What is this shot at? So congratulations good morning, quite copter 101, here with a review of the GW 90 global drone brand new drone just came out on the market. So what is the global drone if you're looking at it? You can see that it is a forum. Drone actually comes with a nice little strap to put around it. If you want to carry this in your backpack, I guess is: the idea was for the straps if it holds the prop blades in one place, but it is a funny drum let's unfold it to show you how to unfold it. The back ones go to the fold first, so you unfold them the backwards. First, like so, and then you fold the front ones at like so the front ones that now the front ones also have little landing gear legs that you'd have to. I open up so we're gon na open those up like that and the back ones don't. The back ones got their own little skids on the bun. So that is what the drone looks like in the unfolded position. Let'S move these out of the way a bit. So what's special about the GW 90 drone well it's an it's actually constructed nice. You feel this drone it's, this heavy plastic it's, not cheap plastic. Could it actually feels like a nice well constructed drone in the feel of it? Okay, now it's a brushless motor Drome and, as we see here so, we don't have to worry about brushed motors, it's, true brushless motor but it's, also a GPS drone in fact it's a new GPS drum, supposedly for improved accuracy.

Now, with that GPS, we also have an optical flow sensor in the belly here they in the advertisements you see. Mention of three are two optical flow sensors on the bottom. This one here appears to you know that I think the design has changed since that advertisement leaflet came up because this optical sensor has been filled in okay, so that it really is only one optical sensor, but it appears to have two IR IR emitters here, and I guess this is for low level conditions or low light condition. These would guess illuminate these probably IR lights. Although I used my camera to look at this while powered on let's. Do that real, quick to show you, I am not seeing them flicker well powered on! So I'm not sure these are operating or not worse. They just operate in low light conditions, so let's check that too let's see this consents low light conditions, let's cover that up, no there's, still no flickering so I'm, not sure they actually work. Folks, it's hitting these two sensors here, but other things about the drum it has now it's advertised with a 4k camera the videos and then photos that I've seen was this. That I've downloaded are really only 1080p. I think they were planning to use the app, which is the vs GPS, app to interpolate still photos to 4k, but that still has not been implemented. So really I've only been able to get 1080p videos and photos and that's both record at an SD card.

By the way, this does have an a micro SD card slot in the side here recommend using class 10 u1 u2 or u, 3 cards don't use anything less than those write speeds because you might have issues in recording but again records at 1080p at 25 frames Per second to the SD card, and surprisingly at 30 frames per second 1080p to your phone via Wi Fi via via 5g Wi, Fi, so I'm, not sure what the differences in my speeds are or why, but to my phone, it was recording at 30 frames per Second other things: we talked about the optical flow sensor. Now the optical flow sensor will help keep the drone steady in addition to the GPS one take off and you can't turn a GPS off. I believe on this to fly and altitude hold about only I'll talk about that later, there's altitude old by oh, no. This is speed rates button, but I believe there was an option to turn off altitude hold and I'm looking right now and I'm, not seeing it. So maybe I was I'm wrong. Okay, but let's see that's the drum let's talk about what you get with the drone with the drone. It has pretty large battery folks. This is a seven point: six volt 3000 milliamp per hour battery that's, an li hv battery that battery is predicted to give 25 minutes of flight time. We'Ll see if that's true when we take it out in the field, but also that comes in the package is a very nice documentation for this drum, both in english in chinese, but it's it's actually well written.

So this is written by an English speaker, you're worried about that. It actually goes over the drum nicely. Also you get a little warning sticker here, telling you to calibrate your compass before flying you do that with all GPS drones. Folks, it knows my you've viewed. My videos know this. They always calibrate your GPS before takeoff to ensure that you don't go in and do toilet bowl effect also and the package you get this nice little overlay that goes over. Your sticks telling you what each one of these sticks does. Okay, this comes in real handy too, so we see you know that's going this showing the controller, the controller, the buttons up here. This button here is for taking photos. This button here is for starting and stopping video. This button here is for these two buttons are from moving the lens and the camera up or down now the lens can be positioned up or down remotely via the remote control. So this is the up switch, and this is the down switch on this removing those lenses. The other buttons on this are this: is your rights button here for increasing the speed on the drum? This is one click takeoff and landing so it's automatic. You know automatic takeoff and landing through that button there. This button here is headless mode, and this button here is return to home and landing. So this will return to home and land automatically on lost signal on command or on low voltage.

