It says this for kids, mostly its a 1080p um built in camera. So its able to take area of pictures and videos and youre gon na see that you can put also a memory card so basically its a mini rc drone for beginners, with 3d flips, headset mode voice control. One key start: a speed adjusts an altitude hole in two batteries. Okay, so lets do the unveiling on this to see how good it is. Okay, so were gon na start here. Okay lets do this over here. What else you can open this? I think it maybe opens from this side over here lets see you guys still dont focus on camera. Okay, so this is the way it comes opens right there right there, and this is the box. Basically, with all the warnings, read the instructions. Good luck with that. Most people dont do that especially me as a different label made in china, of course, but everything is made in china lately, and here says you have the what they call throw and go circle fly high speed, rotation, adjacent lights, 360, flip gesture for photo and video Endless mode one key takeoff and landing photo: video and voice control, wow, pretty good, and then it says over here also foldable, meaning is the ages of 14 plus, okay, so thats the box thats the way it comes all over around then here we got the whoa. This is the remote control. The controller is way bigger than the actual uh flying um drone see here thats.

The way it looks should be operated like this. With this controls and different functions over here and here and then here, speed, 3d, flip camera and picture. Oh looks like a unless the battery goes there, and here i dont want to break anything, no idea all right. This is just a quick unboxing. Then you have these batteries here very small wow, compared with my phantom 2 drone, and then here you know the battery wow. This is super small. I bet you how long this is gon na last. Look at this, its super small wow. This is super. Oh, this is the camera right there and uh wheres the battery good question. Okay, so the battery goes here, uh huh. I hope that im doing in the right way. Okay, so it should go like this: okay, okay and then youre supposed to turn on here. Wow. Incredible never have one of these mini drones ever ever in my life, no idea, definitely what the mini drone is doing right now, so i have no clue. Okay lets see here at least i know the battery is working, then here instructions you need around here, trying to keep everything in focus. So it comes with all this. Oh thats, the protector for the different parts, screwdriver more replacement, interesting lets, see what we got here. Instructions would nobody want to read it all right lets see, is a toy all right, so this is a part for the drone part for the drone thats for charging, maybe the batteries.

Let me see huh thats, a good question how you charge the battery. Maybe here yep thats the way you charge the battery amazing. I bet that this drone dont fly too far away, or did this drone do not uh sorry move the camera. This drone doesnt last too long, thats a screws right there, screwdriver uh, honest manual. Nobody reads: operation manuals uh. You got all the instructions here how to do everything. This is just a quick review, so pretty good on the manual compared with all the chinese, so battery care its pretty good, okay. So right there. Let me turn it off, because i have no clue there. You go easy to turn off and then here with another, so oh you can operate it from the phone for the iphone. Apparently so google app store. You have to download this application to use it with the app store google play, android thats, pretty good thats the different instruction how to operate it in the back. The same i see english. The whole thing is english, so pretty good. Okay, so tomorrow, im gon na do a video how to basically how to uh. I got ta assemble this and then tomorrow were gon na. Do a video to see how this uh actual uh fly and hows the quality of the camera, so im gon na do another video tomorrow, okay, again uh like subscribe, im gon na post video about everything, my channel is the quest for knowledge, which i want to Know about everything and enjoy life with the best i can and one more quick video never have this drone before have no clue really really how to operate it.

I am so accustomed to my dj phantom 2. This is a big big big compared with this mini thing, so im going to tell you how long it says right there very clear, 14 years old and above again, subscribe like and help me. If you have any suggestions or comments, this was giving us a thats. A gift to me for my wife, because i dont know, apparently she said that i dont use the the big phantom anymore lately. So maybe you think well, the battery of the remote control is is having a problem, so i have to replace that battery. So, for what im going to do a quick video – so maybe this would be useful in that case, okay, again subscribe, like help my channel try to go at least to the first 1000 and i uh. I maybe um give this uh a raffle, whoever rich uh subscriber particular number okay, so help subscribe. Definitely is i promise im gon na give it to subscriber number 1000 uh as soon as i see it, because i get notification all the time im gon na, send me the address and ill send it their way again.