I do all my videos in the daytime for in the water I'm at the beach here and I got the Gladius and I thought it would be pretty cool to take it out at nighttime and see what's in the reef over here in the shoreline. So, as you can see I'm just kind of in a nook here, there's a little – hopefully you guys can kind of see this on the camera, so there's a little kind of cave here, and this is kind of a calm area with a Ledge where I can Kind of drop the Gladius in and out of the water here and I'm gon na take it out see what we can see: I'm gon na record in 4k and just see what's really under the water here I'm gon na leave the buoy on shore and just Kind of let it go ahead and unravel as the sub goes out. Hopefully, we don't run into any problems. I think it should go pretty well and be turning on the lights full blast on the front here, so we can see what's under the water, so let's throw this thing in and get started with our night dive with the Gladius Music. By the way, if you want to see the day time, review of this thing go ahead and check it out, so you can kind of see more in sunlight. How it looks this is going to be entirely nighttime here, so we should be set to go so I'm, going to turn on the lights pulled last year, I'm going to turn off my hat cam.

There we go so we've got Gladius lights, full blast and the start 4k recording and let's, throw it in so pressing start to arm. Actually, I can't even see the buttons okay, so we're gon na go ahead and start off and stabilize through it in here there goes here. We go starting. Our journey want to make sure it's Heather's, not really hooking up on anything and I'm gon na go full fpv. Now let's go for it. There we go let's try to get out, so we can get a little deeper okay. Here we go we're getting out there. Now, once in a while I'm going to want to check my tether, make sure it's kind of okay and not catching too much on stuff all right, okay, so I try to get a little deeper going out. Oh there's, some floral for you and I want to kind of try stay close to this buoy. You know I mean because I don't want my wireless connection to be lost kind of heading to my right and slightly there's, some floral there, oh there's, a fish go check him out, there's a little squirrel, fish let's, move past this and then turn around see what's Going on over here, alright backing up there, he is he's hiding out there little squirrel fish there. We go. Definitely some current out here tonight so far, so good, a little closer and then we'll move on it'll be cool. If we can spot some Lobster, that'll be kind of neat wouldn't it.

Oh okay, I'm gon na leave him alone and let's continue on out there, I'm gon na check on my tether think we're doing okay with the tether used about half of it up. Okay, so just going out here will be so cool if we could find some Lobster or something wouldn't still in stabilized mode. We'Re, just gon na try to self level itself there's some colors on the floral they're coming in let's, try not to hit the floral back up, but from the coral let's get out of there. Here we go: okay, there's, a sand and let's see what we can see. Of course, the tethers going to be slightly pulled around by the waves you know laughing on the shore, but love you guys can see the way out there but see the lights way out. There in the water that's, where it's at and we are at with our deaf and feed, only and see how it's very shallow, here and yeah while I'm, trying to get a little further out just kind of cruising on the bottom. Here until we okay there's a structure, I'll have the 4k up guys. So you can see that let's turn here check out what's going on during there here, it's like just basically a quarrel head right up against another one. There back up back up. They don't want to do is get my tether wrapped around this stuff. Wow. Definitely some heard out here: let's, keep going, looks like the graphic is holding pretty accurate, it's um orientation selfish, see there's a goldfish let's, see if he's sleeping these things are funny when they sleep they just kind of bang around and on the ocean floor.

If I can get a little closer to something out here, Wow was that full stick forward. There how's our tether, doing it's, okay, yeah, okay! It looks like I'm facing right at me now: okay, good yeah, so the compasses is looking fairly accurate. But when it's facing me I'm seeing the lights facing toward me in the water, so as long as I don't lose connection, I think that should be okay, with this screen graphic so I'm going to keep on whoa puffer fish. Can you see that puffer fish see them there well that guy? This is interesting. Let'S try to get right up on them. Look at him, I'm gon na go into I'm gon na change. My modes shoot. Let me see here forget the button here should be select. Yeah some pressing select this one it's a manual mode. Hopefully I didn't lose them wow, there's, a bunch of life in the water. You see all those little ocean, lice and stuff boys manual manual. No is not even really helping me out I'm gon na go back in to stablize, really hope I didn't lose that guy let's try to find them again. So definitely if you got some current don't, even use manual motor that'll happen to you. Let me see if I can find this big puffer fish that's, what they look like when they're not puffed up still not seeing them anywhere, really, hopefully see something out here, fool! So far we saw squirrelfish tougher go through this floral and see what's going on here.

