. The dark area doesnt look bad until i pan to the right theres little blocks that form. That is not from youtube. That is actually the gopro 10.. When i go outside the camera changes the exposure very quickly, so im very happy with that. Now this was shot in standard bitrate. The flicker is extremely bad. The camera was set to 60 hertz uh. When i do my next inspection, i will try at 50 hertz and see how that goes. But yeah 60hz in australia, with the gopro 10 seems very, very bad. You will see here how the gopro actually shakes. I had a hyper smooth up to boost level and i just dont see how boost is going to be useful for anything if it shakes like this, when you are walking. Imagine if youre on a motorcycle, this was recorded theoretically at 50 frames per second, but the gopro actually recorded at 59.94 frames per second, so thats closer to 60., and this bitrate was set to normal. The camera was set to linear and horizon leveling and hyper smooth 4 was set to normal. I did not use boost. This was also shot in normal bitrate. Here i show you how it looks by default with the standard bit rate and then, when i use noise reduction in davinci resolve, i had to use the highest level of noise reduction to get this to work. Well, if i used a lower version, the trees would kind of blur out.

I use an rtx 3090 and it took probably five minutes to render this bit using the highest settings. The camera was set to hyper smooth normal and the bit rate was set to normal. The wind on this day was about 30 kilometers per hour, so you will see this massive vibrations on the camera. The camera couldnt handle this wind im, not sure what happened, but also something that you will notice is horizon. Leveling is not actually keeping it level its always about one or two degrees to the side. So, on my final footage, i actually had to add keyframes to fix the horizon so for some reason the camera also couldnt handle uh this this kind of footage. So you will see theres a lot of noise on on the ground. This was just before sunset, so it isnt great for this camera, but at least now you can see this kind of footage and again, like i said this was not 10 bit. This was recorded in standard. This is 10 bit footage and this uses about one gig a minute. I have to say im very, very happy with the 10 bit footage. You can actually even see the detail on that lamp hole and here im showing you the horizon. Leveling, so that you can actually see here it, it was doing okay, but again its not perfect, its always off by about one or two degrees, and there wasnt much wind. You can see that the trees arent even moving so the horizon.

Leveling looks like its just. Not great what ive learned from using the gopro 10 on real shoots and also on the drone is use 10 bit. Then you dont have to spend huge amounts of time on noise reduction and looks like you kind of need, a gimbal to get it to stay level. So it looks like this horizon leveling isnt great, so you might as well probably use a gimbal and then switch off horizon leveling and that will probably use a lot less battery power. Now. Something also interesting about the gopro is the on off switch doesnt seem to actually switch it on and off it just switches the screen off. So every time you you switch it off in in quotes, pull out the battery, because, if youre going to keep the battery in there the next morning, if you have to go on a shoot like what i had to do, your battery will be flat. So i had to get it charged in the car on my way to a shoot, and i wasnt happy so i ended up. I only had about 25 percent power on my shoot, so luckily i was okay, i could. I could use it with a home inspection, but this on off switch is just rubbish.