So this is the price that pixonic delivered to all the robots players, along with the venom, the crawl bane with the balanced unit nuclear amplifier. But not only that guys, the special thing that we are going to use the new drone, the high on heart – and i discovered i found it – really useful to use it on the fenrir, because it gives two uh square slots. It means we have resistance. Every time. Im activating the repair unit, so this is really significant for the pen. It also has f slot means we can use the absorber chip and this is a shooting drone. So i have this target seeking minigun shooter and the ability of the iron heart for sure. Of course, when your robot is affected by a freeze or blast effect, the effect is removed and the robot gains temporary immunity to the corresponding effect. So this thing is really is gon na be useful for a tanks like a fenrir, so this is gon na. Be really interesting guys we will do so. Yeah lets jump into the gameplay. Okay, guys we have a match first match on castle map. So it really looks amazing that if you give bring a fan here, so i havent tried it since the since they they get. They have we had the remaster before the master. It was the last time i used the gif bringer finger so its time to use it right, its the price.

So i said why not, i just run the gift bringer from here. Okay, so there is another in the center and still with him, im trying to stand in the circle and see what im trying to do here. I dont want to give them him the big one: okay, its always has the stealth and come on come on. Get him get him get him lets go, we got the kill and we are gon na get the beacon. Even nice, really awesome, guys very important. If you are new to the channel, do not forget to hit the subscribe button and activate notifications from the bell. Also that way you will know when im releasing new robots, video and smash the like button. The giveaway is still open. The orochi giveaway is still open. You dont have much time. You have two days its, not a lot guys. You have to join this giveaway. If you havent, is you have an opportunity to get one of the top robots in the game? The orochi is one of the best robots in the game, so be sure if you havent participated, follow the instructions and participate in this giveaway, and also there is a pilot giveaway or this is the twin sister pilot giveaway, still open as well its for one day, I believe until wednesday, so also even less time than the the orochi pilot, but the main thing. The much important thing is the coral orochi giveaway be sure to participate.

Okay lets keep going so here i i just wanted to use the crawl band. I know. Maybe the ideal thing is to use the vein itself, but i just wanted to use the cold bay because its a new weapon, you know and its on the crates. So why not? There is another fenway over there. So because i have corrosion power, i can do maximum damage to him, but the thing is there is a fan here on my team, its blocking me. There are a lot of venues lately, thats the thats, the funny stuff ima give bring your friend here. I am im much much more much special than them so theres, a wraparound lets see whos gon na win, okay, hes gon na be oh, it has the the nebula. Okay, we got the kill nice. We got the kid so the pilot, the pirate. I mean the drone, i mean the drone. Israel is gon na help, you versus uh freezing effects and x bomb effect, so, instead of getting frozen or uh be exploded by a bomb effect. Oh, how i i think i get this kill im, not sure we got it. Can we get a gold like we got a gold like nice. We are doing really well with the give bring your family lets go with the iron heart. So as soon as i i, i saw the the chips, the slots of the drone, i said this is going to be perfect for the robots like a fan here.

So the first thing i wanted to do is to try it on the fender and because the gif bringer fan here is a surprise that everybody can use it. I said why not do this on the gift bring your friend here lets. Do it lets go? We are doing really well, we got a titan still got even a titan still with this thing, and this setup is the best guys if you are wondering about a setup for the failure, the venom and the bane, in my opinion, is the best. The second best is probably the sonic weapons and the third one is the flaming setup, the igniter and the ember. This is the best, in my opinion, maybe the hell im, not sure about the hell and the skadi, but i said defending. You need to use brawling type of weapons like this one like sonic weapons like flaming setups, so because all of the players they have right now are familiar. You need to know their exact, perfect setups for the family. We got another titles there you see. This is why im telling this the best, because it has corrosion power, i can smash titans left and right at this thing, im still alive with the fenrir by the way. This is insane okay, because i have his shield so remember that we have the the drone. It means that the bomb effect of this thing it did not work. You saw it right now.

It did not move because of it. I have the drone, so its really wow it wasnt staying around. We will do another one. It was really quick. This gameplay, for some reason so 10, kills only with the fenway one bitcoin. Almost four million damage lets do another one, okay, so second game play on canyon map, starting again with the fan here, lets see how we do this time. So the thing is, there is another microchip that gives you a freezer. Freeze effect the shooting there is a slot for the shooting slot. There is a microchip that gives you freezing effect, but i dont have this on this battery. Like account, i dont have this microchip. This is why im using the regular target seeking minigun shooter, so there is a target phrasing shooter, i dont have it so this is why im not using it okay, so i also tried to to roll some uh try to get it from the by a random Chance but the thing is i kept getting the same chips over and over again, so i decided to give up and to use the regular chip the target seeker, its a secret minigun, shooter. Okay lets deal with this prevalent talking too much about microchip and stuff its boring stuff, but the main thing is that we are smashing enemies left and right here lets go the fan here, so im keep saying that the fan air is one of the top robots In this game, guys its top 10 for sure, not top 5, of course, but top ten for sure they are much better robots than their family.

