Now this is a drone, but it does it a little bit different. So, instead of having a traditional propeller, this is actually shaped. Like a bird, the wing flaps like a bird and got obstacle avoidance, has a remote control and it’s very cool, especially for young kids. So today, we’re gon na unbox it test it out and got a couple extras. Gon na be giving two of them away so stay tuned. Watch the entire video let’s go ahead and jump into it. So if you’re new to the channel i’ll, do everything tech from your streaming reviews streaming news, product reviews, unboxings and everything in between hit the subscribe button in the top right smash, a notification bell make sure you select all on notification. That way, you won’t miss a video or a giveaway. So what we have here is the go, go bird ages eight and up, and it should be a very cool gift, so here’s some of the specifications and details. So, of course, this is a bionic flapping wing. Drone called the gogo bird 102., the recommended fight height is 100 feet. Remote control distance is 262 feet. No gps on this. One meant for both indoor and outdoor flying not recommended to use when wind speed is level three, it says. So if you have high winds outside this is going to get thrown around so try to do it inside when it’s windy or just wait for a calm day.

As far as the battery the lithium ion battery capacity is 3.7 volts, 100 milliamp per hour, and it does come with an extra battery. I believe uh 20 minutes of charge, time 10 minutes of flight time. The controller requires two aaa batteries, not included, of course, comes in four colors, so they have a purple. They have a yellow, blue, green and, like i said, i will be giving two of them away. Let’S go ahead and see what’s in the box use this manual. You also have a quick start guide, it’s going to basically tell you everything you need to know about the device. Definitely worth checking out presentation is pretty good. Um let’s. Take this out and we’ll just sit this over. Here we no longer need this box. We have a mini flathead screwdriver. This is to remove the battery. I believe we also have the controller, so this one is pretty tiny. You can see just kind of hold it like this. You have your up and down so move the drone up and down. You also have different modes on here, so you have a figure. Eight, you have a circle mode circle in opposite direction. Also in the box we have the charger. So this is going to be a standard usb. We have an extra battery so with the battery. Just basically plug it in here guys, then you can plug this into any usb device and it should be good to go uh charge it within 20 minutes, and you can see the battery is pretty tiny, so pretty cool that they gave you an extra battery and I’M, going to show you how to replace it here in a little bit, so pretty minimal, here’s the obstacle avoidance sensor.

You can basically see everything in the device you can see right through it. You can see the motors. You can see the controller here’s the battery and to replace the battery. The reason they gave you this flat head is to replace the battery we’ll actually need to loosen this up, turn it it will drop down, and then you can go ahead and slide the battery out and replace it with a new one, so that’s how easy that Is to get it replaced, but besides that there’s an on button right here and you can see it does have some directional controls so i’m pretty straightforward. Let me get some batteries in the controller we’re going to go ahead and just test it out, and so i did get it all powered up guys. The power button is underneath, like i said uh once you power it up and it binds to the control. You can see there’s a led on the inside that’s, going to glow green and same thing on the controller there’s an led that turns on. So that means that this guy is ready to go so to get it started guys all you got ta do is press this trigger right here, wow, so so take a look at the tail. You can see this guy right here. I do have some control when i press it left and right. You can see it moves to the left and to the right. So this also has the option to switch to leds, but with the button on top, you can change different colors.

So right now solid green right now: it’s blue right now, it’s white, yellow purple, white and now it’s going to cycle through all the different colors. So if you guys want a certain look, you can go ahead and just switch. The led underneath another thing to keep in mind is that this has two basic modes, so it does have an autonomous mode and it does have manual mode now manual. The led is going to be blue, but you can go ahead and switch the modes by clicking the power button right here and you can see the led changes from blue to green and that will depend on which mode you’re on now, while it’s in autonomous mode Guys you don’t need a controller, basically just throw it and let it go, which i really don’t recommend because, as you can see in this video clip, this will take off on you guys. So definitely i wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re indoors, but you don’t really need the controller started. You just kind of give it a jerk let’s. Try it again so just go like that, and you can always use the remote control to get it going. But, like i said, autonomous mode, it will kind of do its own thing. Definitely don’t recommend, but that option is there and it does have the obstacle avoidance which didn’t find out that it worked well for me at least, but if you guys want to try it out, i would recommend try that indoors what i’m gon na do.

I am gon na go ahead and charge these batteries, get it outside, and we’re gon na test, some of the different modes let’s go so let’s talk a little bit about this device, the pros and cons, the good, the bad and the ugly. So, first of all, this device was a lot of fun just having something that’s breaking the norm. Doesn’T have the traditional drone. Look it just gives it that more flavor. In my opinion, the controller worked. Fine. The flight time was about what it says about 10 minutes. 20 minutes to charge and the different modes did work. So you have your circle modes, which one goes clockwise, the other one goes counterclockwise and, of course, the figure eight which works well. The only thing is that make sure you have enough space when you’re doing these different flight modes. Now, having said that, the controller is really easy to use and if you’re in trouble, if the drone’s drifting off just hit the kill button, stop the flapping and the drone will just fall to the ground. And then you can pick it back up and go at it again now, while we on that, this is very durable doing my tests, i ran into the building. I ran into trees, the ground didn’t have any issues and as far as the obstacle avoidance did not work well for me, it still ran into trees still ran into buildings. It had enough space in my opinion, so i wouldn’t rely on that, but it’s good to know that if you run into something the drone will more than likely be okay as far as the ugly, the ugly is that this is very prone to the wind.

So if you have a gust, if you have a slight breeze, this is going to take off on you. So, if you’re flying in a windy, condition or outdoors just keep that in mind that when the wind picks up just hit, the kill, switch go inside and just wait till it dies down. The other negative i had for this drone is, i felt like the battery life could be a little bit longer, but i get that we’re playing with gravity, so don’t fall it for that, but as far as just replacing the battery the the mechanism having to use A screwdriver i feel like they should come up with a better system for both the bird and the controller. You need to use the flathead to undo it. Take the battery out put a new battery in not a big deal for the controller, but for the drone. When you replacing it more often it becomes a issue, and if you don’t have or you lose that flathead, you might have some problems just getting the battery swapped out. So the price on this is currently only ‘. i’ll put an amazon link in the description as well. As the comment section remember, there are four different colors and also comment. Let me know what you guys think of this bird. So who would you buy this? For? Do you like the concept of this, for everyone waiting for the giveaway here’s? What you need to do in order to win one make sure you subscribe to the channel, make sure your notification bell is checked.

Two drop a comment in the comment section. Let me know which color you like, i will be leaving a link to my amazon store in the description head over to my amazon page, follow it and you’re all set that’s it for this video don’t forget to like share and subscribe.