Smart 35 ive been waiting quite a few weeks for this to arrive, but it was definitely worth the wait: its a fantastically good fun, three and a half inch quad, thats fast and flies beautifully, and if that wasnt enough, its under 250 grams and as youll see Its a mighty strong little drone hello and welcome to the worly bloke channel and for more like this. Well, you know what to do: Music, Music, so Music, Music, yeah, its pretty fast isnt. It ill show you some more dvr and hd footage a little bit later, including when i got a bit carried away and hit one of those metal lamp posts at full whack. So this is the analog version of the smart 35. There is an hd version. Thats got a 10x vista, but its more expensive its around another 120. This is just under 200 pounds or about 250 dollars, and i think its worth that money, its basically a four millimeter carbon unibody frame all nicely chamfered and finished, and its got this two millimeter top plate. The buried in here is the flight stack, its a gap. Rc f4, 35 amp, all in one with a power switch wall, 600, milliwatt vtx and on the back. Is this momoda lollipop antenna its all very nicely? Soft mounted and ive fitted an fr sky xm plus receiver here, but you can order this with an rxsr or a crossfire nano. The motors these are gap.

Rc 1404 38 50 kv fitted with these emacs 3.5 by 2.8 props, and these are currently my favorite three and a half inch props. The fpv camera is the caddax retell v2, which is one of the better micro analog cameras, and the build quality is up to the usual gap rc high standard. My only criticism is that the frame and the motor bolts here and here theyre all quite loose and needed, nipping up ive, not seen that for a while, but its something you should check before your maiden flight on all quads. So the quad on its own lets have a quick look that weighs well get that on there, so that is 128 grams near enough. A little bit over ive been using these gmb 650 milliamp hour, 4s 160c lipos. That brings it up to 208 and if we put a naked gopro on there, thats 237, so the whole thing is still under 250 grams. In the box, you get a bunch of hardware, including some spare bolts, and you get the joystick for the osd menu on the camera. Some more bolts you get these nice neoprene landing feet which ive stuck on the bottom here very useful theres, an allen key there for doing your prop bolts up. You get this rather nice, 3d printed bracket on here that allows you to mount your naked gopro or probably one of the insta 360 cameras as well thats, a very nice little feature.

They also supply these braces and i think these are really for beginners to stop them breaking things and they bolt across the front across here and across here, but whats interesting is, although these are for beginners to sort of act as a bit of crash protection. I wonder when they might stiffen the frame up a bit, but uh may have to have a look at that: a bit lighter Music. This is some footage from a naked gopro and i think it flies really rather well its fast but its smooth and not twitchy. No bounce backs, or not too much prop wash the beta flight tune is just what gap rc have configured and theyve obviously spent some time getting it right. Theres, no nasty behavior and even their rates suit me just fine Music Music. So lets have a quick look at how gap rc have configured betaflight lets connect to the quad and lets see. We are running betaflight 4.2.3 and the target is the gap. Rc f411. All in one very nice just check thats working, thats, good. Okay, now ive changed very little in here, because i wanted to see how this was set up. So a quick look through and the ports. This is all fairly standard. Its using irc trap, smart audio protocol to control the vtx configuration or fairly normal, using d shot. 300 and there is no bi directional d – shot set up, thats all fairly good set to 180.

The arm angle, which is good parent battery. Those look like betaflight defaults failsafe. This looks like beta flight defaults lets, have a look at the pid tuning. This is the interesting part now gap rc have obviously been busy in here. These arent the standard theyve been tweaking the master multiplier to get the pd ratio and pd balance correct a little bit of pd and gain depends on how you look at these sliders, whether its increased or decreased. Its quite confusing d min is turned on rate profile. So they have got a linear throttle response a little bit of expo and the rate is 800 degrees per second, which is not far off. How i would set my own quad in terms of the rates lets, have a look at the filters again. They have been busy in here. These slides have been moved up and a few filters in here set to very specific values, and it shows when youre flying its actually very nice to fly with no nasty characteristics. Lets have a look at the modes. This is what i set up. I just got an arm switch an angle horizon beeper and air mode and flip over after crash and thats it thats all i had to do so. It all looks pretty good, but is it up to a crash or two? I havent flown analog for quite a while, and i was getting a bit carried away because its such good fun and i havent crashed anything for a while either, but i was obviously suffering brain fade and bang.

I hit this metal outpost at full whack. Is it gon na flip yeah? It looks alright, but it looks like somethings broken because it just wont take off, so i was expecting a frame or an arm to have broken, but no theres hardly a mark on here. I cant see anything just a couple of twisted props, but i completely bent the motor shaft and bell of this motor. You can probably see its all twisted. In fact, when i picked it up, it was mashed into the magnets on the armature there i couldnt even turn it ive managed to bend it roughly back into shape to get it turning again, but this isnt flying anytime soon so ive ordered a new one. So its a pretty strong little thing is this smart 35. Now this is a very good quad that flies extremely well and its surprisingly fast and its mighty fun to fly and, as youve seen its much stronger than youd expect its really pretty good. As always.