That'S something on top of that porous plate; well, that's, a sea, urchin, okay, he's right on the tip of that piece of coral let's. Try not to knock him off, not get stuffed on that piece of coral. Well, we rafting little turn. Okay, so, as you can see, it's a little bit tough in this current in through the waves thrashing around I'm sure, it looks slightly ghostly out here. All the fish are kind of sleeping. I guess moving forward trying to find something lobsters. It looks like we're getting into a little bit of a more cavernous Reef area. This is pool or the fish down in there. So you've got possibly some caves going on trying to call this behavior looks like an angelfish hiding under there with a yellow and black. Please kind of sleeping he's upside down isn't he let's take another look at that: the closer look, the upside down, Wow, yeah, he's upside down and he's like cruising under the rock upside down, that's, very interesting, so that's. I guess how these fish sleep guys. You see him there it's upside down, you're out here before we get stuck a lot of better shot at him. First, who is another fish Wow? Is that one upside down too? So I guess that's kind of how they sleep. They go upside down under a Ridge and they go to sleep boy. There sure is a lot of sediment and the water here, I'm gon na stop the 4k recording just so it saves and then I'm going to restart it.

Okay, restart that way. We have a separate clip just in case so the whole thing doesn't get corrupt or something. You know, I'm still going out, we're at around 10 feet depth just going to cruising sort of plating that tether. I can see the unraveling down there continuing to explore. I'Ll still see you, it would be cool to see like maybe a sleeping turtle, maybe a shark who knows in the sandy area I'm feeling that Tara, really a fool on okay we're. Getting really, I think, we're getting a little bit. You see each other, there we're getting a little bit too weak on the tether and I don't know if you guys can see it way out there, but there it is see it out there in the water with my camera, probably not, but there it is. Alfie sit towards us, so you can see it so that should be right towards us to see that lay I'll face it up there. It is Wow that must look kind of neat from the camera cool, so let's go down and what kind of work right way back or just cruise out in this area, so we don't use too much tether. They want to put my foot on it, so it doesn't end up maxing out and then getting pulled out into the water. Just drop my foot on the stand here. Let'S continue to kind of explore on our way back. Try to find something interesting.

I see something that looks like a fish yeah another fish there cruising probably trying to sleep. Let'S, go down to the left a little bit of another fish we're coming kind of gray towards us. Now, Applause like a big sea urchin hanging on to the rock the black sea, urchin – reverse: okay, there's, a spiny sea urchin observed in for a second. There is bother him too much blew it over this poor, Oh and roll down boy. It sure would we need to see a lobster boats. I haven't seen any lobsters yet we're, probably going to be in some kind of cave where there's squirrelfish again, I wonder if it's the same one just cruise on the edge here so do craft okay. Well, this looks like lobster territory back up a little I'm full back. Okay, let's back up approach this from another angle and see if there's a lobster boat like the currents going that way, squirrel fishes. Is that a lobster? What is that know? What I hear I just saw something: whoa I'm, getting really pushed around by this current sorry about the really sporadic video guys I'm having some trouble keeping this thing still in the current well, I thought there was a lobster over there, but I lost it. They can't really precisely control it in this current. What I might do is actually down my my right here: let's go in the settings and we go down to 70.

