What do you want this guy, this guy? So what this guy, this guy flash these guys they’re dead, pretty good hope that man has no more balls hold up very nice. Oh my god wow! Oh, my god. Did i not spray? Oh my god, this drone’s going crazy, reload, reload, hello, everyone, fantastic here and welcome back to ghost recon, breakpoint and another weapon review in this video. I will be testing and reviewing the f, a l, a s r. A lot of people was recommending me to do this weapon, so i am going to be doing it in this video. The only downside is, i am playing on my pc character and unfortunately, i do not have enough resources to actually upgrade this weapon to a mark. 3, so it’s going to be a little interesting to see how well this weapon performs at this current state, which is mark 2.. I went ahead and customized the weapon. This is my current camo paint scheme that i have with it. If you’ve been watching my live streams and some of my other past videos, you will know, khaki is actually my favorite weapon. Camo let’s go ahead and go over some of the attachments that i decided to use while attempting the stealth test of this weapon short barrel standard mag, suppressor, pec 15 in the ta 31h sight and, of course, my favorite underbarrel attachment the stfg angled grip. Now the sight attachment i could actually change to anything else.

I just decided to go with someone, but just in case i’m gon na try to go with something that i think the average player would use for this weapon and that would probably be the digital sight or maybe the comp foresight. I recommend comp4 and the t831h. But the digital site is actually probably the best multi site you can use, so this is probably the site that the average player would use so i’m going to go ahead and equip that and of course this is my outfit in case. Anybody was wondering i just randomly threw it together really quickly to me about 30 seconds to create this, so nothing special there. Looking at the location i decided to go to to test the stealth performance of this weapon is the sutherland vineyard. This place is really interesting to take down it’s kind of small, but every time i go here it actually has multiple, multiple enemies, so i don’t know how many enemies has actually spawned here this time i just fasted here messed with the weapon and then came out Here and started the video, so i haven’t reconned or anything like that, but i could go ahead and do some recon. So looking at the base, it does seem like the game did spawn two people up here: two people here, two man patrol walking here there’s a third right there: okay, probably multiple soldiers inside this little building. Here last time i came here: there’s five soldiers standing inside there, plus a heavy with total six enemies inside there.

It was actually pretty crazy, but i did manage to stealth to clear this entire base, even with them in there but there’s. Actually, four people standing over here last time – there’s only one – so maybe three of these were meant to be in there, but it’s actually spawned over here. This time it seems like there’s, actually two soldiers right here – that might be another. Two men patrol that’s a bit odd, got another soldier standing here. Gon na be a very interesting stealth. Takedown of this base, so let’s go ahead and push and see what i can do that sniper hasn’t moved interesting i’m gon na go ahead and kill the sniper. Pretty good with accuracy, i don’t think that two men patrol would actually notice that sniper just take fall damage. I always take fall damage i’m gon na try to actually do hear people inside this building. That is nice to know now, he’s dead, i don’t want trouble. There’S at least two people inside the uh inside this building, okay, i can just get a shot on. What do you want this guy, this guy? So what this guy this guy see? What i can see in here actually see three guys right here: flash these guys. They’Re dead, pretty good, kill, check up here, just to make sure that two man patrol that walks through here should probably be at the end of this overhang right now, yep there they go we’re gon na.

Let them take a few steps. This way, i’m gon na. Let them keep moving before i take them down pretty good. Why are you here? I want to make sure i’m at an angle to where, if i shoot this guy, the bullet won’t fly past this guy, because that guy like hears the bullet and whispers his head. He was just going to like a instant alert mode i’m, actually going to take a step back test out the range here, pretty good, actually pretty good range got ta. Remember, there’s! Actually, two people up on this part of the catwalk, not sure if this guy actually moves, i think the second guy does civilian taking a look around this building is the only thing that i am unfamiliar with. I don’t know how many people could possibly be in there just kind of basing my ideas off of what i’ve experienced before in the past. You can find that two minute patrol that walks around here: okay they’re over there, which is good. That actually is real good, because what that means is, i can kill this person move around move around move around, try to see if i can see anybody inside there there’s at least one person in there, because i heard his voice the laser sight, even though it’s Sitting on like the side of the weapon, it does seem pretty accurate and i do like that. The weapon itself does definitely seem pretty accurate, too.

