So let’s do a quick recap of what this drone is made of. We have 3.5 inches props, we have 14 or 4 motors. You have a 35 amp esc or all in one card in here you have the codex vista. You have the nebula nano camera in here and you have a lift polarized antenna. My test unit came without crossfire receiver, so i added, i put it here with a double faced tape and i designed this little holder for the for the immortal t, which i think i have to extend a little bit because it’s the antennas are too close to The motors here so i will be doing that later. The drone comes with this cable over here, which is for the gopro naked gopro that you can put here it brings in the box. You have the base for the naked gopro. I haven’t put it there all the tests that i did today was just using the drone like this. With an 850 million per battery. I was not expecting what i got from it, because this is a small drone. Normally, when you have small drones, they tend to be a little bit slower. They are not that nimble and they don’t fly or they don’t, have a lot of power to go up and do stuff around right, but surprisingly, good this. This was amazing. The first thing that called my attention was the time that i could fly with it.

I got something between seven minutes or something around that i was flying without the gopro, with an 850 4s battery and yeah seven minutes it’s. Quite a lot for this kind of drones, right like i was flying – and you know when you get this feeling like wow it’s, been a long time and i’m still in 14, 14.7 volts or 14.5 volts, or something like that. So, very very nice um flying times with this drone and an 850 i use both cnhl and uh tattoo batteries very good time. The second thing that i love from it is how fast it was, and even though it was pretty fast, i still felt in control the whole time just pushing the throttle a little bit. It will send the drone up in the air and then you can start doing your acrobatics and your stuff without any issue like response was very very great control was very great. I normally change the drones to my custom rates, but at this time i wanted to test it out of the box completely out of the box, and i i i have to say that i, like the rates i write, i like the piece uh. I could feel a little bit of prop wash flyknit, nothing to be very concerned about it. I barely felt it. I can also say that i find it to be very durable because, since i was going so fast, i crashed a couple of times and nothing i’m checking it right now and nothing really happened to it it’s in in one piece, even though i crashed maybe three Four times i’m still flying in grass, so not like a cement or or something like that, but still he did a very, very good job.

What i have to say that i’m i’m, a little bit sorry about, is, is the camera right like it has enable and nano camera. There is no option on gprc website to have a different camera and this camera it’s it’s, not a good camera. The colors are very saturated. The the image quality is not good and and especially when you have other options like the nebula pro or the vista. If you find them as may 2021, then it would be excellent to have it. I can see. I don’t know if, if we can show it here on the on the on the screen, but the camera has a plastic mount around, which means that this frame supports a bigger camera which i’m pretty sure that we can get a nebula pro or a vista inside There and i’m going to do it as soon as i can, because then having one of those other cameras in this drone, it’s gon na make it my favorite for the summer i’m loving flying this one. I i feel so so much freedom with this one and – and i feel that i can do kind of whatever i want normally when you’re flying uh five inches is when you can do all these kind of acrobatics and and free styling and i’m. Pretty sure that if you give this drone to some of those very good pilots, you’re gon na see amazing things being done with it. I’M.

Not super uh super good at free styling, but i can do some certain things and again i felt like i could do whatever i wanted and – and i could get that response and get out of difficult situations, because you have the push the push the punch from From the drone to allow you to get out of it, i still have to test it with a naked gopro. On top of it to see how is the reaction, how how much does that weight changes? The dynamic of the drone – i might also want to test it with a little bit of a bigger battery, because in the in the gap, rc page, they talk about 850 as the minimum and, i think 1300 or 1100, the maximum. So i i would like to see uh what’s the effect of having a bigger battery on it, because again, 850 gave me a lot of flying time. So i don’t know what will happen with the 1100 or or some other big battery on on this drone. All in all, we, i think we have a very good drone here. I think this is going to be one of my favorite drones to fly during this season. Uh i’m gon na try to do a lot of different tests, as i mentioned, having the gopro see how it affects, maybe finding some other kind of uh propellers and see if how does the flying characteristics change, but if you are looking for something small under 250 Grams – this is a very, very good option.

Reason why i’m going to be bringing this drone to the shop as soon as i can to allow other people to have the kind of experience that i got with this one. If you like this video, please remember to subscribe and like it or comment, so i can keep doing more of this in the future and hope to see you soon.