So keep that in mind. Folks, s3, you know if you do fly out of range or if you get confused, you can bring it back by just pressing that button. Now, additionally, you get in the box. Oh, I forgot to mention let's open to something fired up it does. It is charged through a micro USB port on the bottom here, so it has an internal battery within the controller. The auto switches right here – and it has a nice LCD screen – let's see if you can see that or not, but you can't, I guess, I'm. Sorry folks, it's overpowering, the brightness is overpowering my lens, but it has plenty of telemetry information on here telling you a number of satellites received the voltage of the drone and the voltage of the transmitter. What mode you're in the speed of the drone, the height of the drone, how far away the drone is and what rates you're in reception, quality of the signal and number of satellites receiving and orso's? Well, also, a little compass rose in the center here telling which direction the drone is pointed, and that is real handy folks. That comes in handy when you're trying to fly line of sight. So that is, the controller also has lights on the bottom, showing how much power you have in the controller my thumb at four bars or five bars so I'm full power fully charged so let's turn that off and finally, oh no it's, not finally let's let's talk About this it has nice phone holder.

Folks, now I have a thicker than normal phone and we're going to be using today. Normally I don't use that phone because it doesn't fit the phone holders this one it does so if you've got a big phone, this one just might be able to hold your phone and now finally let's talk about the antennas. Actually, one of these is a real antenna. This one on the left actually has a wire going up in it. So when we fly today I'm going to keep this antenna up and try to point it horizontally toward the drone, now it doesn't swivel left or right. Okay, it's just a wire antenna in there. I can see the wire cordon up in here, but we are going to position it upward and position it the side of the antenna toward the drone to try to get maximum range out of the drum this particular intent on the right, though, is a dummy antenna. There is no wire going up to the side, so that is that by the way, there's a spare set of props – and this is a tool to remove the props and also you get a micro, USB cable to charge this, and also I forgot to mention to Charge let's get the battery out again to charge the battery through a micro, USB port on the side here, and the lights will come on telling you what the charge is as you're charging it. I'M.

Sorry folks there's a couple more. Oh by the ways I got a give before we take it out in the field I forgot to mention this comes with a very nice carrying case for holding the drone and taking with you out into the field. I forgot to mention that and the second, oh, by the way, is I forgot to talk about the app that this drone uses. This uses the vs GPS app available on Google Play or iTunes to get fpv video to see fpv video, along with using advanced features of the drone like circle me follow me and waypoints. Now this drone or that app it requires 802.11 AC, Wi Fi. Actually, the drone is emitting 802.11 AC Wi Fi. You will need a phone with 802.11 AC Wi Fi to use those features of the app you can fly it with the controller alone. Since it does record an SD card, you can fly and record video and photos using the controller on. However, if you want to see the fpv video from the drone a real time, video on your phone along with users and those advanced features, a circle me follow me and waypoints, you will need 802.11 AC Wi Fi again, not everybody has that type of Wi Fi. On your phone, if you're not sure check your phone's specs, go Google, your phone's name along with the term 802.11 and seek what in the specifications again. If you don't have 802.

