This is a gopro hero. 10 bones. Look how tidy it is its so small, and instead of doing some just typical fpv shots with the new bones, because this really is built for fpv were doing something a little bit different. You think we can make it happen like what happens. The wander, the? What the water, oh yeah, wait! What are we doing? A wonder is basically a long, continuous shot where a whole bunch of crazy stuff happens and its one long shot. So fbv is already hard enough to fly, but were gon na have to coordinate people doing things and the flying of through things its gon na be difficult. Hopefully we can make it happen, im slightly less confident than kristoff, even though hes a master, fpv flyer, i feel like the whole choreography is going to be a little tough, but lets see what we can make happen, Music kristoff making it happen. Not only can he fly drones, he can have services, he can host hes amazing. If youre not watching his channel. You should be wait. Do you have videos on your channel? I do, and i will have more soon so yeah maybe stay tuned, but soon it will be called my name, which is a good idea, thats a good idea, but for now its maybe some day, but maybe someday ill change. It ive been telling him for the longest time to start your youtube channel. Finally, doing it look at these guys, they have a table up there.

How do i get up there? We might want to push a letter a little bit all right isaac. You go first and then take the camera ill come up. Second, letting him test it out. First, just like everybody, elses office normal. What is this? The plaque i feel like this is like this is like the like, like the phobia test right here like. Can you do this if youre allowed to yeah, if you can do it backwards, while like going like this, so i wanted to show you guys the fpv, but that means i have to cross this um legit freaked out just confidence there we go okay, im coming. If its okay, i touch your stuff for a second, i dont know how picky people are about their fpv stuff, heres, the goggles. This is what kristoff is gon na, be hes gon na see the perspective of the drone and its like very, very little to no latency at all, and so he can control this really precisely heres his controller, which clearly has taken a beating or two or been Painted im not sure what happened here, kristoff and these are the batteries – strap a battery on here and youre ready to go. This is the fbv world right here isaac. Do you think we can do this yep stop in the background he walks away? This is so. Why is this so scary, Applause, okay, man? Okay, you got this just get me out of this place, slow its steady, slow.

Instead, he was playing around, but i think he actually was gon na eat it all right. Now we got uh the pizza in our bellies whats the plan. The idea is to do a winner right, basically yeah, all of the various people who are here today. So we got a good crew. We wanted to show the fact that theres, this big garage door right so well have jake drive in through that thing as we go, but yeah yeah jake will drive in. I dont want to fly through one of the containers. So maybe we like open the garage. Oh one thing we need, we need sparks. Do you have like an angle grinder? Oh yeah, lots of things thatll make sparks here. Is it worth saying the whole thing, or does that kind of ruin? The surprise i think with us explaining it? It starts to uh dawn on people that this is ridiculous. Yeah, true and itll be quite quite difficult to make this happen. It would be much easier to just take this into a nice scenic location and just do some really epic fpv, dives and stuff, but instead yeah i mean the whole point of the thing is to be able to fly in small space yeah exactly yeah. This is the real test. What happens if we crash it? Is it broken? Do you think we got two, so you got two crashes yeah, okay, two crashes, fair enough! Okay, lets try to lets.

Try to do this. If you didnt know the gopro bones is basically just like a bare bones version of the gopro hero 10., so same setting same stuff, just without all the protective layers of the typical gopro, its not waterproof, its literally bare bones. This whole office is like a bunch of death traps, just literally just trying to survive here for these bad boys. I brought this to impress the boys. You know yes round rail or square. Have roller blades were just living our best young life over here, but you know what the best part is. I got sponsored. They sent them to me for really free thats, an actual childhood dream. How many times do i have to tell you didnt get sprouted dude im sponsored by so many companies im, just gon na keep saying im sponsoring my sponsor rollerblader ill. Try to change im cleaning minecraft lot of pressure on this first one, because if i eat it then, like everybody knows im a fraud im, not really sponsored. How many times have i told you stop saying that itll bite you in the butt small its too small? We need a bigger ramp, at least one and a half times that rail im going for yeah, i cant kristoff. What are you doing? Soldering some wires? I guess you call this uh pre soldering its like an actual workforce, its like an actual technical word, but were not that technical, so so basically whats happening here is uh.

