This is the chasing innovations, gladius mini underwater drone, so in this video were going to unbox it well take a look at all the components and you know, were getting a little more in depth. Uh look at this stuff because i havent done a review on an underwater drone on my channel. Yet this is the first one, so we can take a closer look at this and then ill have a later video with this actually in the water and well check out performance and part two. So this is just going to be part. One were just going to look at the stuff that comes in this particular kit and all the components in a little bit more detail. Okay, so i got rid of the outer box. As the box is shipped in heres, the inner box, it has got some branding. This is what the drone looks like, obviously, for underwater use and its got the tether here. Gladius mini conquer the waters is their slogan uh. Some of the features this one. This one has a portable backpack one touch depth, lock mode plus minus 45 degree, adjustable tilt lock mode. So this one, i think, is one of the newer ones that has the third vertical motor. In the back says, i can dive up to a maximum of 330 feet, thats about 100 meters, 4k camera in this one. One touch share on social, so probably from the app once youve got your 4k footage.

You can probably send that off to facebook or instagram. Pretty quick and then you have this one – has a live stream youtube and facebook capabilities, so i guess also within the app you can live stream. Your underwater drone footage straight to youtube or facebook, and it has a two hour run time. So a pretty big battery inside there so right in the top here we got the drone, so well take a closer look at this, of course. Okay, so we got this uh, its called a tether. This is a long bundle of wire that goes from uh theres, like a wi fi hotspot unit that the controller connects to, and then this connects uh from that to the drone. Its got two connectors on here, so this comes with this cloth like microfiber cloth, its actually kind of like a towel, and i think its just for putting the drone on, and i its probably a good idea to use that now. This is the bottom here, so you dont, you know if youre on a rock or something you dont want to scratch up the bottom. Okay, we got some packing list here. Probably manuals inside here as well got a power supply. This is for charging and then this is the wall. Cable that goes into the uh ac outlet, so its a 12.6 volt 3 amp charger. And then you have a looks like a y splitter here, pretty sure one will go to the drone.

The other one goes to the wi fi controller, okay, so actually theres, no wi, fi controller. That goes to the middle here. This actually connects directly. I guess the tether connects directly to the controller, so theres, no, like middle middle man. I think this is probably a newer version. Ive seen some older reviews of this, where there was like a wi fi hotspot that you can connect the controller to or the phone to, and apparently this is a direct connection from the controller straight into the drone. So theres, no no middle man, so this model has been out for a couple years now, so it looks like its gone through a revision where that little sort of the middleman is no longer needed, but anyway, this is what the controller looks like you have this Little section here this is for holding your phone or some sort of a tablet and just folds down like this for storage uh, pretty pretty nice gimbals on here. These are, these are definitely hobby grade type gimbals, not toy grade nice buttons on here it looks like theres an internal battery for this one thats, probably what these connectors are for for charging up the controller and charging up the batteries inside the drone. We have a set of usbc cables and it looks like usb micro, usb and also lightning connectors for apple. So it looks like in this setup here you use the usb cable from the controller directly into the phone theres, no wi fi, or anything like that.

In this particular revision – and we have a sun shade here – so it looks like if you have a phone or something you could probably put it on like so and youll need that if youre in bright sunlight so its nice that this is included so thats everything Thats in the box on the box, it says gladius mini model gm 100, it doesnt say anything about a version two or anything like that here on the box, so this is definitely different from some of the reviews. Ive seen of this model uh from other channels, i think they might have got either pre production versions, or perhaps it was a early version one. This is definitely a later version. Okay, so inside that uh plastic bag with some of the paper documentation, you get some spare parts here, uh some spare screws, probably for maintenance and looks like you got on this little lens cap of some kind, also, some o rings. This is going to be for some of the connectors and stuff. These obviously need probably occasional replacement to maintain the water seal, all right so on the packing list. It does explain what some of those other things are. This is a the thing i thought was a lens cap, its actually a tether, connector cap. I think thats. Some of the caps here like, for example, on the drone over here. This is a where the tether connects to this little cap on here.

