Well name him, Steve, Steves important well, come back to him. What they dont know is theyre, stealing from hacksmith Industries. We spent the last two months building an autonomous paint launching drone security system. This story actually starts in June of last year, Music. We moved into a new facility this past month and have been working really hard to make this play our new home. Everything was going great until we got robbed, so it turns out shipping containers arent that secure and what really sucks is we dont even know all of what was taken, because we had just moved all our stuff in there I dont even know whats all been stolen. One of the things Im most upset about is this summer. I got a used ATV and I had a lot of fun with it for about a week that got stolen too, so it sucks this made us rethink our approach to security as a whole. We have cameras and motion detectors. Those are great, but I think we just need something: a little more Hands On whose hands you might be asking me and Benz to be specific. Everyone else is busy working on other incredible projects like flamethrower PC, backwards bike. So we have two of the biggest brands on the job: okay, one of the biggest brands on my job Im going to record the journey and Ben here is going to build our new security system. This brings us to our idea drones.

We need drones, a drone security system checks all of our boxes and should hopefully be the solution to our problems. I found a fairly affordable drone kit online. It comes with a pixhock autopilot and everything we need to fly already in the kit. Security guards are expensive and they cant control large property like ours. Drones are a one time purchase of a thousand dollars. The Drone has a top speed of 60 kilometers an hour with a flight time of 15 minutes. A stock drone alone wont do it. We need to customize it to identify and find our victims weve attached, these really bright, LED lights. One of these 120 watt LEDs theyre good for about 15 000 lumens ones, not enough. We got two lets get them mounted on a drone. I can control it. For my computer here lets see up right there. Oh, how long of a run time do we have with that on 20 minutes, maybe 30 minutes all right, just the lights. That seems a little excessive. I think its just the right amount of excessive Music like thats right. We want to scare them a little, because the best defense is a strong offense. So were gon na, add speakers and a laser to the Drone. You need a screwdriver to turn it attachment that store attract a bit yeah. It is super sensitive. The littlest bit gets really loud, ready, yeah, its fine were gon na give the speaker a test in the inside and again an understanding of how loud its gon na be lets, say: Im uh, a baddie.

All right do you think theyre over there right now? Maybe we should fly it over there. Applause Music with great power comes zero responsibility, Music. What the hell happened. It fell out of the sky. It was a very gentle falling out of this yeah thats. Why we buy spares. We broke the landing legs, the pair of them. We broke these front arms theyre broken. We broke the reflector, not too bad. I can fix it now when I was reviewing some of the log data for it. I think I noticed what happened its here. Looking at our battery percent 13 battery, which seemed fine 8.4 volts is not fine. I looked in the uh used milliamp hour and it was 5500 milliamp hour now. If I look at our battery its a 5 000 milliamp hour, battery 5500 is greater than 5 000.. We ran out of battery mid flight, it didnt realize it until it was too late. We can see it was actually going down at about negative 5 meters per second means crash into the ground crash in the ground means unhappy drum and an unhappy drone means Im unhappy. Cant have this happen every single night? We need a reliable way to charge. This thing we want to be able to charge that battery autonomously in the middle of the night after the Drone flies a route and youre saying I havent thought about it and you havent thought about it. Actually, I got an idea.

You have thought about it. I have thank God this is a cell phone wireless charging pad you set it down. You put your phone on it, it charges, so you want to do that with the Drone problem. Is wireless charging kind of sucks its really inefficient wed, be looking at probably 10 hours to recharge this battery with wireless charging. Something tells me that youve thought this through already heres my solution. Ive designed a drone landing and charging PCB in a piece of software called Altium designer. Not only is this, the largest PCB weve ever designed here at hacksmith Industries were taking 25 of them, soldering it together. So we have a one meter by one meter landing and charging pad for these drones. One second, let me let me grab the camera and bring this in here a little bit on the bottom of the Drone. We got these little spring loaded, Pogo pins. We get the Drone to land somewhere on this pad lets say it lands right here were touching one of the Pogo pins is touching one pad yeah. The other is touching a different pattern. We got positive negative. We charge a battery basically anywhere within a meter in the room to charge Im so happy, youre running this ship, just wait, theres more. What do you mean theres more, this pad is going to sit outside and if you turn around and look outside right now, if it snows on this pad – and we cover up the contacts, its not gon na be able to charge on the back of this PCB Is one giant heater we feed it? A voltage draws a whole bunch of current and the whole pad heats up to about 40 45 degrees Celsius.

