You know we did our first hands on and unboxing of the 2nd gen pixel stand. This is the one thats capable of that 23 watt fast wireless charging and im gon na air quote that, because we know 23 watts truly is not necessarily the fastest first things. First, if you guys missed that video, let me go ahead and slide this over. For you, this is a chunky boy right here. This is probably one of the largest more pricey options for a wireless charger, especially one that tops out at that 23 watt capability. So, as you can see here, if you guys missed that its very well designed has that nice grippy texture at the bottom, with that google logo um. The reason why this is so large is because of those fans and im not sure if you guys heard it when the phone was actually on it to begin with. But if i go ahead and put the pixel 6 pro back on and its working, obviously through a case, this is that bellroy cobalt case. But if you give it a second once the charging kicks in, you would actually be able to hear those fans kick into high gear once that happens well address that its not at this very moment, but you can see 47 charge currently itll take an hour and 37 minutes to finish topping off that 53 percent thats kind of extreme, especially for a battery of this size on the pixel 6 pro just due to that kind of slower, fast charge for that wireless technology.

That google decided to use to prolong that battery life. Now, having said that, one of the biggest pluses with this is what just happened you get the assistant built in. You can have a photo frame set up and you can kind of see your pictures at a glance kind of what you would do on a nest hub or a google home whatever you want to call it now. One of those displays so nice extra additions. You can turn this on or off, as you choose some of you guys in the comments down below on the prior video were wondering as well. Can you put this in horizontal mode to charge theres your answer, the coils dont perfectly line up, so no, unfortunately, you cannot keep it in this position. If thats, what you wanted, you can kind of see the led light at the bottom as well was kind of flashing orange, letting you know it was not charging. So, having said that, i still stand by what we said prior, i do really like the pixel stand. I think its great it kind of is nice as well that it comes with that 30 watt, brick in the box, that doesnt come with any pixel phones. So that is a good addition as well. Now again, though, you can find much better, less expensive wireless chargers than this. You can probably buy one or two for the same price, including the additional long usbc to usbc cable and that 30 watt, brick technically with the pixel 6 series.

Unlike what google wanted you to believe, you are not getting 30 watts of fast charging, so you dont even need a 30 watt brick to get the most out of the charging for a google phone. Keep that in mind do with it. What you wish! I just want to let you know youre getting the brick inside, but it might not necessarily be the best option for you if you guys have been looking or wondering if this obviously works with the pixel 6 itself same. It does same kind of concept. There uh youll get the same features and all of that as well. So, aside from that its nice, you have that gradual sunshine alarm itll light up the screen, while its charging to give that uh the to give that sensation of a sunrise, so thats kind of nice to have. If you like, waking up in that manner, now im glad its doing this as well, for you guys to see, as with the pixel 6 series as well, this pixel stand has been very intermittently hit and miss if it works or not. So you guys saw that yellow led light light up. You can see the pixel 6 pro is on the dock and its not even charging. So what is going on with this? It has been so intermittent. I have hardly been using it for a charger that literally spends or that youre gon na spend about eighty dollars on it should work every time you can see.

I put it back its not charging, set it back down again, not charging that that error led keeps flashing and its literally very simple. Its one. Usbc, cable and a dock should be able to just set it and forget it, and you can see thats not the case right now. So whether this is effective or not, thats remains to be seen. If you guys got your hands on a pixel stand comment down below and let me know, are you guys having the same issue? Has it been very intermittent? I dont know if i need to take this back or send it back to google and get another one, or if this is literally just in typical google fashion, some sort of bug that needs to be worked out. You can actually unplug it plug it right back into that usbc spot set your phone back on it same issue so remains to be seen. I havent really done a lot of research yet on it to see if its my unit, if its just effective or whatnot, but between the sound on the fan when it is running these intermittent issues. Now you can see it finally kicked in. I am not 100 sold on this yet, especially for that price point now the features you get out of it being able to use the assistant set it up to your liking, have that picture frame and you can see its reading everything right there, its its good.

Its nice, the fast wireless charging, its a great asset asset to have, but i dont know im just not sold on it ill, still throw a link up in the description. If you guys want to pick one up by no means, is it terrible? I think, just like everything google rolls out with recently it needs a fix. It needs an update whether this is hardware or can be sent through to some sort of update um. It remains to be seen right now, but thats kind of where were at. Let me go ahead and lock it for you guys again, you can see its working, but now im not even getting that swipe gesture in order to trigger the uh ambient display for the photo frames. Its questionable guys i dont know. Let me know what you guys. Think is this a deal breaker? Are you guys sold on it? Should you wait? I dont know again 79 on the google store at best buy now um its available readily. I havent seen it in stores, but you can definitely order it.