Yep there’s got ta, be a better way. It’S got ta, be a better way. Music josh, if there’s got ta, be a better way to install that one. Hey friends, welcome to flight test. Today, we’re going to be building a salt spreading multi rotary first thing, we’re gon na be doing is designing the hopper, so we can figure out how we’re gon na spread the salt all right. So we got our hopper design here and it’s. Looking pretty cool, the whole goal is to kind of copy what we’re, seeing in a normal like salt spreader trucks in ohio i’m, always on the back side of this all the time so kind of having the v shape we’re going to put a ramp down in The middle it’s ultimately going to come out of here. I want to make this look kind of like a little dude spitting out salt. I think that’d be really funny like like a praying mantis, almost so um it’s, going to come out of his mouth here and a couple things i think i’m gon na need to do is i’m gon na need to have like a way to kind of vibrate. The salt kind of keep it always traveling down the hopper and then also we’ll have to figure out how to disperse it. But in the meantime i just want to build this see how it looks, get the ramp in there and then pour some of our salt to make sure it goes down, but it doesn’t look like a free mask.

You just put your two big eyes. I just want to see i just want to. I just want to see it like two big eyes and then like here’s, the rotor blades like it’s antennas and then just so. We got that uh let’s, go ahead and cut the hopper out and then we’ll take some of the salt and we’ll start sprinkling it, and then i think the biggest thing we want to do is have a way to meter it so i’m kind of picturing. This is his mouth and it can open and shut versus uh, just be constant flow all the time. So if you want to stop and fly around and open it up again it’ll work and then we just need to have a way to kick it out of his face so we’ll make it work. Then we’ll make it cool tape. His face shut all right, so flow test, wise we’ll fill the hopper up and then what i want to do is uh basically see what the natural flow would be just just by itself and then we’ll try to make a mechanism to vibrate. It we’ll see what the flow is then that’s, like all the good stuff there, Music it’s, very underwhelming, all right. Let me let me come up with something to shake it. Music, look at that! That works pretty good, that’s a success. I like that, okay, so so what we’ll do is we’ll take a motor i’m gon na go ahead and i couldn’t really feel it up here.

It wasn’t so aggressive, but on this table it just made everything flow like water. So a really thick water, i’m gon na go ahead. I’Ll lift up this plate, i’ll get a motor mounted on the bottom of it, that’s wired up that can just basically vibrate and send that down, and then what we need to do next now is to kind of get a spreader on the bottom. That will take that and then kick it out so uh. I think now i just got ta i’ll i’ll make a wood plate for this, and i’ll make a wood plate for the spreader. Just gon na make a spreader all right. So, while josh and noah are working on this crazy salt drone hopper thing, i want to tell you about today’s sponsor this video, and that is nordvpn. So if you’re not familiar with nordvpn norvpn is a virtual private network that helps keep all of your data and information secure. The cool thing about nordvpn is that they have over 5500 super fast servers in over 60 different countries and with all these servers, it allows you to unlock netflix and all of your favorite entertainment websites, wherever you might be across the world. Another great feature of normandyn is that it protects your data, while traveling in public so like, if you’re in a coffee shop with public wi, fi or an airport. For that matter. It keeps all of your data secure so that when you’re traveling, no one hacks your system, along with all the protection you get while traveling there’s, also no data.

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Now, although it did actually spread the salt, it spread it just way too thin and kicked it out way too far. It wasn’t really within the vision that we wanted, where we wanted to see this thing just really kind of spew out salt as we flew over objects. So we went back to the beginning and we worked on the agitator more to give us a better flow of the salt and that worked fantastic what’s going on out here. Look at this all guys on the camera and the face is gon na make it it’s. Gon na make it the best it’s gon na make it the best all right that that’s awesome, that’s, awesome dude, i love it getting it let’s go Music all right, so we have our old quad here. That was previously the quad for our claw game. Uh we’re going to repurpose this, but i got to reprogram it to make sure everything’s working before we do we’re going to make sure we’re safe we’re, going to remove the props we’re going to reprogram it and then make it fire up and get everything working at That point we’re ready to put on the hopper Music so guys we got the hopper done now. The next step is we have to cut out some strips out of foam to build a box to protect this battery. Then what we’ll have to do is put the hopper on the bottom of the drone for the final fit.

Then all we have to do is paint it all right. So we have the drone. Yes, we have salt. Thanks to you, ice melt ice melt, and this is some high performance stuff too it’s. What it looks like it’s, like granular it’s granular it’s got a little bit of pinkish hue to it. Yeah that’s, okay, ready all right. Here we go nom nom feed me dude there’s a lot of weight in this. Well, i don’t want to get greedy too much. What do you say like okay? This has that’s, probably so. Let’S put this in perspective. This is 12 pounds. This is half of the salt. How much have you put in there half of these about half yeah, so about half, so we we effectively took this from what makes a half a pound to not weighing five to six pounds. Let’S button this up get the agitator plugged in everything plugged in we’ll. Take it up for its first flight. If this works i’m gon na sit here, nice and toasty and i’m gon na salt, the driveway, yes, Music, all right, let’s, see if she fires up here. All right ready three, two one: yes, she’s live that’s good, she is live and she’s heavy whole motivation is everything works. Then i get to go back upstairs, get my comfy thing and then we’re gon na go ahead and do the most simple thing in the most complicated way. Let’S. Do it all right? Are we gon na? Try it no you’re good! You got lots of cameras, got lots of good things, all right, ready all right here.

Let me get you here, three, two one. Yes, how do you feel she feels great yeah. Look at that look at that all right, ready, gon na start the there’s a lot going on. Maybe i should have had someone else to wear this. Okay let’s see if there’s no damage we’re good to go, i murdered our life. I straight up murdered the solo light. Luckily, i don’t feel any damage all right, we’re, good, we’re, good. It flew all right. We’Re gon na fill this thing to the hopper. I have plenty of power. I think what we do now is we fill this thing up and we just go salting like crazy, salty time: let’s, salt, Music, Music, god, Music, so Music, foreign Music. So is it practical to make a drone that carries salt to spread and spread salt all over edgewater? No, no wasn’t it. It was fantastic. It was a fantastic blast. So friends, we need more ideas here. Make sure you let us know down in the comments. If you want to see an everyday task that you don’t want to do made as complicated as possible with a little bit of flight mixed in, we want to hear about it. We want to try it and make sure that you subscribe make sure you hit that notification bell.