I’M actually really liking this gun. I could see myself using this for stealth in the future. Yeah see one far left corner one on the outside door on the opposite side, one in this corner; okay, one in the middle there’s, no contacts – i can’t see him, but i hear him talking. Yeah, okay, like a whisper over here same on my side, nothing happening! So now that i know that this guy on the outside door, doesn’t have any eyes on him. I can actually rotate eliminate him, so he won’t be a uh issue. Can i move a bit faster get over here now? The only thing that may happen if someone may hear the bullet hit this man in the head, which would get the enemy to actually turn. If i can, i may get him to move just to be safe. Now at least one person inside this building heard that bullet, which is fine, oh i’m, actually surprised that the man inside is the one who went searching that’s interesting, definitely not what i was expecting. Okay, so i see this person this one in that corner all right. That’S a clear i actually really like this gun for stealth i’m. I don’t even think i need to do a second attempt, because i can already feel the weapons recoil the accuracy the range the weapon seems really good. I mean it might sound pretty crazy, but i actually give this weapon a 8 out of 10 for stealth.

When it comes to performance, this weapon is actually pretty good. So if you can get over the personal issues that i have then maybe it’d be a 10 out of 10 for you. Let’S go ahead and move on to testing this weapon in open combat. But before we move on to the open, combat test, let’s go ahead and change some of these attachments to what i would want to use. If i was purposely going in for a full on assault short barrel, i still feel like is: okay. Standard should be extended. Suppressor i’m going to switch this to the asr compensator. I would still like to use the flash hider yet i unfortunately have not got that attachment, but the compensator should still be better than the standard muzzle pack 15. Digital sight. I feel like that would still be a good site attachment and, of course, the stfg angled grip. Now, of course, you could use any other grip you want. You could even try the shotgun underbarrel but we’re not testing the shotgun underbarrel. We are testing the weapon itself. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and get to the base that i picked out, which would be this space right here down back farm and try to see if we can get these guys to actually combat us. Now, when i was doing the open combat test for the last weapon, the vhs d2, i did it twice and both times it seemed like the.

Even though i was using no suppressor the uh, the enemies just didn’t, exactly know where i was so. Hopefully, maybe i can get these guys to actually combat me, but snipers are definitely still the main threat. I don’t know what this range is very nice. I hear some faction warfare going on over there. That is not what i’m interested in right now. I’M. Gon na push into this base, this compound get my eyes open, there’s another sniper over there. I still don’t know that range. Let me see if i can figure that out needs to be about 290. Oh 290. Oh this weapon! The bullet is actually dropping a lot earlier than i was expecting. I am using the short barrel again. Do you have to remember? I am using the short barrel, mostly because i wasn’t really expecting me to take those long shots, but that is okay. Now i know this guy doesn’t really have that good of a range. If you use the short barrel, which that should be common sense, i was just interested in seeing how far it could actually shoot with the short barrel see if i can get these guys to combat me. Hey i’m over here, one two, three, four: four shots to the body. While he was in a alert state, her footsteps and barely see the laser sight. If you have the malaysia site, it might be a better site to use it’s like right here.

I personally prefer the pick 15 over the mall laser sight. Personal reasons might be a sniper up on these tall silos, so i need to be careful about moving around. I do have the extended bag on. I do need to remember that i keep thinking of the standard third round, mag all right, i’m moving it. What are you moving in? Take him out? Oh that man has no more balls let’s move around here. This base is pretty big, but it doesn’t really have that many enemies so i’m, hoping if i stay right here, then everybody would just push to me: hmm that’s, not that for a range that’s, probably the average hmm, definitely feeling mixed feelings about this weapon. When it comes to combat it’s, still okay, but there have been other weapons that i’ve tested with uh open combat that does perform better than this one, which is kind of strange. I was honestly expecting this weapon to perform better, but we’re not done yet. Shouldn’T have to worry about the artillery anymore there’s a sniper over there, the one i missed. I can definitely tell that, with the laser sight sitting on the side like it is it’s not accurate, and i don’t know if it’s, because i’m actually doing a small burst of the full auto or what, but the weapon so far does feel like it’s, more accurate. When it has a suppressor on there is that maybe the compensator causes more recoil.

