This could get bumpy from the technicolor some good Music good morning, folks this is our father maguire and were going to be doing something a little bit different. Today i mentioned on my stream yesterday on twitch that i was going to be investing in a cheap drone and for use in getting some shots from above of landscapes and places. I go especially on my walks with george whos, obviously not paying any attention today anyway. So um i went on amazon. I had a quick look at a few things decided i wanted. A 4k camera decided i needed to have um one with an adjustable camera as well, so that i can change the shots, so i can look down or sideways or wherever i need to go really and uh. I found this one, so this is a ghouls guy. Uh drone theres no model number strangely enough, um, but at the moment you can see that i got it slightly cheaper than actually what it is, because theres a voucher there available. This is from amazon. You might be able to get this from somewhere else, but its 50 quid. So this is a cheap drone um its not right. You know hundreds and hundreds of pounds. So if i damage it, im not going to be really upset, but it says there its a 4k drone. Video capture resolution is 1080p, which is good enough for me now. The beauty about this drone is its got two cameras on it.

Its got one at the front that you can move up and down and its got one underneath aiming directly downwards um, which is obviously going to be good for me, because i want some overhead shots and i also want some, you know: horizontal landscape shots and so Its a track flight um with gravity sensor um you can make it do certain things with your hand as well um, and it has an altitude hold which were going to be testing um, the headless mode as well, um, and it says its for adults or kid. Its got a three star rating right, so i had a quick look at the reviews and the most recent bad reviews were these. So lets have a look at these reviews. First uh faulty when received the trigger, had snapped. Well, you know, unfortunately, that thats, just one of the things youd get your money back or get a replacement. I think, but it says terrible quality item the trigger had already snapped when i received it having a hard time now, returning it for a refund the drone itself, doesnt fly straight and seems to fly where it wants. Making the controls useless well well be going into that when were doing um the actual flight testing, which we will be doing quite a few different things for that and the second review. This is the that one was november. 20. 21. This one is 9th of february. This year, so only sort of like about five six weeks ago, i would not recommend to anyone.

Do not buy this product read review. When i received my drone, i downloaded the app and there was no option to pair the camera. Also, the charger didnt charge either of the two batteries that came with the drone. I filled my refund request back in early january and ive still not had a response from the seller. I would not recommend to anyone. It is a complete waste of money and time, but well well address these as well, then the third one weve got here is should be called mini drone. The images make this look like a reasonably sized drone when it arrived. The drone was the size of a small match box very disappointed used for the first time yesterday. It does not respond to the controls if you take it outside, be prepared for it to fly off, contacted the seller so, depending on what happens, will reflect if my review is changed so anyway, thats. Basically some of the recent reviews, not all bad recent reviews. I had to scroll down a page or two. The most recent ones are all sort of four or five stars, so i thought to myself: i ive saved up a bit of money because i wanted to im going lorry driving and i want something else. Apart from having like a camera looking at the the windscreen or facing me while im driving, i wanted it to get a little bit of a different aspect on things of when im going around these beautiful places.

So i can, you know when i have to stop from a break or something i can go out with a drone. If the winds not too strong and fly up and get some decent shots with it, you know its just something a little bit different. You know, because i appreciate landscapes im sure a lot of people do so thats what this um. This review is going to be were going to do an unboxing were going to do some flight tests were going to check and see how long the battery lasts, because ill put a time lapse. Video on it and ill put it at an altitude and just sit. The camera there and time how long it takes before the battery goes flat and it it returns to the ground because im going to do it on grass outside its its a lovely day here, theres no wind, its perfect, really for testing so thats. What were going to do so sit with me folks, dont forget if you dont already subscribe, please do it that subscribe button. It doesnt cost you anything, click the bell and uh youll get notified of any of my future videos. Most of them are about me, walking this young man here and driving out in the car, and then you know in the future its going to be lower driving and using all this equipment pretty much so yeah stick with me folks, and here we go for the Unboxing right folks, so this is it um.

This is what arrived from amazon. This is the ghoul sky drone um made in china. So this is not too bad its a its a tough plastic box. Its got a little bit of a carry, strap there as well, which is nice so lets, get it open and see what weve got inside nope. We did the wrong way: thats, not a good start. Is it okay, so weve got a bit of a cover in there and then weve got the remote control um. These actually dont feel too bad theres, quite a bit of resistance, so youre going to be able to do some very sensitive flying with these. The problem with this is that this is not the remote control that was shown on the advert. The adverts showed a load of buttons down here now, whether its a different version i dont know, but all the buttons are still here of what it can do and weve got two shoulder buttons here well find out everything thats. The 360 flip button there by the looks of it im not sure what that one is um but theres a battery cover at the back with a little um opening and closing thing there. So thats the remote control well go into it in more detail in a bit, and this, i believe, opens up yeah. This is for your mobile phone and its got a um spring, sprung bit there so that you can put your phone in there and fly it from the app i believe, um, but again and thats your on button.

