I got you covered still on the camera uh i dont know if i go, that close those ones have horns speaking most action cameras suck at night uh. So this is my attempt to get anything viable out of this action. Camera uh. Usually, if you go higher resolution, it gets worse, uh tweaking so my voice might be a bit yeah see here and go down the main street theres no right over here out of the road and end okay.

So this is a 4k 30 test, uh, basically low light conditions. It is sunset right now uh though theres no real sun, so just like getting darker uh, you can see the light like that in front there uh. This is with the max stabilization option on each of the cameras offered uh. So whether or not this is the osmo action, this is the hero: 10 hero 9 and uh, the dji insta 1r, which is 361 arc. Sorry, not the giant insta360 1r um. You can see, as we just kind of got out into away from the trees there a little more light into the cameras. You look in particular for the noise level. Uh gopro says they uh de noise, it a bit if you will um on the hero, 10 and particularly 4k30 and 4k24, which is why im testing these particular ones uh its awesome just to see how it handles out. They just turned away up there, but were gon na go hopefully with battery on the hero9 uh to get to the end of the stretch here into the windmill, but well see some white uh as well coming from restaurants up ahead, i think so again. This is definitely like a low light scenario. Those are six or eight centimeters or so ive got some runners up. So probably look at that a little bit how they actually look so the runners themselves as we go past them. Also, those vibrations see how those look theres a restaurant up here.

Some cyclists also those vibrations see how those look theres a restaurant up here, some cyclists, a little bit of wind as well. So a bit of an audio test coming into this head were going to see how things happen. Well, do a loop around this ill, pull it still over here, so you can see how things stabilize correctly. Oh winner, winner, chicken dinner uh from a color standpoint, both the hero 9 and hero 10 are set for vibrant color, hoping that works out 5k30 linear 60 bit rate high defaults across the board ham held on a selfie stick: okay, 30. 60 wide 10 to 9.. I almost stopped a photo too its a quick walk and talk section see how this looks sounds going through some of the different uh kind of you know the trees, the shade with super bright sun as well flipping back around again cant ask for any better weather Up here than this today, pretty happy with this overall and then talking from behind again, it should switch over to the microphones to the rear microphone and, of course, this entire time, its on hyper smooth, fully enabled here, as we cruise up over all these rocks. So this is a quick running stabilization test, uh showing 5k 60 wide with boost enabled – and if i do this slight tilting youll see where it will finally took over, but stability wise here, pretty solid with this okay, this is a fastest frame.

You got test uh, im gon na turn on the gopro on the uh non gopro stuff last, because the fact that im super tight on sd card space, just explaining what i got here, im going to 240 frames per second on the hero 10 and hero 9. Uh, the difference is 2.7 k on the hero 10 and 1080p on the hero 9, with boost on both of them and then on the 1r, its going to be 120 frames per second and 1080p, the highest it goes, and then on the osmo action. Its going to be 240 frames per second 1080p, but no rock city enabled because it cant do that so im going to turn on these last two cameras right now. Recording there i hope there we go: okay, audio sync coming up and one two three audio sync on again. This is a high bitrate test on all the cameras. Uh 240s on the gopro and the 240 on the osmo action and 120 on the instant 351r only got just a short bit of time on 1r sorry doing so good Music, oh yeah, Music. By the way, some sections make failures. Okay, this is the 4k fastest. You got option uh, so starting off with the hero 10, its at 120 wide high bit rate. Oh yeah. The hero 9 is at 4k 60 wide. The osmo action is at 4k, 60 uh wide with rockstar enabled uh boost on the gopros, and then the 1r is at uh 4k60, as well with pro mode.

So here we go a little bit of uh sun peeking through here and there ill drop out to the sand dune after this little section here, hopefully uh the gopro hero 10 and one are on the bottom of the mountain uh versus the hero9 and osmo action Are on the top of the mountain, so a little less bounce, probably from them at this point a little lower who just stopped oh different, different camera? Stuff. Sorry, oh man, look at that section again that was pretty Music nice gon na go fast, though go drop into the bridge from there now we got a little bit of sunshine. Lets go up here to this. This is pretty choke. Okay, we wont catch any sand on this one, so Music, oh so stand up box. If you will sand yes on sand dunes, but not that sandbox of it ive got a few months to down here and its a little bit sandier than it usually is because its late summer, so theres no leaves yet on it. So so so Applause Applause, so Music, Music, oh Applause, foreign, Music, so Music Applause, so Music, uh, Music, Music. Oh hey its me again! Thanks for managing to watch this entire video um.