There’S a few enemies over here sounds like a few people’s over here, but i don’t see them. I keep reloading. I don’t think i need to reload, but i keep taking out the third around mag. Definitely a sniper up here like i said he is the one i missed earlier, but i think he’s on, like this back side of this roof, just got to get a sight on him yeah there. He is right there, okay, that sniper’s down we’ll go ahead and push over here when it comes to body shots to the enemy. While they are in an alert state, it’s four shots, it seems like, but i guess, once you get a certain amount of range it drops now, you are able to test this weapon out for yourself test that with multiple different attachments. If you want to, i did say in the last weapon review, i was not going to test each weapon with every single attachment. I was just testing it with the attachments that i would personally use hold up i’m going to go, see what’s what ooh i know. I just said that device site wasn’t accurate, but that was actually pretty accurate. I don’t know the laser sight’s iffy 50. 50. With the laser sight, i will say that it’s 50 50. – it may be accurate. It may not be accurate. It just doesn’t feel accurate, like some of my earlier shots, so when it comes to using the fal in an open, combat scenario with my personal attachments, i give this a 6 out of 10.

it’s, definitely not the best, but i could see myself going into a Firefight with this weapon, but again that doesn’t really say too much considering i don’t really put myself in a fire fight, purposely that often so, if i was going to actually do a full on assault, i probably wouldn’t really use this weapon unless someone just recommended me To but if you like, the fal in both stealth and open combat then go ahead and use it i’m, just ranking it a 6 out of 10, because there are some other weapons that just perform better than this one in an open, combat scenario. So 6. Out of 10, mostly also because it just didn’t seem like it performed as good as it did when i was using it and stealth. I don’t know if that was because of the muzzle attachment, or i was spraying in full, auto or mostly a couple. A couple of bursts, but i was still using full auto, but it seemed like some of these enemies took more than four bullets unless some of the rounds just missed, even though i thought they hit either way six out of ten, i do recommend and advise you To test this weapon out for yourself, maybe you will find a better attachment selection to use when you’re using in open combat. But for me, in my personal attachments, the only thing i’m missing is the flash hider, and maybe i would give it a try once i actually get the flash hatter.

I would give this weapon a retry in open, combat let’s move on to taking on drones. All right everyone we are over here on egg island, my favorite place to go when i am drone hunting. So before i move on to actually attacking these drones i’m going to show you some of the attachment swaps that i did. I left the barrel on the short barrel. I did switch the magazine to standard because i’m kind of interested to see if it would be better to use a standard mag instead of the extended mag. Just because the extended mag does have a really long, reload speed. So i’m, hoping that maybe the standard mag, even though it’s 30 rounds versus 50 rounds, maybe the reload speed will actually improve. I left the muzzle as the compensator peck 15. I did change the sight attachment to the red dot sight or also known as the panoramic sight. I i’ve never actually said that word before so i’m hope, hopefully i’m saying it correctly and of course, still the stfg angled grip now let’s go drone hunting boys. There should be some drones over here and, of course, i am using pathfinder. If you are drone hunting, i do highly recommend you use the pathfinder class. Well, am i saying pathfinder the panther class? I do apologize for that. You are purposely drone hunting. I do recommend the panther class because the cloaking spray is 100 worth every bit of that spray.

Very nice, very nice take down a took down a wolf over there. Take this, hopefully, the standard mag reloads, faster it reloads decently faster, but i still don’t know 30 rounds with a slight faster reload beats 50 rounds and a slow reload. I think that would just fall under personal preference. Really, this gun is actually just demolishing these drones. That is really crazy. These this weapon is just shredding these drones apart, i didn’t even emp that last one now, the vhs d2 did really well against these drones uh also, but this one, if i was going drone hunting, i would definitely use this one this weapon. Oh, i should have reloaded Music now, if you are just full autoing it just holding down the trigger. Your recoil will get a bit crazy, so i do recommend doing a kind of short burst fire. Stop fire, stop fire that’s what i’m doing anyways. Hopefully i did not just waste my ammo yeah. I still got enough ammo, the fall does take 762 ammo and the reload speed. I just saw the reload speed i’m, assuming with the standard mag since that’s. What i have equipped is 3.5 seconds, which i guess this would actually be a good time to just look at the stats of the weapon. I should probably start doing that more often in these weapon reviews, but looking at the stats, it actually seems pretty decent. The record the recoil is pretty high. What, if i compare it to the i’m going to compare it to the vhs d2, the vhs d2 does have a higher accuracy and a higher range, but mobility and recoil, and just a little bit of handling, is lower statistically to the fal.