I think the poor kid just stopped so I'm starting the fourth day again, okay, so this might give us a little bit more precision, control, okay, so continuing to explore the worst thing would be if this tether was getting. You know, wrapped around stuff. Definitely don't want that. Another see right on the tip. It looks like they'd like to be on the tip of those coral heads, that's funny and I'm off the sticks, and you see it keeping itself level and stabilized mode, and you can see the current moving it around, but it's roughly staying in the same position. That'S pretty neat okay feels like the orientation is still pretty spot on, so they just turned the green graphic towards me, and I could see the lights shining right at me out there in the water, with my line of sight, that's good 74 battery power left and Let'S start making our way to the right. I wanted to go over this point of this reef a little bit and kind of see what's out there and full throttle ahead. You can see that I'm only ten feet that looks like the maximum I'm going to be able to go, probably for this one, guys, feathers almost completely. Oh, that was a fishy. I want to see what that fish was. What kind of fish is that that's cool? Little guy swimming around I'm, not sure what kind of fish that is, but definitely interesting. Okay, so we're continuing to kind of go out to the left, see that we can help there's another squirrel fish.

So the squirrel fish are going to be pretty prevalent out here. Various turn on the lights a little bit, you think the lights are so high that it's, making them kind of washed out turn the lights down the lake 50. Oh, I don't want to get stuck under enough piece of coral that's for sure let's get up and out of here keep working our way there to the left so feel, like I'm being pulled back, Wow, the thieve color sea, urchin and I'm, not seeing any lobster Around all there's, my tether it's definitely curious or there's. Also spool of these squirrel fish here yeah. These coral has looked pretty interesting out there. That looks like a big egg, a coral head there, so gosh. It looks like really you're the only thing that's awake out here. These little squirrel fish at this time of night go full blast forward. They kind of get out here some deeper areas. That looks like a little drop off get out here and look down whoa. What was that another butterfly or angelfish kind of deal? I don't really want to get too far down in this thing. What kind of fish is that so you're Paula or something okay? So we found the angelfish territory and, like I really get too far down in here and hook up my tether I'm, just gon na like quickly look or maybe lobsters or something you know the black fish under there and I ain't seeing no lobsters, possibly in the You know the 4k video that I'm taking there may be some lobsters visible, but well I'm doing exactly what I said.

I wasn't going to do I'm going down in this crevasse whoo there's a pipefish check him out, oh yeah, that guy like he might be trying to sleep too. This observe in for a moment. Okay we're on, I think we're. On 50, around 48 percent power let's see if we were to turn up the lights, a little higher that would help or yeah it's 100 there's just crews in there getting scary I'm like in this little notch. Look at this guy whoo, like sitting in the sand. Right now, let's just get a little shot of hand. Well there's. All these like c license and i'm moving around wow that's kind of a cool picture in it cool. So I should probably try to get out of here. I'M gon na go fool up really hoping my tethers not stuck on anything let's backtrack and have a look pulling up. Okay, Wow! So lets you see the tether it's going down. Is it stuck on a piece of floor? Oh my god. Let'S try to get it off. Go this way, full throttle ahead. Okay, this is how you release your tether if it's stuck like it's not caught up anymore, you never know with these sharp rocks, go forward and see if it's really want to see that puffer fish again I'm gon na puffer fish, there was a giant pufferfish. We saw – and I almost want to just like follow my tether back and I don't know this is the the thing with the feathered vehicle is really hope.

You'Re not caught up on anything continuing on, as you can see where you're going full blast into the abyss. Still only around 10 feet there's another squirrel fish fighting bumping in the rocks; he's, probably trying to sleep hello. There is okay, okay, so we're gon na come back I'm. Just gon na pull throttle look forward I'm. Only in about you know, 50 perso, 60 power, but I'm gon na go ahead and come on back, try not to hit any poor ol and running into any poor ol another squirrel fish over there. You can see them so to tell you the truth, guys it's it's pretty well full wrap, reverse another squirrel fish, Oh sweeping goatfish him I've been diving before and these guys it's so funny to watch them sleep because they just start they just they're sleeping and they're. Bouncing off of rocks let's see if we can see him do that it's pretty funny to watch them. They just swim once in a while and watch them you'll, just like bounce off over that's him. That'S great looks like they've worked on the orientation issues before what would happen is if you armed the the Gladius what's, that another fish. If you write when you are in the Gladius, it would reset its this green icon. It would reset it out facing away every single time, but it looked like this time when I launched this thing. I tried arming several times and the compass didn't change, so that spell is good, so it seems like possibly now is when you, when you turn on the entire system, is when it you know, locks in this.