Kristoff is doing this because i dont know how to do this at all, but were making it so you can then plug in the gopro bones onto any battery that youre using on the fpv drone and power from there. Is that correct, yeah? It doesnt come with the battery because theyre trying to save weight, yeah its this small theres no battery in this. So so with this attachment, we should be able to plug the gopro bones into the balance lead of the battery if youre an fpv guy. You probably already know how all this works. If youre, not you probably dont, need this information. I love fpv, but i dont understand any of the technical stuff. I just i just like flying away like way prefer flying too yeah flying is just way more fun. Jessies, an expert uh in putting together fpv drones, so uh christoph, has so doesnt broaden the expert put it here. Yeah wow this this a lot of people dont know how to do this kind of stuff, but im quite good jessie knows. Is this the pro way of doing things here, christopher it just looks cool there you go is that it thats it done ill, just give it a little twist, so it looks more professional, maybe a little braid actually christoph knows what hes doing so now. Instead of having a bunch of weight on the gopro, we can just use the existing battery plug that in and save the weight, which means longer flying time 50 more flight.

Did you mess that percent up in your video or something yeah? I might have said that yeah yeah, 50, 50 and thats a big deal because fpv drones dont fly very long. The batteries dont last long at all its like a few minutes, so its a lot yeah yeah. Can we make or break yeah literally getting uh. Even a couple more minutes of extra flight time is a really big deal on fbv drones, so yeah thanks kristoff. This is no problem. This was much appreciated because i would have never gotten this done myself. I know and then i would have had another gopro uh. Okay, so the the drone will be outside jakes gon na drive in really hard to get everybody on board, but were gon na. Do this lets start climbing this ladder and then maddies gon na roll, her blade past and hit the rail probably like, where the one wheel is there? What sort of safety precautions do you have for me to do this patty rollerblade over quick catch me im sponsored? I can do anything man all right here. We go Music Applause Applause. I fell into a vacuum cleaner for this Applause, but i got up there and i stood there and i just forgot what it was and in the heart jesse. Okay, a little over. Oh thats. Just dust there: they are the god rays, nice. You can put that in post right, you got a new job operating.

What is this called the sky jack? The scissor mist skyjack operator now give me a trick with the bubbly. I was actually gon na just do it with the bubblegum yeah. You got ta take a sip while you do it im. Definitely gon na eat. It first crush were still good, somehow the door mysteriously closed and you got the bubbly drink as well. I got the ham yeah, i dont know if the true fans would see that hold on maddie. Let me just come down for a second Music. I think were good Applause, Music, that one wasnt good, no bad. It was real bad, so weve had a major crash. I think benfie just lost connection, did you just lose? I just saw him picking up multiple pieces, so yeah i saw it hit the ground and i saw two pieces fly off, though, had no signal whatsoever. I couldnt see anything lets see, lets see the damage. Oh just the strap yeah, oh so this job got caught and then or cut so it fell off, and so the drone is still fine drones. Fine! Oh my gosh. We have good news for you just a step yeah. So this is the thing. Well have to do a quick little uh surgery, free solder, quick little mod. I think we got lucky because i saw that thing hit. The tree almost hit a truck just landed on the ground. It was nowhere near close to hitting the truck, though nowhere close to it all right, thats like take, maybe seven, maybe eight i knew it was gon na, be tough theres, just a lot of moving parts and any one thing can go wrong.

You can tap something somewhere, i screw up on the rollerblades or somebody does something and then its all ruined and we got ta start over again all right. Hopefully we got this, how we feeling kristoff, when you have a crash like that going back into it after this is going to be a little bit nerve, wracking a little rattled im right, im, rattled every good movie. Has this moment right where the hero is like? You know, defeated and feels like all is lost, exactly theres, no hope and then all of your friends come along and tell you how good you are this. You can do it kristoff Laughter yeah. I thought we had that one. This is the highs and lows of fpv one earth. Oh man, just a ridiculous amount of fails, so we have a problem. Benfie broke the the lens of the fpv drone, so im gon na try to swap that out Applause Music. So i lost the feed when it was behind me and i just smacked right into the wall like the easiest part of the whole shot, and i just yeah you havent messed up that part at all. Kristoffs lens is broken on his drone, so pulling out one of my drones in order to charge fpv batteries like crazy, it doesnt it looks like im like disarming a bomb. What is how are you supposed to understand? New drone were back in business, this ones the one youre a little rusty that one wasnt, the one this one is the one christoph was that the one no we got ta crash, oh gosh, is it good anything broken lens is still good that just pulled out.

Thats, fine, i think, were good. This is the one we got this so Music fishing, uh, Music, Music, Music. I was losing a little bit of faith, but we made it happen. How pumped are you right now? I dont know i dont know i dont know i dont know i dont know. Look at these like shafts of light, like its like. We got like 20ks out the windows right now: lighting our fpvc youre in god rays right now flies pretty well there you have it the fpv wonder if that isnt enough reason for you to start learning, fpv right now. I dont know what is get into it.