But they say that this one is licensed by Land Rover. You can see some of the details in the manual there there. It is in the box check out the tires. They are gigantic. This is a 18 scale, so it is much bigger than my capra and it feels a lot heavier let's go ahead and take a look at from the side. We'Ll take the top off here. Let me show you how awesome this truck looks close up, it is ready to go ready to run out of the box is super awesome. This is the Traxxas TR x4 defender version 469 versus 330, so quite a bit cheaper for the double e version, with everything ready to go 2.2 tires. There looks like some nice, like metal style wheels on the inside of those tires pretty nice. We have all aluminum links on the bottom, which is to be expected these days and it looks like a metal, driveshaft and we're going to test out all these links, the driveshaft and that metal geared servo out of the oregon rocks and back here we have a Land rover logo supposed to be licensed as well, which is awesome. We have scale style, hinges on the back door. The back door does open up. It has a little hinge and there's your tire rack and check out the LEDs up front already set up for our headlights and parking lights on the side, really really cool. Looking scale detail here, I love the front end: the grille little tiny Land Rover logo there and underneath for the drive servo, it is a metal gear, drive servo with aluminum steering links up front and I tightened all that up just a little bit extra with my Wrench and oil filled shocks, they actually look pretty good and underneath the hood, you can fit a really large battery in here.

I put one of my our GT batteries in there just to show you for reference, how big it is underneath this hood. It is gigantic. You could fit probably a six thousand milliamp battery in that slot is really big. You also get that extra tire in there and the transmitter. It feels really light in my hands. It does have high and low options, so it is a two speed truck, but I feel like the transmitter is lacking a little bit. It probably could be a little bit better, and while I was really happy about, is that the rearview mirrors a rubber, I thought immediately. Those are gon na break off because I've seen them plastic on other trucks and it's. Usually the first thing to go. Some of my exceed trucks have plastic rearview mirrors that are now gone. It also has nice hinges on the doors to open it up and see inside. Look at the scale detail on the back seats, leather seats, floor, mats, headrest everything inside here that middle seat, detail and scale on the ceiling there. I like that little tiny window on top of the truck as well and plenty of clearance about two and a half inches to three inches clearance on the bottom from the ground. Up to that running board plenty of space in between the tire and the fenders and brushed motor inside here, it's great, that these crawlers utilize brushed motors and running over to the receiver box.

One other thing I wanted to mention is that you want to tighten up the bolts on this frame, just go over it with the driver, and this doesn't look to be fairly waterproof. It looks like these are kind of sticking out, but I could be wrong there. You can see all of your wires going up to the LEDs and those are already kind of hot glued in place for you, and there is the battery with the top off plenty of space there and there's. That shorter strap that I took off it's. Only a single strap and I wanted to have double straps on there holding that in place – and this is your steel frame from front to back right here – nice and solid, all the way to the boat style skids and to the back bumper – and this is your Two speed servo as well, so this is gon na switch you into high and low to speed transmission here. This just pulls back and then goes forward to put you into that higher gear. So let's go ahead now outside let's test out this 18 scale crawler and see how it performs in the Oregon rocks and see if it can handle some some tumbles. It is quite heavy so I'm interested to see how it's gon na do out at the notorious out island. Here we go guys now it's time for the drive test out on the treacherous Oak Island we're going to run the struck out here today see what I can get away with and see if it holds up in these rocks and I'm concerned, mostly with the CG, Because this is one of those scale rock colors, so I think kind of it looks a little bit top heavy to me and I'm gon na kind of have to watch where I go and the lines that I choose and the the vert that I try to Climb so I'm interested to see how it handles vert as well.

Now this is just the entrance into this whole course right here, and most of this stuff is fairly flat and it seems to be handling most of this with ease no problem, that's, not a not a big deal, it has. What I noticed right away was that it had plenty of clearance from rock to rock, which is a good thing, a little more clearance than some of the smaller 110 scale style crawlers and up over this first section of rocks no problem now it's gon na start To get a little bit steeper – and this is where I was concerned it can it handle like wheel articulation over top of like some pretty tough spots and crevices here it seems to handle it pretty. Well, it is again it is a heavier crawler than a lot of the one tenth scale. So when you pick this truck up, you'll you'll feel it in the way you'll know it's much heavier than one of your one. Tents, it's definitely a beast, but I feel like this truck could probably most benefit from 3s just to give it a little bit of extra oomph getting up some of these inclines. The 2's seem to work just fine today for my test, but I think if I was to drive this personally on my personal days, I would switch that es e over to 3s and run it on 3s lipo and here I'm, just stalling out for a little Bit of traction check take my time over top of some of these and one other when this truck tumbles it tumbles hard, so I'll be ready to catch this guy and what's interesting.

