Eliquid review weve got this from amatorium and this is their glamour. So ive called this the glamour – and this is raspberry – ripple raspberry ripple ive got in here. If you want to see me filling this up, someone, you know im vaping what i say: im vaping theres me up there im putting it in this device lets have a vape with this raspberry ripple. These are 11 pound 49, a bottle thats whats, where they are thats, the price of them so were not talking. Cheap, cheap, cheap budget budget budget range were probably talking middle. The grand theres, more expensive ones, theres more cheaper ones, theyre going for 11.49. I think thats about right for this e liquid. It is quite a quality liquid, ive tested another one. There project was like a another one. I mean every liquid was like a fudge that one was really nice as well as this, because this is really nice. So weve all had im sure you all weve all had raspberry ripple ice cream, its basically that in an e liquid, fantastic, its really nice and its not overly sickly and a fudge one i had from amatorium it got a little bit sickly. Oh, i could send you didnt get sickly when i was vaping it, but i could sense it would get sickly this one. I like that, because the fruit is coming through and its taking away the edge of the sickliness of like the ice cream and the and the sugar of it, and that, because its quite a sweety liquid, but that fruit was taking edge off it.

Taking away any sickly sort of feelings that right there 8.5 out of 10., i really like that one im gon na vape all that im gon na clean all that up thats the glamour right there from amatorium, like i said 8.5 out of 10. yeah im struggling To thought that it deserves its 8.5 out of ten, a total recommendation check out amatorium for some different eliquids weve got the glamour there. Weve had the uh the fudge one. I cant remember that name as well glitz or something glitz and glamour. What was the here? It fudge delight the fudge was called the delight, which is delightful, its fudge, and we got this one, which was the raspberry ripple, which is the glamour 8.5 out of 10 im, really enjoying it, its all good ill, clean it up. I like the way, the raspberries not being dwilled out by all the sweet and the sugar and the ice cream sort of flavor, because it has got that sort of flavor to it. The ice cream saying hey, look im here as well and its making this point known. Really nice well done. Amatorial. I really like that one. If you dont want to see other vaping reviews – or you want to see more eliquid reviews, like the the other one ive got these subscribe to the channel itll be on there. Thank you once again amateur for sending this out to me. The testing review 8.5 youll.