Thats, a spare and so thats important to have one of those um. It says it only comes with one buoyancy: weight, which is the one thats attached to the drone. This is the seawater one. So since um yeah, since the buoyancy in in ocean water, is different than fresh water, youre probably going to need that get that buoyancy, because i didnt see that in the box, if youre going to be using this in fresh water ill have to see how this Does it might might not work so well in fresh water without that but yeah it does come with all the component parts, as i showed you earlier, the drone, the tether, cable, the controller, the power adapter and charging cable, and then you have your documentation towel. So just come with a manual the first part of it is in chinese. You have to open up to the middle section here and then the back section here is going to be in english. Get a couple of quick start guides. One side is going to be in english and the other side is going to be in chinese, but this is probably like a good way to start in terms of downloading the app where to go to get that and just you know, basically getting the drone up And running so well do a quick little setup here in this video, and then we have a little mini manual on the controller itself. One side in english and the other sides in chinese all right.

So the first thing im going to do is go ahead and get the app its called the chasing mini app. Okay, so i think uh so theres, chasing g01 chasing g02 interesting im, not sure which one it is chasing mini. App doesnt seem to show up in google play so ill, go ahead, ill, try scanning the qr code instead, okay, so when i scan the qr code, it didnt take me to google play or the apple play store. It took me to a to their website So im going to go ahead and download the app and its going to give me a warning, so youll have to disable your security and your phone. If you want to install the app at least the one that this is going to work with, i dont know if the one in the google play store is the same well, i guess well find out here shortly all right, so lets go ahead and install it. So its actually saying its going to install the chasing g01 app so im going to cancel this im going to install the official one from the google play store. Just because i know that i want to disable security. If i do that lets go ahead and install that straight from the google play store, there go ahead and open it and im going to agree to all the permissions. So we got the app on here. Uh lets go ahead and just show you really quickly.

The controller and the drone so theres some buttons here on the top as well, so this is like photo in video swap mode here, and this actually is a button that starts to stop your video and takes photos if youre in photo mode. You have a dial over here yeah, it looks like it, it goes one way and stops and then goes the other way and stops and it centers and same with the dial here on the left shoulder. It goes part way and stops and then part way and stops. So you see ive Music pulled out the stand, so you can put the controller on a table or something stand it up. And then you have hdmi uh an hdmi port here, usb c port here, and this is the port for the tether. The throttle is a centering throttle, so it kind of reminds me of like those dgi drones, its going to probably maintain its altitude or depth in this case in the water and thats, why this is uh for basically maintaining your height or changing your height in the Water depth in the water and, of course, standard centering right, stick got a lanyard hook here. If you want to put this on your neck of course, looks like its front heavy. If the, if theres something here uh in terms of a tablet or phone, you have a button here, this is, i think, for the maintaining or disabling the depth.

I think locking and unlocking this is for the lights, i believe on off switch here, and then you have some uh gauges here on the bottom uh. I think these are signal level gauges like rov, 2.4 gigahertz and five gigahertz button here for switching back and forth. Okay, so heres the drone itself definitely weighs more than 250 grams, but of course uh that doesnt matter in this case because were not flying these or actually flying these underwater uh inside here is a 3s lipo, 5 000 milliamp hours, so 11.1 volts 55 and a Half watt hours, so definitely that makes sense in terms of getting you two hours of underwater time, nothing on this side, but this is the profile, obviously nice and sleek in terms of going to the water. You got your thrust motors here in the back for forward and reverse motion, and then you have three motors uh that are vertical one, two in the front and the third one here in the back – and this is the one in the back that lets. You maintain the 45 degree tilt up or down thats because the camera is fixed, so the only way to look up or down as to where youre going is to use that third motor in the back. So in the front here you have your 4k camera and then you have your lights. So if youre in a darker situation underwater, you can turn on those lights and get better video and then on top.

