Welcome back to the drum camps, channel, more reviews coming up in december january, and next year i have tons of stuff over here its like fpd christmas ive, been on vacation for about three weeks; well, not actually vacation. I was on a working vacation because i had to go back to north carolina and work on my house out there and replace some floors. You know that was a lot of fun. The termites did terrible damage to my floors out there on the east coast. So now we have brand new floors and i put a lot of work in to that house, heart and soul in every single nail of that house. I love it so it was originally built by my great grandfather, so i really wanted to get out there and make sure that that house is taken care of so im back today with another review. This is the gep rc smart 16.. A lot of you guys are asking about this. Should i get it? What do you think about it? Have you flown it um? I know its been out there on the interwebs for about 10 days or so uh. Some of the other reviewers jumped on it and ive been flying mine this week, im sort of like one of the other reviewers out there that just recently made a video about the same quad, and he mentioned that. He also takes his time with the quads. I dont just try to be the first guy to review something i like to fly it get to know it put it through some real cycles and tests.

Before i give you my opinion on something, otherwise, i dont know about the durability. I dont know about the power system its going to hold up and the frame itself the camera mount. All of that so 55 grams 2s, 1s, 380 milliamp battery comes along with it. I got four in the box. I dont know that you will um, but you also have a cadx amp camera on here. We have a one millimeter top plate, one and a half millimeter bottom plate its a unibody, and we have new motors on here from gap rc. These are zero. Eight zero. Three eleven thousand kv motors now these are way lower kv. Thank you gaprc for doing that, because it makes it more efficient. This little guy flies about three and a half minutes versus some of the other whoops out. There only get like two minutes flight time. So if youre looking for the best whoop with a longer flight time, you can fly indoors or outdoors and it will freestyle this little guy will power loop just about anything i can do flips and rolls over top of tree branches. I can canopy surf. I can get up and do power loops over and under things i mean its its kind of incredible how maneuverable and fast and flowy this little guy feels it feels really nice on the sticks. It tracks really well low to the ground and super fast without kind of dipping in the throttle and causing a forward tumble crash long flight time, amazing indoors and outdoors its just a lot of fun.

So were going to talk about what you can do to mod this and upgrade it coming up next after the flight report and uh 200 mw on this baby as well. So this is like all the things that i want in a woop with new lower kv motors and the ability to power loop, freestyle, indoor, outdoor whatever you want cinema slap on an insta360 go to on here and do what you want with little smart 16.. So lets go ahead outside lets. Do some ripping with it well come back in and ill give you my final opinion on this one and well look at this little guy a little bit closer up swoop season. Here we go guys: Music, ah Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, um, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, bye, Music Applause, Music, all right guys by itself on the scale. The frame the motors, the 40 millimeter props, were looking at 36 grams. If we add one 380, milliamp hv battery were looking at 45 grams. If we add one more making, it 2s were looking at around 30 55 grams, total takeoff weight, so im just gon na double check that the scale decided to go off my batterys low, but were going to weigh it real quick with two thats 54 grams and With the insta360 go 2 youre, looking at 81 grams so way, underneath the faas registration – and i got ta, say thats actually pretty light because um, the ur65 is around 30 grams um with a battery, and this has prop guards on here.

This is kind of my. I guess this i would say this is my alternative. If you want something cheaper, go for the eachine use e65 guys i mean this. One got 13 000 views on the review a while back. It does fly for around three minutes. It has zero eight zero. Two motors, with tri blade props on here its got that ph 2.0 connector. I believe it also has a cadx ant on here. It is brushless and its fairly maneuverable, but its not quite as much as a freestyle beast as this little guy. This looks like something i would have wanted to build like years ago and ive been talking about the perfect 2s whoop for for a while. Now because i mean, if youve been watching the channel in the last couple months, i got so many of these 1s whoops coming in. It was crazy, beta fpv everybodys, releasing all the 1s loops right now in swoop season, and i understand why. But i mentioned that in a lot of those reviews. I wish that i had more power and i wish that i was up in the 2s battery power on most of those, and i wish i had that option. But some of the hardware would not allow us to do that with like 5 amp escs youre not going to be able to run 2s with 5 amp escs. So here we come with the smart 35. Its kind of the answer to my prayers, so weve got 78 millimeter sort of true x, unibody plate.

This is one and a half millimeter bottom plate on the bottom and one millimeter top plate. It has this cool little tpu battery mount that you can take on and off by hand, and you can slide it around. You can also put one on the bottom, so you could have bottom mount batteries or top mount. We have zero. Eight zero three redesigned brand new – these are 11 000 kv motors um. So these are. These are a little bit nicer than what um weve had in the past. The zero eight zero two motors, in my opinion, have always been super high kv and they kind of paid attention to what weve been saying about these motors theyve, been like 19 000 kv, just really draws a lot of amps out its high high rpm. But honestly, we just need some good power at the low end and mid range of the throttle. I feel like at the bottom of some of my power loops with this quad. It was not quite as responsive because of i guess, because of the scale and the weight of this quad around 55 grams, with 40 millimeter props youre gon na feel some weight to it. But honestly, when i really went to the top of the throttle, i could pull out of power loops, pretty quick and having the camera tilted up quite a bit outside really really helped out a lot. I was going like mock, speed up and down the sidewalk.

