So well get a good idea of what video quality looks like and what photo quality looks like because were going to go on a little bit of an inventor thats, because i want to show you a bunch of really cool tools that i like to use to Help me capture better photos or video. Now i personally really like moment gear and im really excited to say that ive partnered, alongside with them to have a giveaway theres a photo contest, lets move to 1.4x, now theres. Some information in the description for the instructions for the contest, as well as a link to my discord, chat server where youll enter in and also continue watching throughout the video, because there are some tasks that are involved in this contest that are really important. So moment has been known for a lot of their add on lenses, but were not going to only look at those were going to look at a bunch of other things. We kind of really want to rely on the actual sensors on the phone just to see how it looks like. But the case is kind of unique this year because it has this magnet in it, which makes it compatible with magsafe and thats, really cool, because the whole magsafe ecosystem. Pretty much is open to you on your google pixel, which i really love. But the wireless charger is not the most exciting part, so lets go somewhere. Nice check out the camera and video and some of these accessories that i just really like time to turn off the fancy lights.

Lets see how good the lighting and the exposure looks like what do you think noticing anything, hopefully, its good. This is uh. The 1x camera well see were also on the normal microphone. One of the things ive really liked uh for their mounts is just this one that you can put in your air vent, and you just attach your uh your phone on to it. It makes it really nice for when youre driving its also nice right here, because if you need to take a video call or something like that, maybe youre on a zoom call when youre in your car. For some reason you can easily do that and thats pretty nice now lets move to 1.4x. Now i know some of you probably are thinking. How are you filming a google pixel 6 pro on a pixel 6 pro its because i still have my broken one thats over here so rip um. But thankfully i got a replacement which im really thankful for the purpose of this. Video in many ways is not only just to show off the camera and how it looks like, but to have a contest where i can give back to you and also have you take care of yourself. Let me explain a little bit more now were on the main sensor, the 1x zoom, so the the idea behind all this is that the past two years has been really hard. Its been really hard for me.

I think we need to take care of ourselves a little bit better. I need it for myself, so maybe this will be helpful for you im going to get some of these little mounts here. You have this magnet here. You just put it on. There were gon na use this one for today, because you can mount it both in landscape mode and then in portrait mode. And now we have this crazy setup where i can use it kind of like a little vlogging stick and i can put it down on different surfaces and film myself for things now. There is a way to adjust the audio, so it has input either from the phone itself or your bluetooth earbuds. So these are the pixel buds, a series uh. How do you think they sound, and how do you think the front facing camera is handling this really bright sky up here? Okay, were back on the main sensor without earbuds were just using the microphone and heres that speech enhancement mode. That gets rid of things like the plane, thats flying overhead. I dont know if you can hear it. The idea behind this contest is that i want you to be able to go out into nature, whether its to a park, the ocean, a pond, a lake whatever something where youre kind of away from a lot of the crazy busyness and noise im going to try. This dd pocket wireless kit that will hopefully give me even better audio and will allow me to kind of get audio from far away thats.

The thing im most excited about – i dont know if you noticed that too, like the autofocus for the ultra wide is its not. There lets go to 1x. Ah, 1x has autofocus, but not the ultra wide, just gon na put it on the hot shoe mount for the moment mount here, then you just plug in the usbc to usbc cable, and then you have this little transmitter, and this is what you actually clip onto Like your shirt and theres a little microphone right here, but they also have a little option to put in this lapel microphone thats right here. If you want to use that as well, so maybe well try that out too were out here in this beautiful park. Right here, theres a nice little trail right here. How does my audio sound using this microphone? Does it sound better lets check out some video here so were going to go to the ultra wide then well go to the 1x, the 2x and then the 4x and itll clip yep, see theres the telephoto kicking in. I think it looks really good once its there, but if you really want to you go to 10x 15x or 20x, but that looks like a van gogh painting its its, not great dont. Do that now the thing thats really cool about these moment lenses is that they dont just work on one generation of phone. You can keep using these for multiple generations.