But the damage look at the damage. The vhs d2 damage is only 27 compared to the fal’s 32 damage output. It also has a 150 slower fire rate compared to the false 800 fire rate. The vhs d2 only has a 750 pi rate which, by the way, that’s not 150 that’s just simply 50.. Also its reload speed is horrible for the vhs d2. It has a 3.50 reload speed with a 30 round mag compared to the falls 3.05 reload speed. It’S. Actually pretty crazy, i think that’s. Why, when i was testing the vhs d2 in the last weapon review, why i was actually really irritated with using the extended mag, because the third round, mag reload speed, felt pretty long, but using the extended mag with the vhs d2. Was horrible? The reload speeds felt like at least four seconds so that’s really interesting to see, and the crazy thing is my fall. Isn’T even mark 3, like the vhs d2 is my fall, is only a mark ii which now, since i’ve, taken care of some drones. I wonder if i have enough parts i do not it’s assault rifle parts that i need. I only have two out of three it’s a little upsetting but it’s okay, because even at a mark ii, this weapon is really performing really well, especially against drones. Oh, my god, wow. That was unexpected good thing. The game actually freezes when you pause it when you play solo or uh, if the game would have just kept going.

In the background, when i was looking at the loadout screen, i would have probably been dead, but this weapon actually did a pretty decent job against those three wolves in case you did not know, wolves actually take more damage than a regular central soldier. I’M. Pretty sure the average ghost recon breakpoint player knows that, but in case you are new and you’re just now watching this video now you know, wolves, especially in a alert combat state. Take, i think, two times the extra bullets two times the extra rounds to the body compared to a regular sentinel soldier. I could be wrong. It also really depends on the weapon. You are using the caliber. I guess the settings you play on as well. I am playing extreme difficulty in elite technical settings, so let’s move on to finding some of these murmur drones moving up here using cloaking spray, not right now, because i still need to get a bit closer gon na rotate around use the spray. Now, oh my god did i not spray Music? Well, no wonder i keep doing these fall. Animations! Oh, oh, that wasn’t an injury, i’m kind of surprised, Music. Oh my god! This drone is going crazy. This is that crazy drone, the 30 round mag, is actually irritating, but at the same time the reload speed isn’t that long. So just as long as you reload, with at least one round still in the chamber, it won’t be that long, let’s test it empty yeah yeah when it comes to using this weapon against drones, both ground war drones, which i think are called eamons or something like That and the flying annoying drones, which are called murmur drones, or something like that.

I actually rate this weapon. A nine out of ten, really really good performance, it’s, a it’s, a great weapon when it comes to performance against drones. The only thing i’m personally having an issue with it’s, just the magazine, the reload speed isn’t that long. But if i wanted to use the 50 round mag, it might still be long, but it’s really just a personal issue overall against drones. I highly recommend this weapon. I could definitely 100 see myself going drone hunting with this weapon. So be sure you try this wipe down for yourself if you go drone hunting now, last but not least taking on a behemoth drone with this weapon. But before we do that, i would like to ask you the person watching this video to please go ahead and click that, like button don’t forget to subscribe, if you haven’t already and of course share this video with your friends family and your gaming buddies now, let’s Move on to taking on a behemoth all right, we are heading to the belly of the beast to take on a behemoth drone with the f a l a, but before we do let’s take a look at the attachments. I actually haven’t changed anything since you know using against those ground and flying drones, but i think using a extended mag might be better. I could be wrong because of the reload speed that’s. The only thing i think i’m going to have an issue with here.

I might use the comp m4 site this time around, but everything else seems decent. The only issue i’m. Having is do i want to test it with a standard mag which has a slight faster reload, but only 30 rounds or use the extended mag, which has 50 rounds, which is 20 plus the standard 30 mag well technically, it’s 51 rounds versus 31 rounds because the Mag holds 50 and then you have one in the chamber, but still do i want to sacrifice that reload speed. I don’t know i think i’m going to start out with the standard. Mag see how it goes and then switch to the extended mag. So let’s do it and do it. I don’t even know where the drone is. I don’t see it anywhere. I hear it it’s to my left there. It is, of course i am still using the panther class. Because again, i do personally feel like that. The panther class is just simply the best class to use when you are going up against drones. Even a behemoth drone. He was actually heard my footsteps, which is slightly crazy. I should also switch my emp here: Music reload, reload, reload, reload reload, oh coming up guard with those rockers. Oh my god go ahead and reload again, hopefully i’m not running low on ammo. I do need to use my spray again. I don’t want to waste my spray. I just don’t want to run an ammo either that ammo no let’s just rock into grenades.

