Does it look like this, where you are its like super super super dark here, but i do see a little bit of blue sky poking out up there im hoping that um. I can get a couple flights in today to test out the cinelog 35 analog version. I told you guys: i promised you guys that i was going to do a review on the analog version too. So here it is. I have gap rcs new battery as well to fly on it im able to get like five minutes freestyle out of that one. If im just really cranking on it its a 4s 1100 series, you can also get a 4s lion pack. If you want to fly around 20 to 25 minutes, get that one for your kind of cruising long range flights. If you want to freestyle, get this new lipo, this is the 4s 1100, so ill. Try to find these in the link put it down below, for you guys, sometime hopefully soon, but we have it all. Set up. Uh ready to go. Ive got three and a half inch props on here. These are the d90s, and these were. I believe these are 2000 series motors just going to double check on that, for you, and these are 2004 2550 kv. They also have a 6s version of this one, but its nice that they were able to make a 4s and a 6s version hd and an analog version, and they have this super ultra beasty camera mount up here, theyre using full size grommets on this one.

Unlike a lot of the other center whoops out there, so bigger is better. Like ive always said, you can freestyle this one or cinema either way you go youre going to have a good time with this one, and i think its pretty durable best of all the tune is amazing on here with the f7 flag controller and it tracks super Fast and straight across this parking lot, youll see here, we go lets do some flying Music, good, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, uh, Music, Music, do Music, so Music, so Music, hello, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, all right guys there! She is on the scale, welcome back from the flight test, 222 grams without a battery with the gap rc one one thousand one hundred milliamp batteries, probably gon na, get you up to 330 grams, or so with the addition of some type of dks camera. An extra 30 grams on top of that so not quite 400 grams, so it is still lighter than the other cinewoops out there that have three inch ducted type of setups, namely say something like the diatone taycan. I know some of you guys out there, like. Oh man, the diatone take hand is still better the pro tec 35, its better thats debatable. If you want something lighter and probably going to be a little more durable and crashes go with the cinelog. This guy has really nice thick thick extra thick arms here, but also really lightweight, so i dont know what this type of material is, but its different than the protech35.

Now um, i saw other people break the protect 35 frame. I think, if youre, if youre kind of debating and guys ask me about this too, like which one should i get, which one should i get theres a lot of comments down below asking on the hd review version of this one, which one should you get well Um, if you want something lighter and a little more power to weight ratio, it feels like the cinelog 35 has a little better power to weight ratio. It feels lighter and it feels like it has lots of extra power. I think, as far as the cinema capability goes, this one also has a better cinema edge to it. Just because, with the inverted motors we have a super, stable and slow flying characteristic, like the whole profile of this drone, is really really thin and narrow, but with the inverted motors that increases uh the efficiency as far as your straight ahead cinema shots, it tracks extremely Well and the big part of that is, you have no interrupted airflow underneath this motor, so whereas a typical cinewoop has the motors above and the airflow is running through and hitting the frame here, causing a little more disruption. This one does not. It has a clean airflow underneath here, weve got these d90 props on here. Weve got the same motors that i had on my hd version. The 2004 2550 kv motors. These are the 4s motors. So, in my opinion, i would get the 6s one if you guys youre going to get the lower kv.

I believe theres 1750 kvs on those – and that means you can use the awesome 4s uh lion pack on there. So that might get you like. 25 minutes flight time on this guy, maybe with a dks gopro um, i dont have the 6s version. Unfortunately, so i cant test that for you, but i do know that the analog version comes in around 289 dollars, which is in the upper echelon right now of prices for analog drones. But right now, with the chip shortage, um, you know were having manufacturing issues all over the world right now and people keep asking me why such expensive prices on the analog drones this year well, theres a global pandemic people youre not going to get a 150 analog. Quad this year, because production is super, super limited um in all things – medicine, cars, quadcopters, uh, so um i dont – have to be the bearer of the big news there. But for my reviews also like i have to make a comment like someone was like: oh, why didnt you put a gopro on it. Why would you do a review without a gopro um go back and watch a lot of my reviews. I rarely put a gopro on these quads, especially analog quads, and why is that? The reason? Why is i want the viewer, the person whos, considering buying this quad to be able to see the camera thats on board and the and the tune goes along with the camera, without seeing the camera footage.