Melting. All the snow and ice outfit so well always be ready to land quick side. Note here, weve actually negotiated with all team to get our viewers two things one. You can try all team designer for free and use our link below for a discount on your order and two were giving a license key away for free, so Link in the description. Theres details all down there to enter that giveaway. How would you say the project is going so far on a scale of one to ten three, two one ten. I thought we were in tune until now, its been going. Okay, great great, its been going great great. What next were working on pain launchers robbers might want to come back, so we need to give them a reason not to we want to leave a friendly unlethal mark on our burglars. I bought a bunch of these projects. Kids, Safe paints that would be safe to drop on people. I want a way to shoot it out from the Drone when its in the air. I found these Airsoft CO2 shells that hold a small amount of CO2, so my plan here drill hole in the back shove. The shell in the back hit that button see if we get paint books questionable so normally Ben its around somewhere here in the project where something goes wrong because everythings been going really smoothly. So far. You know three, two one whoa Its a pretty widespread, its very widespread.

I think if we fired two of these, all right lets mount it to a drum so right here we have a little nine gram Servo with a fancy horn. I made connected to the servo tester, so I can spin it not there, maybe its become a little more lethal. Would you say? Oh there we go lets go now. We need to test it with a live. Subject me if you own a lab coat as cool as this one, you can get a hacksmith.store in the real world, no ones standing just in one spot, but maybe they are. I guess, if youre looking up at the Drone, why isnt it firing seriously? That was a little lackluster. It worked, but not how we want to so Ive made some design changes same sort of solution, but instead of a Servo with an arm swing and hit the button, we have a solenoid slamming the button down Im liking the solution. A lot more its its heavier than the servo, but you know what Ill trade some weight for reliability any day. If youd like to see how this drone Works, make sure to check out the circuit diagram at maker.io, we have the new solenoid based paint launchers on the Drone test. Number two lets give it a go: three: two one: Music, thats, pretty good seat, number three: watered down paint; three two one see thats what were looking for, Ive covered in paint Ben. You know what this reminds me of art, Fine Art.

This is Art Attack. All right lets. Do it foreign. You can actually buy one of these paintings that we made with the drones. The whole team signed them. Theyre on hacksmith.store go check them out. We have our paint launchers, we have our lights. We have our camera. Weve got our horn. Weve got our laser. Am I missing anything code? Youre missing the sound of code. It takes to operate this drone. I always forget about the code. Ben has been working on this program and coding for just a little under a month, so that the security system can communicate and be fully integrated with the Drone, so theyre happy and cohesive and work together and not against each other. So what? What does that? What does that entail? My laptop orchestrates, the entire thing its constantly in communication with the security system and the Drone whenever the security system attacks somebody if they are unwelcome here, itll have the Drone, take off and dispatch it to the area that the person was found from there. The Drone is following a pre programmed route well constantly watching on the camera thats on the Drone. Once the camera on the Drone detects the person we can start following them and deploy our counter measures. The way you describe it makes it sound, really easy, yeah thats. What I thought too, its definitely not dont worry about a thousand lines in it still doesnt work but Ben what if there are like two or three people on the property we cant just do this with one drone, one drum, never enough for you there Never Enough.

Never enough we have with uh, you can operate all three drones from my laptop drones. One and two are fully kitted out with all of our fun gadgets. Drone 3 is a spotter. It has a high resolution camera and a thermal camera. Now you know the drones. Its time to test here, attachments were on a mission to inspire the next generation of Engineers by creating the coolest Tech on the internet. This will work if you believe in that mission or if you just want to see Epic Builds, then please consider becoming a YouTube. Member, its a monthly subscription fee that goes directly into funding these projects right here on YouTube, you will also unlock instant access to exclusive content, early releases and discounts at hacksmith.store just hit that join button down below a couple of years ago, we decided to take a More active role in our merchandise, we wanted to be proud of the items we sell, so we shut down our Teespring store. We brought everything in house, product development, sourcing, quality, control, distribution. We do it all right here. This is where James takes a lot of his passion from these days developing products he believes in and actually uses like this wallet. Ive tried dozens of wallets over the years, and this is by far my favorite wallet ever or this water resistant Stone paper notebook which has 14 pages of reference material, specifically Chosen and compiled by James himself. My personal favorite is the mini saver.

