Where today were taking a look at another tao empire unit – and i thought it would be fun to take a look over the ghost kill data sheet. One of the battle suits that really got some quite interesting special rules when the new book dropped essentially in the lore. These are the big stealth suits using most of the technology that is available on the regular sized stealth suits, but just supersizing it onto a vehicle level, battlesuit able to strike with some seriously heavy firepower from a new and unexpected angle at the enemy in the video. Well, take a look over its data sheet, talk about any obvious buffs and synergies and finish up with a few thoughts about using the ghost kill in game and its competitors. Starting out. The ghost kill is an elites choice for codex town 160 points at base and, along with the rip side, is one of the battle 2 vehicle keyword units, and it has flyer and the jet pack keywords. Its stat line saw a fair few improvements compared with the previous model in the 8th edition codex. Its got a 12 inch move weapon, skill, 5, plus ballistic skill, 4 plus strength 6 toughness, 7 12 wounds, 3 attacks, leadership, 9 and a 3 plus save in particular. The extra wounds and extra toughness will really help, keep it safe as well as, of course, its very nice stealth field rules to represent its close nature on the battlefield.

It gets stealth drones, theres, two of them and while one of them are alive, the unit cant be targeted from greater than 18 inches away. Unless it happens to be the closest target, which often means the ghost kill, is just a really good choice for plonking down. On a far long objective, as it means that your opponent is not going to be able to deal with it from long range, theyll actually need to send a unit to take that objective unless theres literally nothing else from your army that they can see. Theyre. Just not going to be able to shoot you off it most of the time as well as that it gives a native minus one to hit against ranged attacks, always nice and gets the scout style for deployment rule where it can set up anywhere in the midfield. Greater than nine inches away from the enemy – i guess thats, quite a nice rule to put in combination with master of cao young, could potentially mean that you could line up a fairly devastating alpha strike and then pull back. If your opponent looks like theyll be in a position to wipe you out in the first turn in general, though i think, as for deployment units go its, maybe not going to want to be as aggressive as maybe stealth suits, his weapons can have some fairly decently Long range and as its so heavily rewarded from being shot from a long way away, you do maybe get rid of one of its main bonuses if he sets it up super close to the enemy.

In any case, as battle suits go to take out, it is really quite tanky and annoying to shift lots of special rules to get in the way weapon wise. The ghost kills armed with a fusion collider, 24 inches heavy 3 strength, 9 ap minus 4 and damage d6. As with most melters, you get an extra plus 2 when its within half range, a fairly scary, anti tank profile there or the cyclic ion breaker, which is 36 inches heavy six shots at strength, seven ap minus two and damage two, and if you overcharge, it gets Plus one strength and plus one damage really quite a nice general purpose, well rounded profile there a strength, eight ap, minus two and damage three. That does give you the chance of suffering some mortal wounds after the two. I think i do prefer the cyclic ion breaker its just a more generalist profile that still competes very well against most vehicles with the fusion collider and the longer range i think, works quite well with the ghost kills 18 inch targeting ability, then, as a secondary weapon. You either get two tower flamers two burst cannons or two fusion blasters, all of which are really quite close point defense type weapons, the fusion blasters cost a little bit more than the other two. I think weirdly enough out of those id be actually most tempted by the tower flamers two tower flamers give you 11 auto hits at strength 4, if youre within 12 inches thats enough to toast an enemy light, infringe squad, thats trying to come after the ghost kill.

Never mind what his primary weapon system does. Finally, if you do get caught in melee, it strikes with his ghost kill fists going up to strength 7, ap minus 1 and damage 2., though, because youre hitting on 5s thats, hardly going to be very threatening, maybe punting to death one infantry model if youre lucky. Finally, we come to support systems. You get a drone controller included for free, which could be handy for savior protocols or buffing, some gun drones theoretically and then youve either got an early warning override or you can upgrade to a flare launcher for plus 15 points. The override is a free option and it gives you a five plus overwatch and overwatch for free. If you need to that could combine really quite nicely with the tower flamers getting free overwatch on those is very nice, never mind what the raker or the collider do, but i think that flare launcher is really quite interesting. 15 points four or five plus feel no pain against ranged attacks that are greater than strength. Seven thats, going to give it yet more annoying survivability at range, when most of the things that are going to take this down efficiently are going to be strength. 7, plus. The way that a 5 plus 5 or no pain works generally gives you an extra 50 survivability. So i guess you could theoretically see it as he goes, kill having effectively 18 wounds against anything that strength, eight or more from range.

For the 15 points, i really dont think thats too bad, though obviously thats going to be a flat defensive, upgrade its not even going to work in all scenarios when youre charged, for example, and its already a unit that has kind of iffy damage output compared with A lot of tower units and stacking more points into defense, isnt really going to help with that. I dont really think its a bad upgrade, but i feel like a fair few. People will skip out on it just because defense isnt, really what this thing is lacking. As a vehicle battle suit, it isnt going to have quite as many access to buffs and synergies as things like trices suits or broadsides, but theres still quite a lot of fun and powerful special rules that it can lay down. Mod car and calyon could be particularly handy for close range damage buffs if it does decide to go. Super aggressive extra ap from monk car in particular helps out those flamers, and things could help it jumping towards objectives on the flanks and maybe dealing with any enemy units that have already managed to get there stratagems wise theres. A lot on offer. Savior protocols could be good to negate to save you just failed. The fail, safe decimator will give you a few mortal wounds on a target that might just have killed. You in combat could be handy, situationally, backup, ai, is pretty good. If you have degraded – and your ballistic skill is worse, warlord mirrors is a kind of handy one if youre near a board edge, and then you can come back and the enemies turn greater than nine inches away from their models.