If i put a gopro up here, youre looking at hyper smooth and youre, not actually seeing how the quad flies theres, it tells a lot about an fpv race, quad or cinewoop. If you show the actual dvr from the camera, if you dont youre cheating, by putting a gopro up there and smoothing everything out, yeah itll, look nice and beautiful cinema quality and the person might click on the link down below and buy it and then get a Jiggity jaggedy tune in there. I just made up a new word for that: guy, jiggity jaggedy. There you go so you know. If you have a bad tune on there, it would be disguised by the gopro. I do not fly gopro on here. Uh. Most of the time sometimes i fly with my firefly x light that one has very minimal type of smoothing or what we call hyper flow or real, steady or whatever you want to call it. No post production is used in my reviews, so you get to see, it is what it is type of stuff, and i say that all the time on the channel too. So it is what it is. The the tune on here is actually really good. F7 flight controller, 35 amp escs, um, 6s uh capable flight controller, but you need to have the motors to go along with that. If you want to fly 6s, you can also put tbs crossfire nano rx on here.

It will handle the rxsr or an xm plus, and i had actually just made up an xm plus and plugged it in right here. This is the port right here for s bus, its already set up on 5 volt and ground there. We have a capacitor thats built into the xt30 on the back and ive got a super tall antenna back here, so theyve been paying attention to what weve been talking about as far as battery clearance. If you have even the tallest battery here, you still have clearance there, so thats kind of nice. You would have a little bit of interruption if theres a camera on the front if youre running some type of dks gopro or a full size gopro. The 3.5 inch series quad will handle a gopro by the way. So, if youre worried about that, dont worry because it will absolutely carry a gopro. I just dont run it for my reviews, guys we have a wheelbase on this quad for millimeter. We have two point inch uh, two point: millimeter top plate and two point millimeter with full size grommets here for the camera mount, and you have two positions here for the top plate. You can move this back if you want to change the cg and theyre actually bolted through, and they have a little mount inside here so its actually, it has a tiny little bolt all ready to go right underneath there see that inside there, so youre already set Up for two camera positions here so thats kind of cool – maybe you know who knows maybe you could run a front and rear facing camera depending on how much clearance you could get there with some type of tpu mount but ive seen other quads coming out recently With front and back mounts and speaking of front and back mounts, i have the taican mk2 here and the taken mk2 is coming up for review.

This is new by diatone um. It comes with a nice little case, im just going to show it to you real quickly. This has dual mounts on it, so yeah. This is like the little brother here, and this is going to be an analog review as well. You have them mount here and a mount here, so you can have a little fun with a front and back mount, and these have 1404 motors on there so im interested to see how this one flies. But you know what theres hard landings on this one. This ones, this ones probably going to have some broken carbon bottom plates here. These are super ultra thin, and i showed this to a friend of mine when it first came in im like man for oregon landings. I might be breaking these so watch out for a heavy uh rock on your landing, but the rest of it on the bottom looks nice and sturdy. You could probably take these off after they break so thats, hopefully not going to change the integrity of the structure of it too much and allow it to not fly properly so well see how that pans out in that review coming up, but im going to put It through its paces – and hopefully i dont break those, but that will be a fun review, but for this one you guys is a 360 go fiddle here. Naked hero 8, the cadex peanut – will fit on here and you can get a full size gopro on here.

So this one is probably one of my best choices for cinema, including a 600 milliwatt 5.8 vtx. This is the cheaper version of both of those. If you already have dji get this one over the protec 35 get this one over the take hand, and you would be happy with it because the tune is spectacular and it runs amazingly fast and tracks really really well low to the ground at high speeds. So man, i was really dipping and diving through the trees and having some fun aerobatic stuff. With this one. It felt like this one was even a little more loose on the tune than the hd one i dont know. Maybe it was just me. I was uh happy on the sticks that day but uh flying in between rainstorms, for you guys. You know you know how it goes so, thanks again for watching my channel guys be sure to comment subscribe down below because im giving away that um awesome cinerace from flywoo coming up at the end of october, so very soon in the next week were going to Give that away happy halloween to you guys if i dont talk to you between now and then keep it in the blue, guys happy fpv and i will see you on the next one.