I have about five of these one of my desk in my toolbox. In my kitchen, I bring camping, but mostly I just play with it all day, because the ignition is just so satisfying, oh and were working on some upgrades for v2. Finally, I want to tell you about this: video sponsor food IQ its like cheat codes for YouTubers. I personally use vid IQ to generate title ideas, test keywords, optimize SEO and batch edit past videos, but recently they came up with a chat. Gpt feature specifically trained for YouTube. Let me show you generate 10 video ideas for hacksmith Industries, probably be a video adscript to promote the hacksmith wallet. Ive negotiated with vidiq. To get you 98 off the Boost plan just go to vidiq.com the hacksmith and we get a cut of that subscription fee. So if you want to help out the channel make sure you use our link Ben, can you look at the window for me? Hello, so were gon na test. The Drone fully autonomously the full system, its pretty much going to detect me on the security system um its just gon na apply the pre programmed route and then itll go and land back at home. Lets. Do this thing? Okay, walking around here, we go yep taking off Im drone found you I have done absolutely nothing. I got you allowed to turn on the camera Im recording what this drone is seeing. So I can use that so Im just getting ready to Center down uh its right above the portable right now I dont know about that one sec.

Well, I got that on camera yay I didnt go back up. Oh shes shes done Ben with one drone down. We need to keep pressing on the charging pad has been on the roof for a couple of days in the rain and snow, so we have to check to make sure it still works. This also gave us the opportunity to test landing on the roof. It didnt know where the pad was so thats, not that surprising it thinks its at home. It is pretty happy with its home position. I dont know. If I am, I did it fly her out to the middle of there. It should re establish position before it hits the ground disarmed. No. This is what I mean where I wanted to be somewhere where, if it missed it would just miss not if it missed, it would fall off. Hey you left me and Logan unsupervised. You say: hey! Go put the charging pad on the roof butt, and I was like: oh okay, no problem hey Ill, get out there and go hey. Look at that spot. We are a really great spot to put a charging pad comes in hes like oh thats, the worst spot. You could have put it Music. Hey lets go. I have some good news. Its charging drones are going up tonight were putting them on the roof were starting with one were starting with the gadgets that we now work were gon na.

Take some baby steps. We had some tailors with the test yesterday finishing up the code Im, getting it integrated with our company slack channel, so itll tell us when stuff gets detected or not, we can tell its arm. We can tell it to launch its Friday. 4. 43 p.m were going to a company party tonight were going to leave the Drone up here over the weekend. If we get footage, we get footage. If nobody shows up well, then everybody shows up. We had an eventful weekend were sitting at dinner. All of us company party going great its awesome and all of a sudden, a few of us get the message that the security system found somebody on the line and I was kind of in shock, and then I saw the message thrown in air. So Dr James talked to Ian, they pulled up the security cameras for the building. I pulled up my phone connected to my laptop and saw that in fact, yes, the Drone was in the air and it was flying over to supposedly where a person was foreign s. Not quiet and they ran, they wouldnt hid behind our tank and the Drone just continued to search. I feel like a proud parent. You know its like seeing my kids swim for the first time, its really bad video but its okay. The Drone went to go land and it missed the landing pad that thats, not all that surprising, no totally missed it.

Uh, all right so were trying to land on the pad again Im trolling and its gon na try and land again and then, if we can go to the land on the charging path, then that means were good for another burglar and he out of it. I know I know battery low yeah battery low uh, oh return to home. You deserved it. Oh boy, Music, oh wheres, the video feed. Oh no hes done link timeout no heartbeat. Where is that? Where is it done all right landed next to the slack line? It worked until it did looking a little sad. We need to get this thing fixed, so we can get this thing back in the air. Yeah ASAP weve got the drones and the charging pad working just in time for this brave soul to wander onto the property. All right, since these two incidences, we havent had anyone else really show up on the property which kind of sucks, because well it doesnt suck its great for us, because we dont have people trying to rob us but its bad for the video, its bad. For you guys, because we cant show the potential of this drone if nobodys, here Ben and I have called up a friend Tony – who thinks hes gon na come here for a tour. Hopefully this is a opportunity for us to really Flex the potential of these drones. He does know what we do, so he probably is on it hes.

Like am I going to die tonight? Okay, yep. Do it come on youre right? What was that Im here for a meeting thats way more painful? We set out to build a drone security system for the new property. My question for you, Ben is: do you think we succeeded kind of and it did stop a couple people its the middle of winter. Here not many people were breaking in, but the few that did they were able to respond. We found them. This brings up Steve, remember Steve yeah. I said he was important. Well Steve got arrested for being on the property, so the drones do one thing: they deter. People they scare them away, but if theyre stubborn, like Steve cops, do get called so dont come onto the property, you will get arrested. Weve learned a lot of lessons from this weve learned. What works weve learned, what doesnt work and we can do a REV too.