You got some cooling vents here and then this is the Music port for the tether theres a cap on here so pull that off, and then you probably want to make sure that, especially if youre in sea water make sure this is dry before you unscrew the Tether so that no salt water gets in there because its salt water is very corrosive and then you want to make sure you dont, lose your cap and then put the cap back on right away to protect those connectors, because if those get corroded or rusted, then Basically, you have to replace that or get repaired. The drone repair so make sure you keep that safe. So in terms of the two connectors they appear to be the same, so it probably doesnt matter which one goes where and it looks like these are keyed, so they only go in a certain way. So yeah, it only goes in a certain way and then you screw down this to secure the tether and theres an o ring in there to seal it. So it protects it from the water and then this cable here is interesting. Its got like its, not plastic, but it feels like cloth but its not cloth, some sort of material, thats, probably waterproof, and, of course, your your video uh control link and all that goes through this tether. So now you dont make sure you dont tangle that up or bend it. You know it doesnt, look like its too bendable and, on the other side well go ahead and stick the tether into the controller and again its keyed, so put it in there and then screw that down.

Okay, so im, just basically following the quick start guide here. So i installed the app already connected the rov and the remote controller and then now were going to turn on the rov. We got some lights over there and also you saw that and then you can see the uh. You heard the esc startup tones. They sounds like a five inch drone kind of weird hearing that sound but yeah just looks like standard dcs inside these motors here so again. Here on the controller, we can see the wi fi signal of the rov and then the 5g wi fi signal, and then we have a red flashing light here on the controller so on the phone we need to, i think, use wi fi to connect to the Controller lets go ahead and do that and were going to be looking for something called chasing blah, blah blah well hit that and the password the password is one through eight hit connect. Okay, so now were connected. Lets go back to the app and now were getting a firmware, update, uh notification here on the screen. So yes, this is the current version is and new version is lets go ahead and upgrade it and go ahead and upload the firmware. Now its updating and the drone just rebooted, this looks like that was successful. Okay, so upgrade is completed and its rebooting. Now it wants to upgrade the firmware on the controller. All right lets go ahead and do that too.

Okay, it looks like everything has been updated. So the controller rebooted there so now we have to go back and connect to the controller again and go back to the app okay. So now we can go ahead and hit start. So it looks like theres an sd card here somewhere, and it says its about looks like its about a 64 gigabyte sd card. So just take a quick look around the interface here. Uh looks like you. Have your depth uh gauge here in the lower left lights. Are currently off lets go ahead and turn those on you can see in the video feed so lets see. It looks like the light button here on the controller toggles between off 50 brightness, 100 brightness and off and yeah theres like theres a compass here. So you can see at the very top as you rotate the drone. It shows you your angle, im noticing that the video feed goes to gray briefly every once in a while im, not exactly sure what thats all about, but you can see here. Our resolution is 4k 30 frames per second at a 20 megabit bit and not sure if thats adjustable or not how to look at the manual. I guess go over here. You can adjust your camera settings, your iso white balance. You have image optimization saturation osd here in the video settings. You have your 4k 30 or 25 fps. You can adjust your bit rate so its at 20 and you can go as high as 60.

, so im going to try and capture as much high resolution video as possible, but uh 64 gigabytes. You know it. You might have a little bit less record time, but, along with the maximum resolution, go ahead and do that and then the preview parameter is 2meg or at 720p and go and confirm that then you have your photo settings so currently set to jpeg or you can Do raw or combination of jpeg and raw you can do burst, photos and adjust your shutter time shutter speed here. So those are your basics, uh, video and camera. So lets just go ahead and do a little short recording. So i noticed that the image looks a little darker now that ive adjusted the bit right to 60 megabits, not sure if thats, an artifact of the the design of the video transmission over here in the upper left is your settings. But it wants me to stop. Recording so im going to stop that recording. I think here, if you click that icon above the shutter button it switches from photo to video mode, you can see the um field of view on the photo mode is pretty wide up and down for your, like four. Three or three three by two video or three by two photos: you switch to video mode as much much more zoomed in in terms of the field of view, and so it keeps seeing that where it is going back and forth with that gray screen im, not Sure what thats all about lets hit the settings button here.

