9 black from last year is from this new gopro logo in blue on the front, and also the 10 black. On the side now, as a drone channel, of course, my main focus in todays video will be. How does this camera fly on? My fpv drone ive been using the nine black ever since it came out and its been amazing. For me, its one of my favorite cameras ever and its literally that much better than anything else on the market, so my hopes were pretty high for the new 10 black and i think this will be my new favorite camera. Of course, it makes sense as its newer. It has better processor. It has better specs uh, but yeah well well talk about all that in todays video visually. Those two cameras are exactly the same, but the 10 black. The newer one is five grams lighter than the nine black and luckily, for all of us, all the accessories from the nine black also work on the 10 black, meaning that also these polar pro nd filters work perfectly fine on the newer camera, and you can just Simply swap them on the new one and theyll be working just fine inside the box. Everything is exactly the same as the gopro hero – 9 black. So inside you have a cable. You have some of the basic gopro accessories, some guides and startup information and thats. Pretty much it for me, one of the first things i was really excited to check out was the new frame rates and the new stabilization called hypersmooth 4.

. The new frame rates being 5k 60 frames per second and 4k 120 frames per second, which is really impressive and combined that with hyper smooth 4. I was really excited to do my first flight and, of course, i picked the worst location possible. It was windy as hell and it was almost impossible to fly and combine that with me doing my first ever flight with this new iflight chimera 7. It was my maiden flight on this drone. It was interesting to say the least, but stay tuned for that iflight chimera 7 review. It will come to the channel very soon, so the flying part when i first started flying everything was just insanely insanely shaky because of that strong wind. Even inside my goggles. It was just like a like a hip hop party. Everything was jumping up and down. It was really hard to fly, but for that i think hyper, smooth fork handled the wind, i would say pretty well uh, of course, its not ideal. It has some jitterness. Some just bumpiness left and right, and it has that hyper smooth. Look where, when you do a turn, it kind of takes a second to realize where youre going so it kind of misses a few frames, and then it adjusts to that new um new spot, where youre going, and for that it creates a little bit of a Specific look that only this hyper smooth stabilization has so its not ideal its, not buttery smooth.

It can never replace real, steady, of course, so for me uh, this hypersmooth 4 would be great to use on a regular regular for regular usage, which does not involve flying or if you want to have a little bit of more realistic look. Sometimes sometimes you know real steady is a little bit fake. Looking with that distortion and being extra smooth, sometimes when youre going for that raw real life, look, you can use hyper smooth for and thats exactly what i plan to do going forward with this camera. I do plan to use hyper smooth every now and then, but for the most part i think real steady can never be beaten so um i went to a motocross track to continue shooting thats the same day just after flying on that windy location. We went to this motocross track and i think performed a lot better over there, because it was a little bit less windy, of course, but also check out how amazing the frame rates actually work. When you shoot in 5k 60, you can crop and reframe a little bit. You can zoom in or zoom out whatever you want to do and of course you can slow down the footage. I didnt use 4k 120. For some reason. I just completely blanked out and forgot to try that, but luckily i still managed to to record some good footage. I think in 5k 60.. The 4k 120 is something that i will experiment with when it comes to fpv, but for my first ever test of 4k 120, i was using it on the beach, so its not really drone related, but i still managed to to check it out and im impressed By the bitrate and by the overall quality of this setting when youre shooting in 120 frames per second, it looks very, very impressive, but it definitely has its own place and its definitely going to come in handy in some situations where you really want to slow down The action and just focus on that activity – yeah, it will be – it will be nice to have one of the first things.

I noticed right off. The bat when i turned on the camera is because of that new gp2 processor. Everything is a lot smoother compared to the hero. 9. Everything is a lot faster and it just feels more responsive, so thats, definitely something that made a nice impression to me, and i noticed some people are already complaining about some overheating issues with this camera and i think they only come if you dont move the camera At all, and if you shoot in the very high frame rates for a very long time, but in my tests i didnt encounter anything like this. It was all smooth and working well uh. Well, well, something was not exactly as i expected. The battery was draining very quickly and you have to know that if you plan to shoot in those high frame rates, the battery will drain very very quickly. I mean compared to previous cameras, so you have to be aware: maybe you need to buy some extra batteries. Thats something that i plan to do as well, but the good thing is that the battery of the hero 9 also fits on the hero 10.. So if you have some of those, you can use them and youll be good to go the image quality from what ive seen so far. I havent tested the camera in that many different scenarios. Yet but i would say it looks a little bit better than the nine i dont know its if its placebo effect or its really better than the nine.

But i think it has a little bit more dynamic range, so, together with the battery life, which is definitely not ideal, there is something else which i really dont like about this new camera, and that is the color profile selection. On this new camera. You have three different color profile options. You have flat natural and vibrant, and i do appreciate the different options that we have its just, that the flat color profile is really not that flat its just slightly desaturated. So i would really love to have a really flat color profile, like a log profile on this gopro, because right now, its just not ideal to color grade. And finally, when we talk about things that i dont like about this camera, we need to mention the price. The price of this camera is 500 and thats. If you dont have the gopro subscription. If you do decide to invest into the gopro subscription for one year, it will cost you 50 dollars and with that the price becomes 400, so 400 for the camera and 50. For the subscription means 450 for this camera and then youll have the chance to get a new camera. If you break yours for a small fee, which i think is about 80 dollars, so youll definitely have to take that into consideration. Every year cameras are becoming more and more expensive and it makes sense, but i just dont like that, so i have to mention it so overall would i recommend the gopro hero 10 black for flying fpv? Yes, and no, if you do have the hero 9 black and you use real steady, the only major upgrade when you switch to the 10 would be to have 4k 60 in 4×3.

So you can use that for real, steady and you will have 2.7 k in 120 frames per second other than that. I dont really feel like its a massive upgrade if you have the 9, but if you have any other camera before that. Yes, you should invest in the gopro 10 because its very, very good it has a better processor with a lot more speed, its a lot more smoother, its more fluid. It has better image, or at least thats what they claim ill have to keep using the camera. To let you know if thats really the case, in my opinion, uh and yeah other than that, i think its a great purchase, but its a little bit more expensive than the previous one. So if you have a nice deal for a gopro, 9 black, for example, it will be also a great option to invest into. But for me, im really interested to continue using this camera and check out all of its different features and different frame rates and different stabilization options. So stay tuned for more content with the gopro hero 10 black coming on the channel very soon dont forget to subscribe and like the video, if you have enjoyed it, this is mike from drone supremacy, take care everyone and ill see you very soon.