I was able to power loop, trees, telephone wires and itll, actually do a pretty tight power loop, which is kind of impressive. We have 12 amp eses on here as well. We have an f411 flight controller. We also have 5.8 video on here and thats 200 milliwatt with the dipole. It has a ufl connector, so you can take that off and you can change it to a right hand circular polarized antenna if you want to get rid of the dipole. But honestly, i didnt feel like the video was all that bad. I felt like it was acceptable for even for outdoor and indoor flying indoor flying. You can put this in stability mode and you can really do some nice kind of fast flying indoors and i got ta say that the durability test and one of the other reviewers he broke one of the front motors right where the motor connects on these two Bolts right here that might be a compromise spot for this design. It could probably use maybe another millimeter of carbon around the outside, of where the screws go through to the motor. I think that would have made a little bit of difference if they come out with a plate again the bottom plate that was around two millimeter. It would be more similar to the rocket design and probably give you just a little stiffer bottom plate might save you in a crash now. This was also after he had done.

Like probably 30 flights on that quad and um thats. Quite a few hits so thats. Something to to think about um everybody, you know every single crash is different and everybody flies different, so um with mine ive had been flying mine for the last three days indoors and outdoors. I have punished this quad inside on hardwoods. I have hit the refrigerator. I hit a chair. It just also depends on how it hits when it hits so that that really determines a lot in a crash um, whether its a small little tiny, 40 millimeter prop size like this or a three inch or a five inch or a six inch ive, had some Seriously hard crashes and walked away with no damage before thats the fun thing about fpb race quads. I see that this one comes in around 134.99 on the bango website. I think its probably one of the cheaper quads out there because of covet and everything everythings a little more expensive. We have a chip shortage as well shipping shortage. You know theres just a lot going on in the world thats, making everything really difficult to manufacture things right now. So i feel like this one is a little easier to get a hold of at 134.99. You can also add tbs crossfire on there. You can add elrs receiver on there. You can do 2.4 or 915 megahertz on here, so thats pretty sweet. Also i got ta say mine came without a receiver on there and i i put an xm plus on there and tucked it right under that 200 milliwatt.

Vtx and i just ran the antennas haphazardly out the bottom and flew it around, and the range on this is pretty good ive been about a mile out on an xm plus actually a little over a mile out testing an airplane with this particular receiver. So you can get tons of range. You dont necessarily have to have elrs with something that youre only going to fly for, say three and a half minutes how? How far out? How many miles are you going to go out three and a half minutes um? If youre trying to do a miniature long range, um its just not quite there yet with the battery time versus the weight and the distance that some of these elrs receivers can go, they are nice, but its not totally required youre going to have fun with this Quad anyway, so i think its a pocket rocket. It is in, in my opinion, one of the best from this year and its kind of a home run for gap, rc right here at the end of december, so um in my opinion, when i grab this absolutely. I think that i would love to see like five or six of these show up in a parking lot and have a woop course set up a micro brushes, of course outdoors. This would be so much fun or even led gates indoors. These would be awesome if, like five guys had these and again, you can put a little mount on here, a tpu mount.

You can do some cinema if you want to. These are the 380 milliamp batteries that came along with it, and you know this little guy right here. It has a ph 2.0 connector. It is compatible with this charger right here, and the charger is only going to charge hv batteries. It does have markings on there for hv, which goes up to 4.35 volt and the cool thing about this charger. Whats cool about it. Did you notice anything special about this charger? It looks pretty similar to other chargers out there, but it has two power points on here, so you can power this off of the usbc on this side or you can plug it into the wall here with an ac outlet or your laptop, so thats kind of Cool they give us two options. You can run it off of a power bank with this or this side, so an old school usb im almost thinking they could save some some size and weight if they just started. Removing these and having them powered by usbc. Would that be a bad thing? I think it would just make things a little more streamlined because wow thats such a smaller connector than something like this, but these charge up in about 10 minutes time and youre off and flying also inside the box. You get some instructions, you get some extra props, a screwdriver, some hardware and it seems like i got the maybe the smart 35 instructions in here.

Its got some betaflight setup, receiver wiring. It should wire up, hopefully its the same stack as what we had in the smart 3.5. It is a little tiny, tiny, tiny stack, so i believe thats like 16 millimeter, for this stack. Actually, it has a android usb port on there and we have smart audio already set up, and i love that its 200 milliwatt. This is the extra hardware in here extra screws. These are all m2 screws, some extra dampening as well. If you need to take that stack apart and they give you two options for batteries in here, this is cool im, not a big fan of these type of straps. So i just went with the tpu mount and i think this is a lot cleaner. Looking, what do you guys think these straps are are great in a pinch, but a lot of times. I dont use these theyre kind of finicky to to pull apart and put back on. So this is nice and quick to be able to slide both of these batteries on there, and you know, honestly. I think you could probably fly this if you had one of those stopper dongles on one side, if you put a plug in this, you might be able to fly it on one s, and that would be a lot of fun for beginners. But honestly, i think for beginners instability mode, start out in stability mode and work your way up to the holy grail of fpv, which is acro mode, and you know you guys are going to have a ton of fun with the smart 16.

. I think this one is an easy buy again um its just so much fun. I had fun fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun with the smart 16. I think its just one of the neatest ones it. What should what would you buy? Should you buy this one or buy the flywheel hex more motors, more problems right, so i would buy this one. It is, is uh its just a no brainer um, it can do cinema, it can do indoor flying and it can do freestyle and it freestyles like a little maniac. It has so much flow. The tune is good slight vibration at some really hard turns, but for the most part i think its a 90 a good tune on here. I dont have to to touch the pits in beta flight, so its a win for me guys decent cadets ant, jim fan, props 200 milliwatt vtx on here f411 flight controller and multiple options mounting options for the battery, and you can upgrade this to an xd30 and You can run a 2s 380 milliamp battery from gnb, which is my preferred battery ill, put the link down for that below, and some extra props and things like that. But uh yeah have fun with this one guys thats my opinion on this. One is definitely going to be two thumbs up from my channel. I didnt have any damage on mine and its an absolute blast. It is a blaster. It is a mini micro, blaster 2s whoop.

That answer my prayers so uh. I love it.