You just get a new case for your new phone and you just twist it on and thats it. What the main lens looks like on the google pixel 6 pro without a moment lens on it and heres. What the video looks like with the 58 millimeter lens on the main center? What do you think Music? The cool thing about this setup is that i can wear my microphone and walk away from the camera thats over there im filming you filming me, and i can still get some audio and it sounds really good. You dont have to worry about shouting in order for it to hear it, but yes for the contest. The goal for this is for you to get out into nature and to rest to just take a moment, maybe at least 15 or 20 minutes, at least that try to do more, maybe an hour to just be out here and to pay attention to the things That are around you, the the nature uh the animals. Anything like that. Maybe if youre at a park seeing a family play and the joy that you see in some kids eyes and and as they laugh and stuff like that. Just take in that and then reflect on things that youre grateful for what are you thankful, for? I think gratitude is something that we need more in our culture and that would be really helpful and then, with that with that time, go ahead and take some pictures capture, something uh, maybe even a one minute, video and then kind of write up what you were Thankful for what you kind of gained from that time and then post that in the discord chat server now, unfortunately, theres no macro mode on the google pixel 6, but you just add it easily with a moment macro lens Music people have said that you can just Use the telephoto to get a macro shot, but theres a minimal focus distance, and it ends up not being all that sharp.

If you just move to the main sensor put on a moment lens, you can get real macro. Okay, now lets try it with this little lapel. Here we even have this thing called a dead cat that you can clip onto it for uh wind. I love that this is like on uneven, ground and stuff, but because the tripod i can level it so yeah, with this contest, im being a little tricky and sneaky its definitely a contest thats for sure you can win stuff, but the ultimate thing about this is A way for me to get you to take care of you, but i want you to be able to grow in gratitude and thankfulness and to share that with others. And maybe we can have a little bit more of that in our culture in our relationships. Its something that we need so much its a lot of negativity and cynicism out there. If i can encourage a little bit of positivity, i think thats a huge win. If youve had some questions about the difference between m4 and v2 fisheye lenses, the vt lens will have more issues on the corners for photos, but i would say, on video, it actually looks pretty dang good because its really really wide. This one looks a little bit more natural for video. It doesnt have as much of that fisheye kind of bowl look to it Music. So here is the v2 on video, its like that looks pretty good and then heres the m force one and even on video.

It still works, but if you want something even more natural, looking theres the 18 millimeter moment lens that im using right now for video Music. So what do you win? Well, therell, be three winners, a first second and third place. All three of you will win a moment case with the m force magnets inside of it that make it compatible with all these accessories and mag, safe accessories, first and second place both win the moment pro tripod mount that works for both portrait and landscape. First place wins the anamorphic moment lens and thats the most expensive fanciest lens that they have and second place wins the macro lens, which is really helpful, especially on the google pixel 6, which doesnt have a macro mode. Now, if you win first place – and you dont want the moment, anamorphic lens im, pretty sure we can work something out where you can get a different lens lets check out this anamorphic lens. Just a heads up. It is a bit more complicated and you have to use something called filmic pro or something else to help de squeeze. It thats part of what the anamorphic look is. It has a squishy look to it and then in post or it with an app you de squeeze it so it has that super wide cinematic look to it, which is pretty fun. It gets a nice look to. It gets some lens, flares and stuff like that, but its some work so keep that in mind not not for everyone, but i enjoy it Music.

Now you dont have to enter into the contest to get moment gear. I put together a guide with moment on some of my favorite accessories, some of the stuff that we have in this video that you can check out and by the time this video is posted. Theres, only two days left to get 15 off moment accessories with the coupon code thats listed below in the description it goes until november, 2nd so get it while you can. Those are all affiliate links this isnt sponsored by moment, but it does help support me when you do purchase things through those links, because i get a little bit of a commission off of it.