There well go into more details uh when we get the instruction manual out and then weve got this little fellow here which you open up to get in the battery compartment. Now i know this is an unboxing but ill warn you now you do not get batteries with this. Okay, not for this remote control, so ive got some rechargeable triple a batteries. These are, and i didnt have any in so i bought some rechargeable ones, because i know i was going to be using it. The other nice part about this is the two batteries for the drone that it comes with fit inside here. Thats one of the batteries for the drone and they go inside that compartment as well, so everything is sealed in that little bit, which is nice and it dont feel too bad. One of the reviews said it: it was cheap um and you know what youre gon na get for 50 quid seriously. You know its a its fairly solid. That is its not it dont feel cheap. To me i mean yeah, you know it. Dont look fantastic, but you get what you pay for it arent you so anyway, thats the remote control. Well, leave that there now lets have a look at the little fella, which is this is the drone. This is why the guy said its like a small matchbox. Well, the video that that comes with the the uh, the page on amazon um, clearly shows a woman with this following her and it it does show that it is this small um, my hand im, not a big fella um, and it really is.

You know its only what one two three four inches or something like that and then maybe three inches well, i say five inches by three and thats when everythings folded. In obviously, you fold you, your wings out like this to be able to fly it and then youve got your drone like that, so its not all that small, but in a high wind it would get taken away and theyve got it on here, like ls quadcopter. Well, theres your front camera thats, the one that you can alter up and down and theres your camera underneath, and that, i would think, is the transmitting aerial which goes to your remote control and theres your own button. So thats thats, the drone there you dont, look too bad. It feels all right as well. I mean its its. You know you get what you pay for dont, you really um, but yeah proof is in the pudding. I suppose it doesnt look too bad at all. Thats, where the battery comes in and out thats the other battery, you see so the battery literally just flops into there so thats the drone. What else have we got up here? Look a couple of bits of paper and a bag with some leads and stuff in it, and what weve got in here all right so right, these are the guards for the blades for for going on the outside. I would imagine so there should be four of them, so thats, two and also weve got weve got another.

Two and weve got a spare. In fact, weve got two spare blades. So if you lose a couple, youve got um two spare there, which is nice, so yeah weve got four weve got four protectors for the for the things and also a little screwdriver, which i would imagine is to take these um blades off to put up on Something like that and then weve got this lead. Now i can tell you, we read one of the reviews right and it said that you couldnt charge the batteries well, i know why he was saying that right because – and i ive tested this already – is its a very small battery port that you, you put this Into and you go a certain distance and it like resists, so you think its in and its going to charge, but actually you have to do another click and that is where its charging. So the guy who said it wouldnt charge probably only went that far and thought that was gon na. Do it um, because i had it that far in and i had it on charge for two hours and it wasnt charging. But then i realized, because i tried again, you have to do that extra click there and do once more for you so push it in to get resistance, and then you can hear that probably just and that will charge up so thats your charging cable, its, not Very long um it has got a very nice red light on the top, though so, when you were, when youre charging theres a very bright red light.

So you know itll go out when youre fully charged, but thats not too bad in terms of length of cable thats, not too bad. Really you dont, really youre, not gon na need to you know, have it too long and so yeah ill put that battery back inside the because thats thats been charged up already, so we can. We can do a test flight and see how long thats gon na last. So what we got here weve got some sort of uh thats in chinese and theres the qr code for the apps. So you scan your qr code um and get the app onto your phone um. It says here: power the device wi fi hotspot and its basically just the it works. The same way that my uh dash cams do on your phone. Youll change your wi fi um hotspot to read um your remote control uh on the app and then you know it connects that way. So yeah heading to face operation mode, gesture, recognition, um gesture, photo about two meters in front of the aircraft lens. The palm of one hand uh palm forward, is raised flat on the side of the body after the aircraft recognizes the gesture. It starts countdown for three seconds and takes pictures at this time. The arm can be lowered. The time difference between two consecutive identifications should be greater than three seconds. Some models do not support this function. Opening the function will cause picture delay.

Gesture video about two meters in front of the camera one hand clenches the fist palm forward and holds it flat on the side of the body after the aircraft recognizes the gesture it starts. Recording after countdown of three seconds arm can be lowered at this time when recognizing the first gesture in the video it ends the video so thats quite interesting. It does music recording as well manual, focusing and especially facts. It does quite a bit of stuff really and thats just on that one sheet, so then weve got this little baby and ive had this out already so lets just start, because this is all in english and theres. Quite a few pages of information thats all in chinese on the back, but this is all in english and its all about. You know how to fly it and what to do and safety regulations. Important notes, introduction to the controller, tells you everything that goes on the controller installation instructions for remote control battery and mobile phone rack, thats fairly explanatory thats, easy enough to work out headlessness mode um calibration to get it right, one key return, so you press one button And itll come back to you, no matter where it is um. The blades install tells you how to take these blades off the drone and put a new one on operations. Tells you how to fly it. Flight preparation matters need attention, notes on lithium battery use, uh special remarks, installation instructions for remote control, battery and mobile phone rack again thats already thats second time.

