I already know that people are gon na, probably leave comments down in the comment section without even watching this video and saying this is a clone of the baby, hawk 2 hd from emacs, and i can tell you it’s pretty different actually and for those of you That are more experienced flyers, you’re, going to be able to tell the difference in terms of how it flies and i’ll explain all that a little bit later in the video it’s kind of a nuanced feeling for those of you, they’re beginner flyers, you’re not going to Be able to tell much difference, it’ll all feel the same. This kind of you probably can’t, tell much between this and a five inch, because this is kind of like if you want to uh, fly something kind of like a five inch freestyle, but not have like the really. You know the extra weight and the bigger batteries and everything this is pretty close to that, actually, even more so than the baby hawk 2 hd. So what this is actually closer to in terms of like a comparison um in terms of like the design it’s, actually their phantom hd, the two and a half inch version. So the way you can think about this is the smart. Hd is a three and a half inch version of the phantom hd that does two and a half inch props. If you look at the frame design here, unibody bottom plate like this and the smart hd is almost the same.

Almost in terms of every angle and everything’s, the same just like you have a you, have a wider and thicker arms, of course, and bigger motors uh, because you know we’re, running bigger, electronics and bigger props, so that’s, really, basically what they did. They basically took the the two and a half inch phantom hd and kind of blew it up, and i already knew that there’s going to be other people that are going to be making um quads with the three and a half inch prop. Once this three and a half inch prop came out, obviously there’s gon na be more three and a half inch prop options. Uh this one is the one for emacs. Of course, there is also one from hq. I believe some three and a half inch props from hq, and i think i think iflight makes one as well. It’S, probably gon na, be a lot more. I haven’t tested all of them on either one of these just the stock prop stock configuration. Obviously, you can go crazy and tweak it, and all that and customize it and get all kinds of different results, but um yeah. This is this is i, as i mentioned in the baby, hawk 2 hd video. This is basically another class, so you have two inch. Two and a half inch three inch three and a half inch four inch. I don’t know four and a half inch props are probably right around the corner.

I imagine the way things are going anyway. Another way to look at this is for those of you that were looking at the baby, hawk qhd and were disappointed. They didn’t come out with an analog version. This is available in an analog version. So, if you’re looking for three and a half inch quad micro size like this in an analog version, there’s an analog version this, i obviously didn’t fly it down. I didn’t test it. I actually didn’t even look at the specs. I think it’s just a pretty basic setup: uh uh, probably generic 350 milliwatt millimeter transmitter, probably and like a micro sized camera, you know there’s billions of those on the market right now so and i’m really it’s, not really much to say about that. It’S analog version of this. Obviously this is the dj version with the vista and while this can frame, can accommodate a 19 millimeter camera, as you can see, there’s using the nano the nebula nano with the spacer so to convert from 14 millimeters to 19 millimeters. So, for those of you, this is primarily because of the chip shortage and no nebula nanos are available anywhere or sorry. Nebula pros are available anywhere at this time, uh, obviously down the road they may update. The spec and nebula pros might be. You know available in another version, probably for more money, of course um, because the nebula, the nebula nano camera – is cheaper than nebula pro camera, but the new pro camera is going to be the one that’s more desirable.

However, if you do want to do the upgrade again, if you buy this, now wait for the enable the pro cameras to become available, you can put that camera in there it’s a pretty easy swap. You could probably do it in about 10 minutes, but the framed uh will accommodate the nebula pro camera. So the big change here in terms of the all in one flight controller is this – is now a 35 amp. Instead of a 20 amp, i believe on the um. What was it? The croc baby clock four, the four inch that was a 20 amp all in one flight controller and, of course, it’s still rotated 45 degrees like this, which i’m not a big fan of but yeah. This is what they’re doing now um, but this now can accommodate up to 35 ounce. They have a higher kv motor here at 14.04, and this is 30 38 50 kv. So i believe the baby hawk 2 is a 1404 3600 kv, if i’m not mistaken. So this is having a higher kv. You’Re gon na get a little bit more acura performance, obviously at the expense of flight time. Regarding flight time, i just flew the recommended battery there. This thing something around 1100 milliamp hour for us this is the the one that came with the with the each novice for just use this one. I think this is an outline battery rebrand, so i’ll see if i can find that one and you can pick up those if you’re looking for a good battery for the supplies.

It’S good balance with this one here pretty good flight times, you’re, probably gon na get roughly 10 minutes. I think um good mix of cruising and acro flying around. I think i think, if you put a big lithium ion pack on here, it can carry it it’s going to feel pretty heavy uh. You can carry obviously a naked gopro, which is what this is for this little. This little amount is included and and yeah. I did fly it with the new naked gopro hero 8 and mountain like that, with this little piece in the back on the back of the cover here, and this is kind of like the snow 4k camera. This will also work with the snow 4k here with the the mountain needs to be adjusted because the smoke four key, where the mount point is, is a little bit too high. So the angle adjustment is like this on the snow 4k, not really ideal and um. Basically, i’m going to do another video, i know there’s, some people that are interested in this camera uh, the naked gopro hero8 footage is exactly the same, as is a hero: 8, new different, of course, Music. Obviously, the wheat and everything this is going to be very different. This is for a different application and purpose crash ability, obviously is non existent on this one but yeah in terms of footage and everything. All the features is exactly the same as a hear weight, but they do have um the beta firmware on here from gopro for the qr code stuff anyway.