Of course the fafnir is the best, so obviously it is the top one im, not sure so. This is why i said its not the top five but top ten. In my opinion, it is okay. Lets get this seven and we got this kill. We got a double, kill nice really doing well. Okay, then, and did i get the big one? Thats thats really awesome this och. You should not get close to us because, because youre gon na suffer so the thing is, of course guys. You have to know that the fenia is. Has the uh disadvantage disadvantages? Also, you have to be careful from fafnirs and hawks and weapons like that, so i dont have permanent protection with this kind of stuff, so this story doesnt give you permanent protection. You have to know that if you have, if you have the drone, this drone its really effective on the fenrir, but the thing is its not giving you a permanent protection, its helping you, as you guys, can see, im able to get protection versus freezing effects and Bomb effects but its not permanently. You see this this time i got froze frozen by uh by this five nil. So you see i i wanted to say, because the fan here is not that it has a lot of disadvantages. You see it that im playing careful here im using this this thing to protect myself, this um, this mountain – you can see so im using it to my advantages and in order to stay away from the fafnir, so they are trying to bring me down so the This fenian, i can deal with him.

This is why im went directly to him and we got him really easily because i have corrosion power, so even other venues they are gon na suffer theres, another thing here: wow and hes, using sonic weapons. You see here that the sonic weapons versus uh the toxic weapons right now, so i have ranged this advantage on him and you see the damage output is really significant. I have corrosion power, it means other than here is gon na suffer, so i destroyed him really easily. The thing is this happening. I just came back to seal that seal the deal, and this venus is gon na destroy me, but the only thing i can do is to do some damage to him before getting destroyed and to get revenge with the luchador, so lets go. Lets. Do it right now theres a sharanga, i deactivated my ability, but you know what i did not use my the main ability, the other reflector thats, the good thing, but this already has been destroyed by somebody else. What is that its a its a fafnir im? Assuming so this our wing is really annoying? We are going to turn him to become a ouch ming in a second, oh, we have an orders on our team really awesome. So this game is also a a quick match. Well have to do another one, maybe maybe i will do another gameplay, usually im playing two matches and im ending my videos im playing two matches and thats it, but but this video, maybe we will play free because this match is again really its really fast.

So the match is going over. We have beacon control. Maybe we can get oh another plan there. I didnt want to do it, so it was a quick game. Again we will do another one. It was really quick and so quick lets see the scores. Okay. So five million damage this time. Five kills one big one, yeah, definitely another good one. We will do another game. Lets, go okay, another match this time again, canyon map and we have a big juicy spider over there, a revenant. So i know its gon na come to me so im expect expecting him waiting for him and there is a fafnir on the other side, so we have to be careful from him. Hes coming this level on. We are ready, activating healing, look at the damage im. Doing to him wow lets see okay wow. He has the nebula zone wow. He just generated all of his hp wow. It was insane so, of course, all the enemies they are coming along with this revenant, but im a juicy im, a juicy fan here. I can absorb this thing. We are going to destroy this revenant in a second, i believe, has to be yeah. We got it lets go and i have orbital strike. Five. More percent from uh for the orbital strike well have orbital strike in a second and this fafnir. We have to be careful also from this fafnir because he is gon na use his ability again, and we have to pay attention.

Oh its another fafnir, so i have to take cover again lets go to our usual location. This is the best location we like to use in order to get take cover, so stone rock is using uh the fafnir over there. So there is a shell. I just want to get him before, but the thing is the fafnir that keep shooting at me. Thats the thing and the pictures of spider is coming as well: hes using uh, also the toxic weapon, so its not going to be good for business. It has corrosion power. Remember, corrosion power is not healthy for the pictures. Inspired fenrir also, remember that also solid weapons, but portion power is even much im afraid more from the corrosion power. So it seems that okay, i have my healing i can use it. Lets try to engage this spider again, but the thing is this: five nerves keep shooting me now now its gon na be now its gon na be come on. Come on. We have nuclear amplifier up to power charged up and come on. Lets go. We got him. We got the pictures inspired so the big just if any has spoken: okay, the fafnir and all their if his friends they are coming from the other side lets get ready, get ready. Oh lets, go somebody locked him down this type of. We can get him nice double k, lets go, we got him and this okay lets wait here for one more second, so we have to be.

We have three vehicles, so we dont have to rush things here. I have ages shield so in case youre wondering how its from the orbital strike. Of course, i have the banner that will file dont have the other pilot, the santa pilot, so im using the battle that would be. There is much better pilot than the santa pilot, so obviously its gon na be the right decision to do so. This hawk is already use this ability, so maybe its time to get there to try to take the big one. I hope im not gon na forget about this ill. Try to do it, so you see again. I proved that this drone is not. It doesnt give you permanent protection because again the freezing effect you just applied on my fender, its gon na. Is it gon na fly again? Oh my god theres the outer just spawn. We have to fight. We have to fight no choice. Maybe we can take the peak on even wow im doing a lot of damage this r2. I have another healing lets, see wow. Look at this damage guys look at this insane damage that im doing this almost took him out wow, it was insane. So all the odds they wear against me and almost took him out this um alto was insane. At least i tried i didnt understand. I i didnt have a choice i had to to engage in this r2, all the enemies they were there and i had to do it so its time for the revenge lets go so that wow look at the hawks, so many hawks they have.

They are the enemy team, wow, four hawks on the enemy side; im not gon na survive. This for sure, look at that wow theres, a party, a hulk parties for more all the the the places another hawk and what happened we crashed. Of course, we are going to crash well its like colliding, not only the game. Well, it was really insane. The game could not handle all the power of the hawks, but it was an insane gameplay with defending. I think its. This is enough guys. Let me know what you think about the big juicy fenrir and the higher on heart zone. My opinion is the tanks that are going to benefit the most, probably also the revenants, but i still think that probably the nebula drone is the better choice in my opinion. But if you have this drone use it. Why not on their fenders its really useful, and you saw it on this gameplay? Let me know what you think about that and do not forget to join our discord.