10.. So im excited about this. If you guys know, i love gopro, gopro hates me, but uh were gon na go home and were gon na unpackage. This thing and im gon na give you the real truth about this gopro ive flown them all ive crashed them all, so were gon na go through this thing, and im gon na give you the naked truth about this gopro hero, 10. whats up guys were back. Finally, with another video but todays a little something different, because you guys know im kind of like known for like destroying gopros and all of that and today the hero 10 came out had to have it had to go, get it. I got it earlier today. I didnt even like open it up, because i wanted you guys to get like exactly what comes in the box and see what you guys are actually getting so right now, im just going to pop this plastic off Music and just go over some of just the Specs that are actually on the side of the box so that i dont have the specs to the gopro hero 9. I know some of them, but i dont want to start spitting out things and then not be exactly right. So im just going to let you guys know about all the new specs or the specs that are actually on the box um. So now its a 23 megapixel camera. It records in 5.

3 k, 60 frames and 4k at 120, which youve been waiting for for a long time, uh, actually 2.7 k at 240 frames, which is ill get some dope shots with that um. It goes up to 33 feet, 10 meters, underwater voice control. Still the same uh, we have eight times slow mo data overlay time. Warp 3.0 1080p live streaming, which is pretty awesome. Super photo plus hdr raw photos, uploads automatic to the cloud webcam mode, mod ready – and this is still the same. All everything is the same as the hero 9 is in size and the way it connects to any of your mounts, or anything like that, so you wont have to change that um, the one thing oh, it does also come with the gp2 processor, which is supposed To be new and something crazy, and what im super excited about is this hyper smooth 4.0 and the hyper smooth on a 9 was always awesome? I use hyper smooth. Why wouldnt you use hyper smooth you pay 500 for gopro, you use all the options, so this is hyper. Smooth 4.0 were going to see how that works out. So im going to put this on the table, crack it open and then see what we got in there and then were just gon na go, take it out and put it on a quad and see how to see how it films see what see what it Looks like see if its better, if its worth you spend the extra money, if you should wait, if not so, were gon na go ahead and put it on the table, all right, Music, all right lets crack into this thing now lets see what actually comes.

So i think that the only thing that you can tell the difference from exterior was is that blue gopro writing how you can tell the 10 from the nine – and this is new. This was never on there saying that you must update before you can use. So we got the camera in there got a cord as usual one battery whats cool about this also is that the batteries are interchangeable. Between the eight i mean the nine and the ten so its cool. So if you had a bunch of batteries, you can still use those for the ten and we still have our regular little mounts that gopro gives us and one of those guys and Applause Music that screw thing other than that thats it empty box. I dont know why gopro keeps sending us these big, as boxes i mean like the first ones cool, but then, after you start going through gopros, a lot like, i hope, were not paying for this like lower the price. Go pro get rid of this, we dont need this, so so i hope you guys see all those things that come with it. I dont get much battery. So what im going to do is im going to go ahead and im going to update my camera charge. The battery up and then im going to go out and well strap it to a quad and see if we can film all right fellas now we are outside all right, so were bringing this thing out to the park.

I did notice something different, though i meant to tell you guys. I didnt get a chance to tell you last night was that the uh hero 7 hero 10 does not record in 5.3 k any uh frames per second in super view, which is kind of a letdown. For me, i was really expecting them to step it up to a super view at 5.3 k, but apparently they didnt do that so im going to go ahead and im going to take it up on the its a quad. I dont know if you guys are just here for the gopro here, for what were here for, but its a drone channel. We fly drones. This is why the heroes and gopros are just especially like really dear theyre, all hearts, because thats what gets us all that cool and crisp footage. So i just set it up on the same settings that i usually fly on with the hero 9, which is 4k uh, 30 frames with a couple little settings ill post. The settings up now right like right there, depending on how im printing here there so were gon na go, put a pack up so ill fly in 4k, 30 and then im gon na put it in and thats in super view, and all this is with uh. The stabilization so which is uh – oh my god, im, calling it blank hyper smooth. So this is the new hyper smooth 4.0. All right lets: do it: Music, ah, Music, oh Music, wow Applause, Music, wow; oh, oh Applause, Music, Music, Music, foreign wow, wow, Music, wow, Music.

All right guys so lets go over this hero head, so ive had it for a while now about a week and a half since ive recorded the very beginning, because i wanted to go ahead and fly it and change some settings and see if how it feels Or if theres a lot thats different to give you guys an honest answer of whether you should stick with your nine or purchase up to the 10. um. As you can see, let that focus i already broke it. It is more durable than the eight id say, because i have crashed this a lot and especially like with very big head on impacts like that, but um other than that i mean the megapixels going up by three makes a big difference. It is a lot clearer, so i feel its a lot clearer, looking at it through footage and things like that um, the hypersport 4.0 is better. I will say that uh all the slo mo i havent, really got a chance to mess with that stuff. I will put a list like right now from gopro that shows the actual comparison for specs side by side, so go ahead and check that out actually were gon na put it over my face like now. So as you can see, theres, not many differences here. Theres a couple little things: theres a set of 5k theres 5.3 instead of the megapixels, are instead of 20 theyre 23 megapixels in the camera um, i would say as of right now, if you have a 9 stick with your nine, if youre nine breaks – and you Have a gopro warranty go ahead and upgrade? Why not uh for photography and for a lot of like cinematic things and slo mo? This is definitely gon na, be the most superior camera as far as durability.

It still does break as you see, so it is more adorable. Yes, i have crashed a lot more than what ive crashed my nines and its taking a lot more abuse, but in the package gopro did an excellent job. Its a little lighter. I like the blue. Writing, like i said, the footage is amazing. So let me let me know what you guys feel like in the comments if you have had 10 already or if youre still flying a 9, let me know how you felt about the video. Let me know if you like different reviews like this and going into detail about some things, not crazy detail, cause thats, not me. You want crazy details, jump over to joshua bart wells and he can tell you everything about anything me im gon na give you, though, straight naked truth so buy 10.