Is the body took a huge beating today? It really did it took a huge beating and it just kind of kept on going, which is awesome. Such a nice day to be out here on crawling elk island is like caller Wonderland its crawler. Heaven – and another thing I was concerned with about this particular model – is that the weight versus the gears are the gears gon na hold up out here today with all of this weight and climbing these type of inclines. And unless you live around a lot of mountains and places with big rock, like Oregon House, not likely to take this truck on such sort of strenuous rock crawling sessions, if you live somewhere on the East Coast, where it's relatively flat you're using it as a trail Truck this thing will eat up trail, no problem, but I love this spot out here because it separates the cheap trucks from the well made trucks, and and also it puts servos really to the test out here. I'Ve had other servos out here that have lasted five minutes on some of these inclines and rate and turn radiuses that we have to pull off it's a lot of tension going on all the drivetrain and servo and everything on these courses getting into a little more Vert know it's still going no problem and the further we get into this course the deeper we get in the more treacherous gon na get. You can see just a little bit of the terrain there and I love the fact that this truck can get away with a lot more than I thought it could it's way more capable than I ever imagined, and I guess that's because of the electronics and the Gear system that they get chose to put on here – this is my first double e type of crawler and it's.

Nice also that it is a 2 speed, if you guys like that, if you want to go a little faster and do some kind of bashing around, it will do some some burnouts and stuff like that and the high gear, and if you're, just going from one Spot to the next it's nice to have that high gear, when you're walking to the next crawl spot. Look at that nice wheel balance there looking a little bit treacherous on this angle right here and the race spawn getting right up there now it's the defenders turn let's see if it can make that type of this is good amount of vert not happening on that. One pretty good tumble there I'm hoping those doors hold up today the door did pop open, but whenever you get a good rock punch in the face, it's toughs pound to break and just hoping this truck makes it out in one piece. So finding my line awesome, it did the same incline that the axial Wraith did the Wraith spawn and now this is some serious articulation right here. This is awesome. That'S. Why? I love rock crawling. You got to have your tires in exactly the right spot. I haven't done that right. I would have tumbled down into the water, and I don't believe this ESC is super waterproof here, but handling pretty much everything that the Wraith did so I'm impressed so far, and god it looks really cool.

It just looks so cool. I did lose one window on that tumble to see that the back right, rear, tiny window is missing, hopefully that's inside the truck body somewhere. But the first thing that I noticed about this was the size of it. The massive scale it feels like so much bigger than my 110 scale crawlers. This is my first 18 scale and just never never had an interest to go any bigger than 110, but it feels cool, it's, sort of a different angle on crawling and it's it's hard to see the the incline here with the GoPro. But this is a pretty steep descent right here. It was able to make it down, and your body is like always in the way what's going on with buddies like leaving their cars in the trail. Do that don't think it's truck will push it out of the way, no problem, but you definitely want to take that rear tire off, because that is a lot of extra weight on the back end and I, like a lot of times most crawlers, you prefer to Have the weight up front so you have less chance to tumble backwards when you're, making those vert climbs and this isn't really a vert style, competition style, climber, it's, it's, 100 scale style crawler. This was a tough spot right here, just just barely edging it through right. There, if it have been any bigger, I wouldn't have been able to make that no it's awesome.

Now coming up this little face, trying to find my line through there yeah, you got to be choosy for your lines with this particular crawler. But again it is a scale crawler it's, not a comp crawler it's, not weighted it's, completely stocked, there's, no brass upgrades or anything on here and all of my reviews, guys you're gon na see crawling 100 stock how it came out of the box because I want You to know what you're getting theirs. I haven't done anything to mod this or change anything or add any weight anywhere. That way we can keep. The review is 100 honest, and this thing is just it's it's, a big billy goat for for its size in here. Getting a little bit of assistance, but I can make it down there. Otherwise, I think I would have just fallen right over with the size and scale this body and would have flipped right over on top of its body, made it down nice and look how much bigger it is in the race moving right along no problem. So I'm I'm, pretty like happy with the fact that this this chart looks cool and it's able to get away with some pretty decent stuff. This is some really really hard. Vert faces right here and there's some flat spots on the tire and never you get a flat spot going on that back tire watch what happens and about angle and humble humble not to Kevin Talbot.