11 AC Wi Fi. I would not recommend purchasing because you'll be sorely disappointed. What you can't use the advanced light features, although if you accidentally do get it keep in mind, you can still fly it and still record video, but you won't be able to use the advanced features. Okay, now let's take it out into the field and see how it flies. So I hope you enjoyed this flight good morning, quadcopter 101, here at on a beautiful weekend out here in the desert, practicing social distancing off in the distance. Here I see buzzards flying in circles, there's a thermal over there, maybe we'll get a chance to fly over into it. We'Ll find out here, let's go for fly today, ugw 90. Let me show you how to set it up. First thing you need to do is turn on the controller first, okay. This is unusual in this one. Well, actually that's the way you should do it was the Hobby rate, but you turn the controller on first like such okay. Patroller is on and it's looking for the signal from the drum, and we turn on the drone by pressing a quick press and long press on the back button here, quick press and then long press. Until we hear the esc turn chirping and you heard that blink blink, that means we are connected and we are indeed connected now. The first thing we need to do is to do a compass calibration and to do a compass calibration with this drone.

You bring this stick down into the left and this thick up and to the right and hold it there and that will put the drone into compass calibration mode. We should be in compass calibration mode right now: let's check the lights. Yep, the lights are rapidly blinking green in the back and rapidly blinking blue in the front. I hope you can see that folks, but we need to do is turn at until we hear a chirp there that chirp and now the green lights in the back or saw it and the blue lights in the front are blinking. So we put the nose down and also turn it like. So do we hear another trip and there we go, saw lights and green, slow, flash now now it's looking for satellites, when you see that green, slow, flash, it's searching for satellites and while it does that I'm going to open up its blades and then connect to The Wi Fi and open up the app so hold on folks, while I connect to the Wi Fi from the drone and then open up the vs GPS, app. Okay, this is the vs GPS F available on Google Play and iTunes, and the first thing I want to check is that we have sufficient satellites and we have 13 right now, so we have sufficient to fly we're good to go to there. So before we take off, I want to make sure my antennas are up keep in mind again.

This is a real antenna. This is not a fake antenna. Folks, so make sure your antennas are up before you go flying and we should be good to take off. Ok first thing I start is the video recording, which is this button here and making sure that showing recording on the app – maybe I got ta – hold it down there we go it's recording now. I did not see the numbers recording before, but it's recording now and a take off. I think all we need to do is hit the I'm, not sure if we need to start the motors first let's hit the automatic takeoff button first. No, I guess we got to start the motors so down and out and then automatic takeoff. Okay, so checking stability appears nice and stable for me, so I'm going to put my glasses on right now, because we're gon na do distance flying first get the front of the drum, raise it up a bit and say soon, as I show up in the picture Here, how do you like my shirt today, folks, okay, we're good, to go there? We should be good to go double checking. Everything looks fine so and we are recording so I'm gon na go up to about 20 meters high and also just keep flying out by so here we go folks right now: height of 4 meters, 10 meters, 45 meters out 20 meters up I'm gon na take It 25 meters, up as we continue on 25 meters up in 90 meters I bend and I'm holding my antenna.

Horizont are perfectly vertical folks that should give me maximum control range, checking my F P V, video stuff at fpv. Turning to the left a bit slowly, turning to the left, what are there right there and we are distance, a 271 meters away and there I got fpv back again. I was curious. Why were you losing fpv? Okay, at that point, there I'm going to rotate to the left a bit, not perfectly. I want to go over that road. Okay from there we're gon na push forward again heading that bond 300 metres and lost FPE video again, unfortunately, so it's that P V range. It only appears to be about 300 metres. Okay, with my phone okay, others might get better with their phone, but my phone I'm only gets 300 metres 351 metres away right now, but we're gon na fly using the compass and keep in mind. I was flying westward. So, to come back, all we got to do is fly east, so we're gon na continue at bond pushing forward three. Ninety meters, 400. 430, 440, 460, 470, 85 hundred meters away. Oh, I got FPV back again for a second there. I think I'm clapping it there again and then 541 meters in push you got bye. Excuse me folks. I got a little bit of congestion there coming up on 600 meters away, so this drone can actually fly pretty darn. Far with the controller. The fpv range is about 300 meters, but the controller range is about 600.