This green icon so make sure it's facing out away from you turn on the buoy, and then you should always have the correct heading, bearing because it's perfectly correct towards my physical orientation it's pointing right at me now that's good and I think I'm, just gon na You know without any more talking I'm gon na try to search around if I find something on the screen. My screen I'll go ahead and put it in there for you guys yeah so enjoy a little rest of the search journey in the dark waters of Maui. South shore and see what we can find: Music, Music, Music, Music Music – there you that well that's, not a pair of fish, but it is a larger fish sleeping it's, some kind of triggerfish and check them out for a second, you see I'm, just kind of cruising Under that ledge I need so I'm really surprised that I haven't seen any Lobster yeah that's amazing. Well, my teller is completely maxed and you see it here as we out there it's directly in front of me. We go a little bit closer. This guy wow that's a really close up shot as I I don't want to bother them too much, but really want to get a neat close up shot of this guy I'm, just gon na kind of sit here on the ground and then turn and to the Right turning, oh oh, I just, I think I just hit them.

Oh, my gosh, okay whoa sand everywhere, Wow, okay, let's get out of here full throttle up. Let'S just come on back with some final searching. Okay, here we go stumbled upon some more sleeping fish and I honestly have no idea what type of fish these are, but definitely kind of interesting. We found follow him for a bit that's unseemly in this situation. With all this sediment in the water. Maybe around 15 lights is pretty good, otherwise the fish start to get kind of washed out. You know just going straight from the bottom following him around. Oh, I think I got a little too close to them. There anyways continue on the return home. Okay, so I've been running around out there for a while and I'm completely out of Heather I've got 25 power left so I'm going to go ahead and do it home it'll bring it in and I think we'll call it a night. So I got my son Keon rolling it up while I'm, basically bringing it in and keep in mind. This is a 100 foot tether, so there's gon na be some rolling up to do. You know once you get it into Shore, I definitely recommend kind of having another person to help you slowly reel it in just so. The slack doesn't get caught on any other rocks and stuff, but it's going pretty well so at night, it's actually a lot easier to tell the orientation in the daytime just because you can see the direction of the lights, that's, pretty cool, all right so I'm, just Going to get around the ledge here and bring it in pretty close about here, I definitely don't want to get my phone in the water.

Okay, probably gon na, have to grab the feather there. We go okay, that wasn't so hard. All right, Heather, hell that's for sure, looks like all the motors are working. No problem awesome go ahead and disarm it cool, okay! Well, I guess that's gon na wrap it up for my first night dive with the Gladius. That was pretty dang cool. Okay, it looks like the lights automatically turned off when I disarmed for a while, so that's good in case you forget to turn them off, so I think that's gon na wrap it up for the Gladius night dive. Everything went just as planned. Did it really get to see a whole lot of stuff? I wanted to see. I was hoping to see. Maybe sharks or maybe turtles sleeping or something, but we did see some sleeping fish didn't seem parrotfish, but we saw some trigger fish. Some vote fish. We started that big puffer fish. Briefly, I was hoping I could get a little closer to that, but I kind of lost my orientation with that one all kinds of stuff bunch of sea urchins and all that stuff. So I hope you guys enjoyed that video, if you guys are thinking about the gladdie it's, definitely a way cool little sub here and this this one. I just kept the the buoy on shore and you can do it that way and be Wireless to the buoy or this buoy. You can actually throw in the water, so maybe for the next one.

All I put a little anchor on the bottom of it. So I'll throw it in the water and just anchor it to the ocean floor with like a weight and some fishing line, the safest bet is, you know, keeping it next to you just in case something happens, especially if you don't have the capability to go in The water like tonight, I didn't, have any diving gear or masks or anything with me, and you know it's a little bit scary to go in the water at night unless you have the right equipment and the lighting and stuff but super fun.