Movements to fly looking around the camera awesome absolutely awesome, so i’ve flown before an analog and with this uh being hd much more clear um. If you don’t get your the screen breaking when you’re doing it, um it’s the first time i’ve, actually flown fpv, instead of just wearing the goggles. Whenever my friends fly and uh, i use the motion controller and uh i’m gon na get in trouble by buying one. Without my wife’s permission, basically it was awesome. It was very natural and smooth very easy to maneuver very different from the other ground tesla. It was my first time flying a camera with like a headset, so it was very new to me, but since i already knew how to fly, i drove like a normal controller. It was pretty easy for me. It was really cool. We fly drones for our business, but never with the goggles and like that first person, point of view. I thought it was cool but i’m afraid of heights. So it was like a little nerve wracking, because it’s really realistic, it’s like you’re up there yeah. I wasn’t sure i was going to be able to see with my glasses, but it was perfect and it was kind of like being in a helicopter in the movie how easy it was um. The rotation was just plucking your wrist to the left, to the right. Uh with a stick, my eight year old could even pull it off um it’s much easier than the handheld controllers, um and it’s only two buttons.

You push apply it control it. It was even able to stabilize itself even after you rotated it around 360. and then it holds before you pull it and it will go fast. It flies high. It was awesome, it felt pretty natural to me, i’m used to uh i’ve flown flight simulators in the past that use a control stick and uh if it felt very similar, felt uh right at home with it honestly Music, all right thanks everyone for coming again. I hope everybody enjoyed it. I hope you also got inspired by this new product uh and thanks uh everybody getting tv uh, all the volunteers, you guys did a fantastic job and hopefully we’ll do it again uh and enjoy your day enjoy your weekend. Thank you. Guys.