So you have your system settings your rov settings it. You can calibrate the gyro its on the drone metric versus, i guess inches like i guess, uh english system for the units you have your camera, h.264 or mjpeg for the stream type decoding method. You have image stabilization, so you turn that on or off the controller here, so you have basically obviously have usa or japan so im going to switch that to usa. I think japan might be mode 1 or mode 3. Im, not sure. If i want mode 2.. You have your power can be set to linear or exponential and leave that linear all right. So a few more things i need to explain before i conclude this video, so i was initially going off of the quick start guide and they were talking about setting up the wi fi and connecting up the phone to the wi fi hotspot inside the controller, and This is what i did earlier in the video, but i did a little bit more digging and i was kind of wondering what these extra cables were for these usb cables. I showed you earlier one sides, uh usbc and the other side. It will vary. You have a lightning connector micro, usb and usb c and depends on the phone youre using so theres a usbc port here on the back of the controller, as you can see, you know, i have the usb c to usb c cable plugged into my phone and This is actually the method outlined in the theres, a manual for the remote controller and theyre, actually calling that method.

One usb direct cable connection and then method two would be the wi fi connection and i guess the usb direct usb connection is going to be more reliable, so thats probably the way to go. I think thats why i was getting those little glitches in the video where it would kind of go like a gray screen and then come back. I did quickly test it and it did seem to be more stable. The connection to the video, so i would recommend this and then you dont, have to go through that whole process of setting up the wi fi that i did earlier now. Something else i want to clarify is that now that they have this controller, which is actually a newer controller and the the ones i saw in the earlier versions had a smaller controller. So i think what theyve done is theyve combined the two parts, the controller and then the wi fi hotspot into one single unit, so the wi fi hotspot is actually inside the controller. Now the controllers much larger um. I think this actually is probably better, although you know the tether is now directly in the controller, so that could be a little bit of a limiting factor if you want to move around, but this is what theyre going with now and apparently this is a version. Four of the gladius mini – i i think thats correct, im, not 100 sure, because theyre versioning doesnt seem to be all that clear in their website, but from some of the things ive seen on the website, uh in terms of their documentation on their some of their Tutorials it looks like this is the version for setup, which is, i think, came out about nine or ten months ago, and i havent seen too many videos on this setup.

Most of the videos on the reviews for the gladys may have been on the previous set up with the smaller controller and the wi fi hotspot, so thats pretty much. I think i should clarify whats going on with this um particular review setup. Here i did not get the bag. I think some of the earlier versions. They came with a bag where you can put all the stuff in this one. This one did not come with that, so um yeah lets have to carry all the stuff in a box or something out to the lake or from wherever someone going, oh and regarding the um ballast at the bottom salt, water versus fresh water. I did a little more digging and turns out that Music, the salt water one will also work in fresh water as well, but the fresh water one does not work in salt, water, so thats. Why? I think they only. They only gave you the one because it will work in fresh water as well as salt water, so it should be okay, so thats gon na do it for this video i will have um. The second part, you know part two, which is you know this is the videos are really long. So i have a part two, where im gon na take this out somewhere im, not exactly sure where and well get some underwater footage see what we can see and – and let me know what you guys want to see in the future from this.

If you want, if theres a particular location, you want me to take it to, you know: im located in southern california orange county. Let me know uh, if youre around here and if you know somewhere that would be kind of cool to get some underwater footage with some fish or whatever yeah. Let me know down in the comments below lets.