I’Ll talk about that in that video. This is this is not really. This video is not about this, but i know some of you are wondering about this one and um. I will have a separate video on this uh it’s going to be an interesting one, because i think uh this isn’t going to be for everybody. I have actually bought this on pre order when it originally came out like three. It was like 350, i think, and then even at that price people were complaining. That was too expensive because, obviously you can pick up a hero8 for probably less and just do the conversion yourself pick up the case for 40 bucks. I think the case and the bc, i think, it’s 40, and you can obviously do it yourself if you are pretty skilled. If you’re not – and i know a lot of people that broke a lot of hero 6’s – and i think i know several people that went through like two or three and eventually just decided to have someone, do it for them and buy it um. So it kind of depends on how skilled and how much time you have and whether you want to do that. Do all that work uh, whether it’s worth the money or not. But i already know that the the demand for this was so high that they raised the price. A hundred dollars that’s like 450, now it’s, just pretty high anyway way off track.

I’Ll have another video on this one later i took that off of here, because i want you to see the weight of this without the naked camera on there. So this is coming in here at 147 and then i flew it with this battery. So with the battery like this it’s coming at 2′ and then with the hero 8 it’s coming at 268. So if you want to come in under the 250 gram mark, um just use a smaller battery, so this battery here is coming at a 90 grams. I think if you go to like a 650 4s, i think those are um going to shave off that extra 20 grams. I think that’s, like 65 grams, if i’m not mistaken, if you don’t have one here on my bench to show you, but i think for memories, right, it’s about 64 grams for the 654s, so yeah. If you want to get under the 250 grams and want to do nikki, gopro, plus a 4s battery um, you can do that. People are going to wonder. Can this carry a full size? Gopro, probably you’re gon na have to figure out some way of mounting it, because this one is really designed for naked cameras uh, it can carry the weight for sure uh if you want to carry a full size, gopro plus a 4s lithium ion pack. I don’t know about that that’s a lot of extra weight. It probably will still fly but it’s going to be really really heavy and not sure if you’re going to get much more flight time over something like a lithium lithium polymer battery like this okay.

So, as i mentioned, you know in terms of the flying performance pretty similar to the way the uh baby hawk 2 hd flute, but the cg characteristics are a little bit different. So in the baby hawk 2 hd. The vista here is in the back and they don’t have a naked camera mount. Although there i think there are 3d printed um parts, you can uh download from thingiverse for that now, at the time when i made the video there weren’t any available, so i actually didn’t uh. Do any hd footage with that one that one has a lower kv. Motor and a different power setup so now i think it’s like that one’s a 25 amp esc. Instead of this one’s, a 35 amp usb same vista. I think uh that one comes with the nebula pro but i’m, not sure if they switched the spec again to the negative nebula nano like everyone else has done, because i haven’t looked at that um product in a while. But mine came with the nebula pro so um. I think if i remember right that that’s what it came with so obviously the camera’s gon na be different, but you can obviously change this one. But in terms of like the flight characteristics, because the nebula and uh sorry, the vista, is in the back. It has a different characteristic in the way the um, the pitch feels and so to get a more balanced. You have to move the battery more forward on the baby hawk to hd, whereas with the vista here right in the center of the cg um, mainly, what you have to do is if you have a nikki camera on here, you have to move the battery back.

A little bit, but if you don’t, you just put the battery right in the middle and it’s nice and centered, and you don’t have any sort of weird um pitch essential eccentricities that occur when you’re doing like basically, flips and and certain kind of acro moves. So that’s kind of why, like i, never really liked the baby hawk 2 hd for acura, because it didn’t really feel that balanced to me i mean you could do it. It had definitely that capability, but like, for example, i had some strange things happen when i was doing power. For example, just things are kind of unexpected and i realized that it was probably because the vista was in the back and it was sort of back heavy. You can obviously counteract there with battery placement, but that is, it is kind of tricky to do so. If you know you could you know if you notice that while i fly, then you can basically land and then move the battery around a little bit then take off again but that’s it’s kind of like oh, but i really want to land and and readjust that You know, or just keep on flying so that’s, really, basically the only difference and obviously uh the frame design with the bracing in the front. I think that’s gon na hold up in crashes a lot better than this design here, because this is a single. You know single point of failure here versus you have no bracing right here, um.

So that could be an issue. I think, though they do include some braces that you could stick on here with that. Come with this. So if you do want to add those, they are available in the box, but i looked at the parts i’m, not exactly sure how they attach um yeah. It was kind of weird i wasn’t really sure like there were any instructions, either and plus you’ll have to use some different screws as well to get them on here. If you want to do that, but i like the more integrated design for the the baby hawk 2hd, because it’s like a single plate, our single bottom plate and no extra arms and stuff that you have to actually stick on to put on additional bracing. But if you just fly it like this, this is obviously a little bit weaker, because you do have a crash right on the arm really hard, you’re, probably going to snap it arms. Then you have to replace the entire bottom plate anyways, pretty much it um. You know, i think that, in terms of like how fun it is to fly it’s pretty similar to the way the phantom hd is on a two and a half inch. So essentially you you have a slightly larger version of the phantom hd with a lot more power and a lot more flight time on a three and a half inch prop over a two and a half inch prop.

So if you enjoyed, if you happen to buy, you know, fly the phantom hd and you like it, and you enjoyed that. I think you’re gon na like the way this feels as well. It feels really similar just with a little bit more power. I’M. Actually, quite a lot more powerful in fact, and um quite a lot more flight time so but obviously it’s a lot bigger. So if you you know, um need the smaller form factor. Obviously, you’re gon na probably want to stick with a smaller two and a half inch, but if you have a more wide open area, you want to fly faster and move up from the two half inch to three and a half inch. I think you’ll find this to be right up your alley. Okay, that’s gon na. Do it for this one.