Today were going to talk about the full sin: 6 s: 1. P. 4. 000. Milliamp lion battery that you can use on your chimera, 7. im going to flight test. This, for you were going to take it out and were going to field test it over the river through the woods and all the way to grandmothers, house and back. It does get a pretty decent flight time on here were looking at 10 minutes on probably a really windy condition up in the mountains day, and if you want to get about 15 minutes its going to be a better cruising altitude at a good height. Without a lot of wind, so im gon na have to pick a nice sunny day when theres not a lot of wind, to get that full maximum 15 minutes um also youre gon na youre, probably gon na get 15 minutes on the other chimera. The original one, with a little less kv in the motors this one has a little higher kv, so youre going to get a little less flight time out of this one. I i tested this one out to about 11 minutes on a super windy day. So, on a non windy day, im expecting that you could probably get around 13 minutes, maybe um and if youre carrying a gopro, probably more like 10 minutes. So, im also going to tell you in this video how you can get more flight time out of a seven inch, um and upwards of 20 to 25 minutes.

In fact, so, stick around lets do the flight test and after that well come back to the bench. Well, talk about this well talk about this issue of a long range and the longest flight time and how to get it here we go so so: Music, foreign, Music, Music, all right guys welcome back from the flight test. I just you know i made a nice montage for you guys put into some nice happy, music and now were back and we can talk about this battery on the bench we can get real about this battery. We can tell you some honest feedback about it. I did test it on a super windy day. I did get 11 minutes flight time without a gopro. It did come down at about 3 volts per cell, so you can actually run it down resting voltage to about 2.8 volt per cell. So on a 7 inch. I feel like thats sketchy ive done it on smaller long range, four inch quads like the flywheel explorer, for example, but on my chimera, its such an expensive rig that i really dont want to test this coming back to say a mountainside or something where theres a Cliff or a drop off and with lion batteries i mean i got to give you some advice here when youre, when youre coming back, you want to make sure that you have a pretty good voltage above 3 volt and be close to your home point, because if Youre not ill tell you, these lions drop super fast, so you can end up on the down side of the mountain um and and you can fail safe, pretty close to home, because once these start the tank they tank quick, a lot quicker than a lipo will So um, you know you guys know that a lipo will kind of dump you on the ground, so the lions, theyre, great and theyll, hold a long voltage.

You wont see your voltage on your osd drop. Very dramatic dramatically, for i mean 10 to 15 minutes. Is amazing so, but when they do get to that bottom end of the voltage on these packs, they will start to dive off a cliff essentially and leave you on the ground. So you want to make sure that youre flying in an area with a lion pack, that you can kind of make a retrieval and get your quad back, because id hate to lose this with a gopro on there, because itd be like around a thousand dollars lost. So some good advice for people that are just getting into flying seven inch and the chimera. Now i i think my my go to pack on my big seven inch. Quads i got ta tell you its not 6s. Really i mean i could run a 6s 4. 000, if you want to run 6s thats totally fine, you dont really need the extra power of 6s on a long range quad. It probably will give you a long, maybe a little bit longer flight time. I need banggood or one of these companies to send me a nice 6s. 4. 000 pack. So i can slap down on there im pretty sure with a lipo that i can get uh an upwards of 25 minutes flight time and maybe even carrying a gopro. Now, im going to tell you how i got over 20 minutes with mine, i took mine out to the oregon coast and i i just slapped an old.

I mean eternity im talking turnigy here, so ill put some better packs in the links in the video description. For you, a 4s 5000 pack, it looks pretty big, but these quads have a truck body on them and they can really handle a long battery. These are pretty wide and they just barely fit straps around this battery i mean weve got uh six 18650s that are in a pack right now, theyre actually still warm from the flight test, but a 4s 5000 pack, its a little bit cheaper than something like a 6S. 4000. So if youre on a budget, dude grab a 4s 5 000 pack and youre going to get with a gopro over 20 minutes flight time, thats i mean. Am i right thats pretty awesome that thats thats some awesome stuff right there. So if youre into long range or youre thinking about getting long range go up into the 4 000 to 5 000 milliamp series, lipo packs with with 6s and youll, get a super long flight time now, im going to test this battery again were going to go Back out were going to do some more testing with this one. I want to see if i can get 15 minutes like they say on the website. Out of these packs, because youre going to spend around 100 for a 4s 5000 pack or a 6s 5000 packs. This is just the going price for such a large battery, so if youre thinking about getting into long range, i hope you got some extra money laying around because its not super cheap.

So i appreciate you guys watching my channel as always, and if you want to check out my full review on the new chimera 7 pro, i got it sitting right here and ill put the video in the description of this video. So click on that check out. My full review and theres tons of other videos coming out about this one as well that are going to be coming on the channel. So please do subscribe. Good luck! Everybody on that dji fpv, drone giveaway were giving that away in the next 100 000 subscribers, and i want to thank you guys before i cut off todays video and say thanks for hitting 180 000 subscribers on my channel, you guys rock and youre awesome. I really really appreciate you and i appreciate your likes and comments im always reading everybodys comments so be sure to like this video share it with a friend. It is my research and im giving it to you for free. You dont have to buy anything on the channel if you dont want to, but my links are there. If you want to grab one use, my code, its still good, its bg davis 2021, and you can get eight percent discount on your order. 100 battery.