Well, some 700 meters away, okay from I'm gon na. Stop it right about there. This supposedly can go out 2000 meters. I believe it okay, because I still got good control and we'll. Take it out to 750 meters right about there, seven or 50 meters away and from seven or 50 I'm gon na hit that automatic return to the home button return to home is activated from 750 meters away. Okay, the numbers are decreasing rapidly seminary meters, 600, I'm. Gon na step away from the pad, so we can see how close the landing is, and 500 meters away and 400 meters away all right come on back fast. Supposedly this is a faster owning. I guess it is appears to be coming back fast. It doing her meters away 50 meters. Eighty meters comes let's, see how closest returned the home and landing is from out there and 750 meters now that's pretty far for this 450 yards own, that is pretty far okay. Let'S see how close this landing is. So we know the drone can fly far now that I reconnect with the Wi Fi I'm looking but I'm not sing reconnection, oh yeah, it's kind of numbers done, but getting FPE video and the drone has landed and we'll put it back on the pad and continue Flying because the next thing i want to do is several other things: let's get into the air first or starting a video camera this time, remembering to do that and starting the motors and taken to the air automatic takeoff getting back into the camera camera view.

And now i'm going to lower the camera. I want to lower that key. I know that's wrong button. I guess I'm pressing there we go. Why are the right colors? The kick right? Let'S go up a bit higher and I should be on you again now I'm gon na select when you call this headless boat and this boat is activated and there's a car going by before that's. What the car go by before I go. Do anything else cars going by and okay? I have a sports pointed in this direction. I should have pointed the drone the other way, but let's go over here and we're gon na. Do it up in a way folks so ready. Here we go back up and away with headless mode, that's what's cool about headless mode. You can fly backwards this if you're so inclined pretty cool huh. Okay from way over, there let's turn off headless mode, and this mode is off and let's raise up the camera, which would be this one. Then yep, that's too high too high I'm down a bit one more dad and that's that's too much one more up. So, okay, that looks good coming back coming down, so the Descent and now let's try those oh one more. I wanted to try put it over head this time, let's lower that camera all the way, all right, that's, the other other, lower all the way down. Okay, we're gon na do up and away rocket launch actually rocket, pretty cool.

I like doing those ok camera back up again, I get these buttons mixed up. That'S got to be done, so this has got to be up. Yep back up let's bring it back done. Pushing forward and rotating in its descent, I, like your quick screw back down, okay coming down coming down because we got to do the advanced features from the app next. What start with? If the good old follow me circle me and waypoints, just about all these drones have those features these days coming down pointing the drone in my position right about there checking my hat camera how's. It look looks okay and I got frozen picture. Ok there. I am fighting let's come down a little lower, okay, selecting in the upper left corner of the screen. Let me adjust my hat in the upper left corner of the screen. You see the little man walking I'm gon na press that and see if it's actually activated. I think it is it's green, so, first off. Let me turn this way see if it follows: well, I'm, not seeing it now. This is not my first flight with this folks. I flew this yesterday and I was seeing the same issues of lag and Wi Fi. Disconnect pretend follow me just did not work yesterday. Okay, let me let me try one other thing. Sometimes you got to be 30 meters away, so I am gon na walk pretty far distant at least 30 meters and you got to be 5 meters up and some of these let's try that okay, now I am distant and this should be sufficient, so follow me.

Should be activated let's see if it is, is it following? No so a you know, this is the second phone I've tried this with folks again I flew this yesterday with a different phone and the follow me did not work. Unfortunately, so that seems to be an issue with the app along with you know: the promised 4k photos. You know I got the Android version, a at maybe it's, just the Android. That does that unfortunately, but the follow me did not work yesterday. The circle me did so let's. Do the circle me Circle position? At least it worked yesterday: okay, okay, now I'm going to put in circle we're going to turn about 10 meters is what I'm going to do 10, one okay, take it 11 meters and hitting done and then hitting you confirm and we'll see. If it does it. So it's gon na go 11 meters away and circle. So circle me again did work yesterday and it seems to work today. Let me sync up the cameras well circle II, but there is its circle position and again I'm, seeing a lot of lag on the screen. Vs GPS app is pretty intensive on its use of processing power, but let's stop circle position. Actually I stopped circle position by giving the drone sub command and it did there we go. You give any right left turn. It will stop the circle position instead of just relying on the app. Let me make sure it's turned off in the app okay now let's do actually it's still lit green.