That one seems like a reasonable one to throw down late game and strike at the enemy from an unexpected angle. Maybe get into grips with some key enemy objective holders, perhaps strike and fade, allows you to shoot and then potentially move again. It could allow you to jump behind terrain or just get you more movement towards an objective, maybe and for two command points. Ionized shock field can temporarily stun a unit. If you hit a really big synergy enemy target with that, then it means they cant. Take any advantage of friendly auras could be really nasty on the right target, but i think thats going to be quite expensive for most units that the enemies are going to be fielding. Sept wise, a few things are kind of helpful tower, far side enclaves will chip in with damage for their re rolls always good on the main weapon, and i think boar khan is perhaps particularly worth a mention here. An extra four inches is really relevant on the fusion collider and any of the small arms, particularly as this thing might want to be hanging back a little bit more than some of the other units. Warkhand adds a little extra layer of defense as well, which certainly doesnt hurt. Interestingly, ghost kills are one of the units that can take prototype systems as well, its only them the crisis, char spheres and the commanders. The ones on offer for the ghost kill are the e8s disruption suite its 30 points for a once per game, aura of plus one command points to a bunch of stratagems for nearby enemy units.

Personally for 30 points, i just dont really think that thats all that worth it youd have to be jumping him into the middle of the enemy army, which isnt really what youre going to want to do, and even then, even if it does cost your opponent a Command point or two i think, thats still going to be only borderline worth it for 30 points worth of investment, which you could be getting other units with for 20 points. You can buy an early warning, override ghost kill the intercept rule, so it gets to shoot enemy units that come on within 12 inches again, one of those rules, thats kind of annoying to have to commit to pre game. As once its down, the opponent can just avoid it if its meaningful or just tank the damage, if its not going to be in any case, ghost kills as a battle suit, do have access to that repulsor impact field, stratagem, which really, i guess i should have Mentioned in the stratagem section, thats one command point for 2 to charges and already gives you at least a fair bit of insurance against deep strike charging units from the enemy lines and anything else thats trying to make long charges on the board. Finally, for 15 points you get the internal grenade racks thats, the one where, if you move over an enemy unit on a two plus, they sell for d3 immortal wounds kind of handy enough.

I guess for skirmishing with enemy, objective takers in the midfield, but again to make use of them. You really have to screw with your positioning a fair bit and for a worthwhile upgrade. I think youre going to need to use them multiple times per game, something that i think is going to be slightly hard to do with the ghost kills movement and what its going to want to do. Otherwise, in general im just not enormously convinced that the ghost kill is going to want to take any of those. I feel, like the 15 point, flare launcher that he can get on the support system section. I feel like if you arent, going to upgrade the ghost kill with anything that might be well one of the best choices. Overall, though, i do think that the ghost kills really quite an interesting unit. The 18 inch, no shooting thing is really quite powerful, provided your entire army isnt hidden behind ruins or something then it means the egos kill, is likely not going to be targetable for quite a lot of the enemy units on the balls, meaning that it could be A good choice to sit on your home field objectives or go to any of the ones in the far flung corners of the board, hopefully, where its just going to be able to sit around for a fair bit of the game, raining off iron shots and your Opponent not being able to do anything much about it from there.

If it manages to survive into the late game, then the redeployment ability, if its near a board edge, could be significantly powerful popping up from nowhere to deal a whole bunch of iron on flamer shots. Could be really quite nice to toast some unexpected enemy objective holders in terms of damage output, i think there isnt really much question that the ghost kill isnt the best source of damage within the codex, the main weapons arent too bad. If you do manage to expend a mark a lot, the ion raker is better if youre willing to overcharge against just about every target. The fusion collider only comes into effect against really high, save things or things with toughness, eight or better, with a longer range id go for the iron breaker youre, expecting around about two dead marines, five or six wounds to a toughness, seven vehicle or about four wounds. To toughness eight on a turn on turn average, so decent generalist damage output, thats going to chip away at the enemy army. Overall, if you did want to feel ghost kills and maybe take one or two of them and not go crazy on spamming them and use them as a bit more of an annoyance threat, one thats going to hold down bits of the board with that stealth field. Well, but, except that its not going to be one of your main damage, dealers of the army and save that for the more shooty units, things like crisis suits, broadsides storm surges, hammer, heads and everything else still seems like they could be a very annoying unit.

For the enemy to have to deal with, so let me know your thoughts on the ghost kill down in the comments below. Have you tower commanders? Have much luck with it on the field, since the codex dropped. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences down in the comments if youve enjoyed the video feel free to subscribe to all specs tactics where im sure well have a fair amount, more tower videos on the channel over the next few months. And if you have been enjoying all the videos, i would just like to mention one way in which you can help support the channel, which is my element games. Affiliate link down in the video description below element games is a uk based discount retailer. They give 10 to 20 percent off tao and any other war hammer, and if you do, click the link before buying something a small amount goes to help support all specs tactics without costing you any more whatsoever can just be a way to help support the channel. If you were thinking about picking up something anyway for people over in the usa, there is also an amazon affiliate link down there as well that one works in much the same way. Click the link buy literally anything off amazon and a small amount goes to help.