Is it yeah? So, first impressions really for a 50 quid drone, theres some good instructions there we will be going into them, but more when were doing the flight tests because um you know this is just the unboxing and we just wanted to see what we got so in the Unboxing weve got a fairly solid plastic case. Thats portable um weve got the charging lead. Obviously, weve got four uh blade protectors that go on um. I dont know if you can make out there, but theres two little prongs there and they obviously fit on to the oh im. Gon na drop it fit onto the um. I can do it. Ive got very awkward hands because ive got a problem but thats going on. Look on no problem just to protect you but yeah. That goes on easy. You got a screwdriver to take the fan. Blades off youve got a couple of spare fan blades, which is nice. The remote control is fairly chunky and dont forget to buy your batteries or have three aaa batteries folks seriously, um, because i had to order some, i dont keep them double. A batteries are the ones i normally use and but then well go into what these controls do and well do some flight tests so bear with me and uh well, be back with uh summer reviews of whats going on and lets do some flight tests and stuff And find out what everything works – hello, again, uh right! This is my totally honest opinion – do not buy this drone.

Okay under not super strength, or you know, um, even slightly rigorous movement, um part of the left analog stick snapped off, you could still use it, but basically, where the circle of the analog stick is the top section snapped off which isnt a good start. So anyway, i carried on and i figured out how to get the drone calibrated, which didnt work properly um every time you put it on a level surface youre supposed to do the analog sticks down and to the right on the right one and down into the Left on the left, one to calibrate it on a flat surface. Well, my flooring here is flat um. I know i is because i used a spirit level and i calibrated it on this floor, set it on the altitude hold and it just kept going to the right hand side. So anyway, i thought right: okay, fair enough lets, try it outside well im a novice drone flyer, but the slightest wind in this thing is gone, no kidding absolutely not kidding at all. I mean im presuming its just because its so light and its not even a strong wind. I look out here today and im not even seeing trees, blowing branches moving or anything, but as soon as i got it above my bungalow, it was uncontrollable and i dont mean that it wasnt being controlled because i was trying, but it was just gone into the Distance and i ended up forcing to land it in a field at the back of my house, a big grass field, just to make sure that i didnt lose it.

So then, i had to walk around to the farm who owns that field, to ask permission to go on there to find it and spend half an hour, walking up and down this grass field with foot high grass in the hope of even finding it, because its Really small, so my honest opinion, i did figure things out. I did do a couple of recordings of this and that, but i didnt really get to test it to see how long the batteries last um, so, unfortunately, its going back to amazon ive already done the returns. I should be posting it back tomorrow and im asking for my money back, because the fact that that analog trigger now in the one of the reviews, if you remember a guy, said the trigger trigger arrived snapped off, and i thought how could it arrive snapped off In that sort of case, you know the box that it came and, as you see there, that is the box, it arrived and it was a good box. It was well packaged and everything. How did the trigger snap off? Well, i found out hunter because literally it was just the slightest tap and it snapped off so very disappointing really in that the rest of it when you think about it, um, if im gon na get another drone, im gon na make sure theres some weight to It because im not joking its, not like five mile an hour wind here today and it was gone it doesnt matter.

I i figured out the controls low to the ground before i sent it up to try and do a couple of photographs and videos with it, and then you know when it went above the bungalow. It was just going going going it didnt matter. I was pushing back, i pressed the return button so that itd come back to me. It couldnt because the wind was too strong and its only six mile, an hour so im afraid unless youre buying one to play with you know to to be literally playing with its a big thumbs down from me on that drone do not buy it. Folks, some of those reviews – i was doubting the the um. You know the the genuine um reasons for wanting to send it back or whatever, but one of the guys mentioned as well that he couldnt get hold of the company that supplied it to return it. Well. I just went on their return item and they told me um. You know that all i need to do is put it back in the box. Take it down to the local shop, which is like a mile and a half away and uh scan a code in job done and theyll return, my money within five to seven days so ill put it to a better use. I wont buy such a cheap drone. Next time i dont think im going to do a little bit more research and see if i can find one, maybe secondhand on facebook marketplace just to make sure that im not going to end up doing that again because im not joking.

It took me half an hour in that field to try and find it because of course it wouldnt connect wirelessly to my phone, so i couldnt see it um and anything it was working. The phone was phone was working. I could watch the camera on the thing and everything else was worked. You know the app worked um. It is a fairly rigid box, but that the fact that analog snapped, that was really frustrating for me, really disappointing and the fact that then, on a very really calm day, its not even slightly windy out there. It was just gone, and then you know, im walking in this field and im thinking to myself im, never going to find this its only that big in total. You know what i mean in a field with foot high grass theres no way im going to find it, and luckily i did so that was it as soon as i was walking back here. Im thinking right, thats, going back to amazon and im going to get a refund, so unfortunately um you know i didnt get to test it as i wanted to, but im telling you now do not buy that drone. Um youre just going to be wasting your money. Make sure that whatever drone you get has got some good weight to it, and you know you know isnt one thats going to get blown away as soon as you put it up because thats the purpose of getting a drone in the first place.

Now so sorry about that folks, the review is not as i was going to expect it to be, but uh father, mcguire out dont forget: please do subscribe to me. Um, it doesnt cost you anything and it does help um.