I don’t know how it survived. It would still fly after the crash, but the gimbal was completely broken. The camera would just endlessly move around in unpredictable ways. Similar to how it moves, when you turn the drone on the controller wheel to tilt the camera, wasn’t responding and the dji go 4 app was showing error messages related to the gimbal. I don’t remember the exact wording, but something to the effect of failed to stabilize gimbal or make sure the gimbal clamp is removed dart. I ordered this replacement and installed it following a couple of youtube. Instructional videos and the new camera is working perfectly search for dji mavic. How to replace the jimbo ribbon on youtube for very detailed instructions, make sure to go to the camera settings and select calibrate gimbal after you install it. The tool set i used was, i haven’t, had good luck with cheap gimbal camera replacements, but these are in dji packaging and i haven’t had any problems. The connectors on these things might be the smallest known to man these days and, if everything’s not perfect, nothing works with a good replacement, including the vip board and everything that screws to the chassis. A mavic pro camera is a relatively easy replacement. It only needs a little metric, hex wrench, a tiny phillips screwdriver, maybe some tweezers a magnifier to cinch the connectors and a pry tool to do the job. Great packaging, electrostatic bag, thick foam plug and play well almost had to take the top cover of the drone off great product.