Let me turn it off. Okay, now it's, not waypoints. By saying the white point feature. Okay, my app is: oh. There we go now. Let me turn the drone toward be that position. There now let's find our position in the world by clicking the upper right corner there. We should find it should find us clicking again and it's having a hard time. Finding us in the world, so okay with that come out of waypoints, so Waypoint feature is kind of iffy with this kind of sketchy. So, finally you let me stop the video recording one time there and bring it down closer because I haven't taken any photos. Yet the drones, a nice flyer yeah, need some work. Okay from there let's take a photo let's take another photo and one more photo so I'm hoping these took: ok, no showing that it's recording video stop at the video stop at the video on their screen. Ok, videos both stopped what started up again. Video is recording and now I'm putting my glasses back on, because we're gon na do some fpv exploring around the area whining flying line of sight. Only let's look at the gimbal. Excuse me: ok, we should be good there. Let'S go out and about explore the area until the battery gets low. What'S my battery voltage seven point: two volts: we get seven volts, it it'll come back home so well. We have some power let's, take it out to about 300 meters or so something like in that area and just explore the area meters on it, 50 meters, 90 meters, flying line of sight.

I want to go up a little bit higher to stay above the mountain, so I can see it a little bit higher 12 meters up 200 meters away, okay, it's climbing, I think we're at below voltage, it's low voltage, it's doing a low voltage return to home And what this is folks bring it back within 30 meters there we go back within 30 meters. Now I have to maintain. I have to stay in a distance of 30 meters circle. This is its low voltage protection. Okay, so I have to fly around and what I see what the range is from the take off point: 26 meters. I guess circle from the take off point. Okay, so with that in mind, we're coming down low, bringing it in slow or low and snow forget it over toward me again, Joan it's camera closer, closer, closer flop. It right there go up a bit higher let's raise the camera up, getting back at the picture and again I'm seeing law lag on the app but notice that the lights are blinking: okay, blue lights; in a flag, the green lights in the black back you're, not Blinking now is that, because I'm recording, I don't, know, let me stop the video recording see if that does it nope video recording does not seem to stop the issue, so that means blue lights. Blinking means we are low battery. Okay, we have to stay in close. So, starting to video camera again, starting it here to really lagging and good say, it's my phone folks, this phone works with lots of other apps.

This particular app seems to have a problem: the vs GPS, app. I think, of this second time. I'Ve had a problem with this GPS: GPS app it's too intensive. There was another one. The other day I was flying. That was pretty memory intensive on my phone. But okay, you know what we'll do. We'Ll, go up high let's go up to 500 meters up here that what does that mean? That means no battery return to home. Okay, now it's gon na land, it's saying I am too weak to fly any further 7.1 volt is stuck. Do we continue fly? I think this could have really gone further than simple one votes. That means at least that's what's, showing on my LCD screen 7.1 volts. So this is its flight time coming back, let's see how close to the landing pretty darn close so that's, it folks that's the flight time of the GW 90 global drone. Let me stop at this video recording I'm sure I got it on the LCD screen. Let'S! Stop it there and see if it does stop yep, it stopped so let's pick it up my final thoughts, GW 90, it say actually feels nicely made. Okay and nice big motors it's, the airframe is good. The controller is excellent. I wished it had a gibble, but you know we'll see I bet they do come out with a future version with a gimbal. You know a stabilized gimbal on the app needs.

Some work, the Android version of the app at least at least with my phone. It does others might have better if you have a better processor on your phone or probably work a lot better, but for those of us with two three year old phones, you might have some issues with the app being a little too intensive for your particular phone. So that's the global drone GW 90. I hope you enjoyed this flight. This is quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again hey. If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that Bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot out so give it a try.