Finally, and in todays, video well be going over how to get the weapon and going over all of its perks and things like that and seeing how good it is and does it live up to the destiny. One hype lets go begin with the quest line. To start off, you go to shaw han in the cosmodrome, which will have the wolf pack style questline, which will reward the gallowhorn, and the first step will be doing the new dungeon, which is from the loot cave in the cosmodrome and im gon na. Try to not spoil anything from a dungeon, because it is really cool to experience it for the first time for yourself, but once you beat it, youll get the next step which youll have to go back to the cosmic drone vendor. Once there hell tell you do something else, the next step of the quest line, which is the feeding powerful fallen in the cosmodrome to collect wolf pack rounds and the way i did that was go to the lost sector. You would see me in which is the one in the divide: there are roughly seven or eight powerfuls throughout the law sector after you do that you have to go visit banshee in the tower after you talk to him. Hell send you back to that exact same lawsuit. Also speaking of the one in the divide, all you have to do is do that, kill the lost sector, boss and chess and youre practically done at that point.

All that is left is you have to go under the vendor and the cost of drone that useless room thats been there forever. But now that is where you pick up. The parts of the j horn take it to shahon, and then you have it so pretty straightforward quest. The bulk of it is doing the new dungeon, which is really cool. So, looking at the perks of g horn in destiny, 2, the first exotic perk, wolf pack rounds rounds, fired a split into tracking cluster missiles upon detonation so same as d1. But now we have pack hunter gain, increased handling and reload speed when standing near allies firing. This weapon also grants well pack rounds to nearby allies, building non exotic rocket launchers, so that sounds extremely interesting. So first is looking at the weapon first off it has tracking just like d1 and when it hits a target, it will then shoot off both pack rounds, which are more or less tracking cluster bombs. If youve never played destiny 1 that do way more damage and or extremely strong. So, looking at that again trying to see how much damage i do, as you see, it almost takes them to the second health board, but its really hard to see all the different numbers. So what i did instead was track, how many different wolfpack rounds there are, and there are six in this game. Then, if we go back to the footage, it seems for every wolf pack that hits him.

There is two of that smaller 2000 number than one of the higher 5000 number. So overall, the rocket of g horn does over 71 thousand damage, while the wolf pack rounds will add another 60 000. And if you look at the health bar that adds up exactly for a total of 131 000 per rocket now looking at the rate of fire of the weapon to get the dps, the rockets took just over two seconds, then im also gon na do four. Like i usually do with rockets two and four and two took six point: five seconds, which means that dps for two will be a hundred and twenty two thousand, which is extremely high, burst up there with the highest things in the entire game and over four. The sustain is still really good at 81.5 000, so those numbers are right in there with some of the best rockets in the game, for example, overflow rockets or even deathbringer. This weapon also holds seven rockets with double reserves that goes to nine, which means somewhere between nine hundred thousand and almost one point, two million total damage output, which once again, is very strong. So the rocket itself is extremely strong right up there with some of the best ones in the game, but now we also have pack hunter which will make it so. People in your fire team, using a legendary rocket launcher, will also get wolfpack rounds on top of whatever rocket perks they have.

So if you look at how that works, if ember shoots the g horn next to me, i get pack hunter for almost 15 seconds and that will make it so every rock i shoot will have wolf pack rounds upon explosion, as you saw with lasting pressure on The rocket it is when the rockets still explodes and not when the rocket hits for the first time. So in theory, this should just raise every single rockets damage by that 60 000 number, which was the total damage of all pack rounds. But as you see, the numbers are actually a little bit higher, so im, definitely making another video testing out with all the regular rockets in the game and all their different perks and see what are the best combinations but back to g horn. For now. This also has exotic slot that we can see and if you go to the triumphs it says acquired in the new dungeon, so im not sure, while im recording this video, if someone already figured out how to get it, but we can already see in the api What it does more wolves increase magazine size, which im assuming, will make it a two mag which will already make it even that much better for dps and make it honestly one of the best burst cps weapons in the history of the game, because it already is At 122 000 with a reload for two rockets, if you remove that reload, it might be touching nearly 200 000, which will be obviously extremely strong and the final part of the catalyst final blows with will peck rounds spawn a faster, more powerful missile at the targets.

Location, so what that will do is make it so there will be like a chain reaction of what pack rounds for actor theres some time when the individual woodpeck rounds well get a kill, itll spawn out a new one and i think thatll just chain forever. So you take this rocket, which is already kind of like a death bringer with tracking built in and already is extremely strong for a clear itll just get even better so yeah. The g hornet d2 is the real deal. It looks like its gon na be one of the best actor weapons with the catalyst with how that system chain react and just keep killing things and sending out more and more wolfpack rounds. Then, for dps its already up there with some of the best options in the game with the two and four mag numbers, but then with the catalyst giving it an increased max size. More than likely two thatll just make its dps even that much higher. Then, on top of that, itll make legendary rockets with your fire team members get an increase of over 60 000 damage per rocket. On top of you know, whatever rocket deepest perk of choice, i mean this scene is absolutely insane, so there will definitely be a lot of follow up videos this week going over the catalyst once that has found out how to get it probably going over how this Combos with different legend rockets in the game, then ill probably eventually make a build for it, then also do it for strike bosses at some point.

Theres. Definitely a lot of follow up g horn content. So definitely stay tuned for that. If you dont have the 30th anniversary pack, yet you plan on seeing youre looking to get it after watching some of this gameplay. You can do so my next story, which will be pinned in the description and comments anyways, i think thats it for the video thanks for watching catch. You guys next time here, children we are dead.