I’M, not here to test rockets and grenades. Oh, why didn’t even realize i had that equipped got it. I am actually very impressed with this weapon taken on a behemoth, and that was with the 30 round, mag, not sure exactly how it would go using the extended mag with the slower reload speed. But you do have 50 rounds. But i also feel like if i get caught in one of those situations where i shoot a few shots just right after reloading and having to move and i don’t reload, then how many rounds am i going to have? I kind of want this guy to combat me. Oh well, never mind. He’S gone must’ve been a bag man, but yeah. I am actually really impressed with this weapon when it comes to taking on drones, murmur drones, those ground drones and the behemoth. I could really and i’m not lying, and i know i say this a lot, but i really see myself using this weapon when i plan to go drone hunting like it’s, just really a good gun when taking on drones. I am very very impressed so with all that being said when it comes to taking on a behemoth that was a 10 out of 10 100, not joking, not lying, not trying to make you know any any jokes or anything like that. This weapon performed really well against this behemoth, and i didn’t even hit all the weak points or anything like that.

It performed far better than the vhs d2 did now the vhd2, if i’m, remembering correctly, actually did better in the open, combat scenario compared to the fall. But this weapon actually performed far better overall compared to the vhs d2. Now this is, of course, just my own personal testing and my own personal review and my own personal preference when it comes to the weapon, the weapon look. That was weird and the weapons everything else, but i i don’t even know what else to say about this weapon: it’s, really good, this weapon overall score with the stealth score, the open, combat score, the drone and the behemoth, and then on top of that, the way The weapon looks and the attachments i rate this gun a 8 out of 10.. I honestly i’m really inclined to push it up to at least maybe 8.5 or maybe just simply give it a nine out of ten. But there are a few things with this weapon that i’m just not a fan of number one, the look of it. The look of the weapon looks great, but also it’s, a very long weapon and, of course, if you know me and watch my live streams and past videos, i do enjoy a more tactical ar look like the m4a1. This weapon kinda has it, but also kinda don’t. Also, i really enjoy mounting my laser sight on the top rail of my primary. You can’t do that with this and in my open combat scenario with this weapon, there were times where the laser sight just did not seem accurate, and then there was times where it seemed on point.

So it is kind of 50 50 with that, but i still prefer my laser sight to be mounted on the top, no matter what now other than that other than my personal preference and my personal issues and opinions with the way the weapon looks. It performed really well the only time that i kind of just didn’t really seem interested in the weapon was when i was doing my open, combat scenario. If you have a neat or cool or interesting idea for me to do a better job at testing the open, combat scenarios, let me know down below i’m doing what i think is best i’m doing what i think the average player would do. I think the average player would probably just go into the base and just go guns blazing and that’s what i’m trying to do? I can’t help that i’m very good at it. I don’t know what the average player would do. I’M, just basing it off what i would do if i was purposely going to use a weapon with no suppressor. So if you have a better idea, then let me know maybe there’s a very specific place. I could go to maybe a very specific spot at a location. I can just stand at where everybody rushes me and i just shoot everybody either way. I know how to test the weapon of stealth. I know how to test the weapon with drones. It’S, really, the open, combat testing that i kind of have mixed thoughts about, but still this weapon overall is a excellent weapon.

The reason why you didn’t get higher than the eight was because of my own personal issues, but overall, the performance is just excellent. It’S a great weapon, i highly recommend it. You are able to actually obtain this weapon through maria and maria’s shop, at a bivouac or at erwan, for i think it was 1500 or 15 000 scale credits. You do not have to pay real money for this weapon. You can get it in game at maria’s shop. I don’t know if there’s a blueprint in the world you can just go and find if there is that’s, not how i got it. I just bought the weapon at maria shop for 15 000 credits. So maybe it was 20 000.. No, it was 15 000 scale credits, that’s gon na, be it for this video. I hope everyone enjoyed please.