There it's his favorite phrase, humble humble, a little bit of trail driving here and again no problem. If you're gon na do trail crawling – and you just you know, do some hiking with this truck it'll pretty much go anywhere on trail over sticks, branches whatever and it just looks, really cool. I know over an axial fest. They do some, they had a 5k run. I believe – and you run along with your crawler and I think, it's a race, so you gon na get through the course to the crawl. At the same time, I didn't realize how much hiking is actually involved with crawling. It really gets you out on trails and gets you outside, which is nice, especially during all this coronavirus stuff right now, it's it's nice to get out where there's, not a lot of people around and you've got some woods behind your house, a Carl there's, a really Nice way to get outside and not stay trapped inside all day with this lockdown that we have going on a lot of these towns are having lock downs, but I keep thinking very capable. The crawler is very capable I'm impressed with the defender so far, especially that this is the cheaper version than the Traxxas. The Traxxas is like five hundred dollar investment, and this is just over at three hundred I'm loving the clearance on here as well. The clearance is rocking and also the amount of torque that this motor has surprised me it's a fairly large motor I'm, pretty sure, it's bigger than a 550.

I could not find any specs that weren't in English in the manual so that's one bad thing about the manuals it's all in Chinese. I could probably send these guys an email, and they, let me know exactly what size motor this is, but it definitely looks bigger than our typical 550 brushed motor for you, guys that are new to calling check out this angle right here, just gets away with stuff That I don't never imagine I've. Never. I didn't think they could do it's awesome again, making it up to this summit again up top no problem. It'S always good to see this truck come to the top of the stack of rocks, and now the race has the ultimate summit up there. So I'm gon na see, if I can get this defender up there, I've got to choose my line, get that wheel on the outside of that rock right there and no problem, and I made the summit that's awesome what an awesome day to crawl really nice, and This is interesting. It was interesting when you turn sideways to see if you can just kind of scrape through a section, and I was able to pull that off up and over those rocks, no problem and now down a really, really steep descent. This section right here is quite steep, I'm gon na go back up to the top here, see how far up I can make it Music and right here I went to the bottom and I was trying to come back up and this truck a lot of times When you're dealing with a scale, crawler it's it's more so about realistic driving with the scale rollers pretty good, instead of that and crazy insane competition, stop crawling where you they do.

The unimaginable now I'm gon na try to go down, and you want to take sections like that: pretty slow, especially when you're descending coming down a face, it's really easy to flip over. But with this huge body on top, it does seem to have a good amount of weight back as well. So I think the weight is fairly equally distributed again just going wherever it wants to go really nice race following along no problem, and that was impressive – that that section right there took me a couple times actually and one of my doors got busted at this point And I was, I was hoping that it didn't come all the way off. She had a really hard slam on that super vertical descent that I was doing a plenty of clearance again and back on the trail, and so I was able to get through the park today and do pretty much all the phases it handled pretty. Much anything that the axial spawned Wraith did, I didn't have any stripped gears leaving. I did lose that door on the side that it eventually lost its hinges or another super hard hit. Another Rock punch took that door slam off, but I can fix that either that or I might make it a doorless rig there's a lot of doorless bodies out there, but I'll probably just fix the door because it really does look cool really like that scale boat. So I like the body I think the drivetrain is decent, especially for the for the money.

It went places that the Wraith could go and even at this scale is impressive, because it is quite large and quite heavy but looks great on camera. So the drive system is good. The old power train held up the front servo held up. I did break a couple parts on the body which is to be expected out in your own elk island for scale crawlers. If you're, not careful and again, I was pushing it in this video to take this truck places it most drivers probably wouldn't, push this truck but that's. What the point of a review is to see what something can handle and I feel like I pushed it to its limit and it survived all the gear train. So super happy about that. Most trip gears yeah and now I can take it home sorta in one piece and put it in my collection. We'Ll. Probably I'll, try to do some more videos on this one. If I can for you for guys who are fans of this particular crawler and there's, a lot of defender fans out there, so hopefully you liked this video and you enjoyed checking out our spot out of elk island. It is really crawler paradise out here, so I'll be bringing some more crawler views to you. Guys coming up in the future. I'Ve got some pretty awesome trucks that I'm testing. Now I got the new axial truck coming in that's, the SC X and three.

That just came out so let me say thanks axial for sending me that then you can check out this one in the link down below and grab one of these. If you want to – and please do subscribe on, the channel guys, I'm Justin Davis take care.