It is the one year with the google pixel 5. stick around Music. All right guys. Thanks for sticking around today, im gon na do a one year with the google pixel, 5 and uh. Give you guys my thoughts on this and what do i think of this phone good point, some bad points actually right now i am filming this section on the google pixel 5, because the camera is amazing. Video is amazing right now, its in 4k at 30 frames per. Second, it will record in up to four frames or 4k at 60 frames per second, so itll do 120 and 80 and 240, and so on. Um really nice, camera 12 megapixel front or the rear facing and 8 megapixel on the front facing, which is really really nice, but anyway, let me switch cameras here. Im gon na get this in my phone, so i can show you some things. What i like about what i dont like about it, be right back all right guys back with you now now, ive got the phone in hand, so im filming on my dslr, so you can tell the difference in the videos there, maybe not anyway, the google pixel 5 fits nice in the hand, of course, without a case, it is a little slick, so i opted for a case im, not gon na bother, which case it doesnt matter, but the thing that i really like im gon na go over some good points on the The phone and then well get into the bed good points for me, like i said.

The first thing that i look for is wireless charging and 5g. Nowadays, of course, everything is going to have to have 5g. Why go backwards, so the 5g works great on this. I get really really good signal um pretty much everywhere. I go if it matters, my services do t mobile, but that doesnt matter i mean it cant matter. If you got something else and youre in a bad area its going to affect your signal right anyway, wireless charging is a big plus. For me, its just, you know the less that youre connecting to your data port. You know the less problems youre going to have. I have had this submerged in water now i will say the submerging part works fine, but just like every other phone that ive had thats waterproof and you submerge it under water youre, going to get that moisture detected its going to basically shut down this port for A while and thats where wireless charging comes in handy because, no matter how dry it looks to you, it is detecting moisture. It eventually goes away, but, like i said also, the camera on this thing takes amazing pictures and video im in love with the camera. On this and battery life – oh my god, the battery life on this is probably one of the best phones that ive had because im on this. So much and im doing things with my channel and drone repairs and so on that im constantly on some type of media where it, whether its not the computers on this and a lot of times, im out in the field so im on this.

So it is fantastic uh, its got a oled screen, six inch like i said, and its a little over five ounces. As far as the weight you guys know, all those specs on this has been out for a year. This is my review after a year and after using it for a while now lets get into some bad points on this now. One more good thing is the 128 gigabyte storage internal. I like the old phones, where you can put your sd card in there and its just so easy to transfer. But i do have to say that plug in a usbc in here to your computer and then you pull down from the menu and tell it to file transfer it transfers pretty quickly. Now the 128 gigabyte space i havent had an issue. I have not filled it up and i take a lot of video. A lot of a lot of uh pictures. Do a lot on this phone lets get into some bad things now, theres a couple of things that is really really bad uh. Actually one thing on here that is almost a deal breaker for me on this phone, and that is the speaker now, when you hold this up to your ear its got like a haptic speaker, theres. No, you cant actually see a speaker. You can see a little dot there, which im assuming thats, where the speaker is underneath the glass, and it sounds just like that, like youre talking underwater or under glass, its absolutely horrible, i cannot stand holding this up and talking to it so 99 of the time Im talking on the speakerphone, i put the speaker, so i can hear it because when ive got this up to my ear, i cannot sometimes its like theyre talking in a box.

The sound is that bad, hopefully they fix that with the the google six. But this is horrible. The second thing that and really the only other thing that i dont like about this phone and it cant. Well i mean you can contribute it to the phone, but its a its kind of contributed to android this phone slows down. It lags it really does after a few days of use, without turning it off so youre gon na lag its gon na get slow turn the thing off. If you, if you just absolutely, cannot get something and somethings not working right, just shut it down, turn it back on then its fine, the screen, sometimes on this screen, when youre trying to get it to do something, it just wont, no matter what you do, and I have to back out, and i eventually shut it down, start it back up and it kind of fixes. But you know sometimes you really got to tap the screen, no matter what you do with the settings. That screen touch sometimes can really lag um, and sometimes it just wont do anything. It wont close, it wont open, it wont, do a thing thats, the only things that i dont like about this phone really thats it. The biggest thing for me, like i said, is the speaker now talking on the speakerphone – is not that bad. You get this radiation away from your head, but it is nice to be able to have a private conversation like this and be able to understand what theyre saying so that was almost got this one x, x86, whatever you want to call it, because the sound quality In the earpiece is absolutely horrible, but other than that this has been a good phone.

Like i said, the battery life is freaking, amazing, its. It really is good and uh as far as signal strength performance, if i was gon na rate this on a scale of one to ten, with the other phones like the samsungs and the iphones and so on. I would have to probably give this maybe a seven and a half, maybe close to eight uh, its not gon na get a 10 like, i said because of the screen. You know funny touching on the screen. Sometimes and then the speaker, the speaker is horrible. I cant say that enough: its absolutely rotten but other than that id say the phone is pretty good and you cant beat the price on the google pixels. I mean everybody else is way up there over a thousand dollars. These things are running i mean, i think, even the six is running at 600 bucks or 700 bucks, so price, wise camera, wise and battery life.