Well today we have a new drone by get bar c called the mark. 5. lets jump back a little bit and take a look at how the mark 5 came to be so in the past. If you watch a lot of my reviews, youll see theres one drone. I really like thats called the mark iv by get by rc. This is the analog version. I was blown away with this drone. It is really good and its very inexpensive for a drone of this caliber and its totally analog. So, if youre getting into the hobby a lot of times, you start out analog so then get bar c said well. That did well so lets make the mark iv lets, make it digital and put gps on the back. So then they made this version, which obviously is just as good as this one, but even better. So if you want digital, you have this one too thats the mark iv. So now were in the year 2022. Hopefully this video is coming out in 2022 uh and we have the mark v now the mark 5. As soon as i pick it up, it feels really solid, like even on the back check, the frame out its very nice, its an x frame and a lot of you who watch my channel know that i love the x frame. The x frame is really balanced in flight. At least. I find the only negative a lot of time with the next frame that people dont choose.

It is because this little camera out here where your pilot camera is where youre looking in your goggles. In my case, they will be digital because it is a digital camera is that you will see the props. Usually you see them, because the lens is quite wide angle and the props have just enough to get in there. So i dont know if youll see them on this one, i would kind of guess you might, because it is an x frame, but either case its really well built chunky piece of aluminum up front to protect your camera, which is nice good size, carbon fiber. On the arms, the motors look pretty decent as well, they look nice and beefy. They are 1900 kv motors. This is when i say 1900 for those who are experienced. You can tell right away. This means it takes a 6s battery. So this is a 6s version. Look at the compact design, its quite compact, for a drone of this caliber. At least i find its quite compact, so it should fly well. I havent flown it thats. What this video is about were going to go out in about a minute and fly it or less everything else looks pretty decent on it and to tell you the specs on it uh. How about i put them up here, so you can read the specs everything and then the next thing i want to say, is im going to head outside in flight.

I think the battery ill use would be one of these, so these are all 6s batteries. I have a 850 milliamp hour battery its not very heavy. I have a 1050 milliamp hour battery a little heavier and then i jump up to a 1300 milliamp hour, lipo battery heavier, so the more weight you put on the drone, the less performance it has in doing speed. Flips rolls cornering everything else, but those motors look beefy, so it should work out well ready to go without a battery. The weight is 422 grams and, if i add on the lightest of batteries the 850, what are we at 574 grams? Now? I am going to put a camera up front to record the video in 4k at 30 frames per second ill, either put a dji action, 2 camera up front or ill put a full size, gopro or i could put something even smaller, like insta360, go to camera. Anyways, whatever you see me without in the video thats, what i decided on in the end, what i could do since uh this unit here, like other units, is equipped with a unit at the back to record at 1080p 60 frames per. Second, if you put a micro sd card in what i might do, is use that and show you the video from that. But i guess well see when i get out there and go fly flying what i remember to do and what i remember to hit record on and everything else all right lets get out there and go flying all right.

Im pretty excited to take out the mark. 5 and try this out, i did decide to put the dji action. 2 camera up front ill. Try that again, its very dull out today, very dull, not the greatest for lighting, so i dont know how this is going to work out. I dont like flying on dull days because when youre doing flips and rolls or going low to the ground, i cant tell the difference between the snow and the sky its a little dangerous anyways battery im going to try is this 850 milliamp hour battery its? Not very heavy ill put it on and well see how it performs here we go. All right were all good. I see a few people heading out to do ice fishing. This should be interesting, so lets go check. It out put you in acro mode and arm it Applause, and this will be the first flight here we go. Take it away up miss the trees. Lets go check out what we can see dont get too low, because i cannot always make out the ground theres. The people walking to go ice fishing over on my left and theres some ice fishers out there pretty sweet all right im gon na go around. I dont want to annoy people but im just going to fly nice and slow around them im sure, no matter how slow i go, they think im annoying them, but there we go coming back now, all right.

So how does this fly well, its very smooth, its almost like im flying a camera drone. It is very smooth its not overly quick with that battery on. I thought i would go zooming, but no, its, not overly quick, its pretty decent here got trees over here. Lets just go up lots of punch out power. I gave it very little there, but no problems there coming back. This way lets look at my world and just do a nice, slow, flip, no problem there or a roll. I should say another one: nothing, no! No issues there this here is what were looking at here – is a marsh its for ducks in the summertime, and all these white areas would be frozen, snow and ice. Now i am flying behind me, so the transmission coming back to me is still pretty good yeah. Its still pretty good theres, my jeep over there theres cars always slowing down the gawkers wondering whats he doing all right, so it flies well. The battery is not even depleting at all the batteries really good, so no issues there ive got the 850 on. I dont expect to get a long flight time with the 850, but yeah you can definitely get a flight time nonetheless ill stay away from. I dont want to be a peeping tom stay away from the buildings here, but lets just come on back. You can see its kind of foggy out here. We do have a little bit of snow, dropping and mist ill, bring it back and im going to go fly to another area, so lets come on back down.

Lets go back. Our little lets go buy our little fishy over here there, mr fishy. This is always popular in the summer when the suns out, because it glows nice and green, but right now its kind of dull out so its not glowing anything but easily easy to fly and manage uh. This drone going in circles and orbits and all sorts of things its very, very easy to control no issues at all. So i think anybody who gets this one will enjoy. Is that a skating rink? What is that holy cow? Something happened there look at that. I dont even notice that all these barriers around this portion its like its cut into the ice, and then we have a skating rink over here. What is that im? Not walking out there to check that out, but that is different. I havent seen that before all right lets bring her on back to me all right, so im over here ill, slow, it down well come nice and low to the ground ill, bring it in sideways there. We go coming over to me and im right behind the cement barrier. I got to keep it going. Slow lets bring it on back, lets, try not to hit the cement barrier or the rocks and well plop it down any place. Here there we go thats what you got ta do when you get snow when you drone blow it off, so it doesnt melt because im gon na put the drone in my car and go to another location.

I dont want anything to melt all right just to show you flying with my hat cam up here, im going to arm it all right, just hovering in the air here, nothing exciting im, just seeing how balanced it is. I have a massive battery on. It seems to be okay, its very easy to fly like very tiny inputs on the throttle, and it just hovers there really nice. This is really good, so i think a lot of people would like a quad like this, because its tuned really really well its hard to do this with a lot of quads just to keep them over. Like your landing area, your hover im trying to keep it as close as i can and yeah it seems to work out quite well. All right lets plop it on down there. We go all right im at a different area now, and this is my beach in the winter theres. Hardly anybody around in the winter people come out to do walks, but all right. I had planned to fly this here in this area, but uh. If you look behind me, people are showing up and theres people everywhere and i cant fly something like this around people so im not going to fly anymore and also my hands. You notice i was flying without gloves theyre getting kind of chilly, so im going to call it a day. Youll have to take my first video as being the awesome video with this drone.

I will bring it out again in the future on other days, maybe when its sunny and flat around some more because it is really easy to fly, it flies very smooth. The only thing i noticed it doesnt have is it doesnt have a lot of speed. I thought it would have a little bit more speed, but thats not a problem, because when you have a drone that doesnt have a lot of speed, that means its easier to control at lower speeds, and this one is super easy to control at lower speeds. And you can do all the freestyle because it is a beautiful x frame, thats for sure now. One thing i havent shown you so far is what you get in the box so check this out. This is the box, your mark, 5 comes in, and when you open the box youre going to find your beautiful mark 5, and it is so well constructed that you will be impressed with how it feels in the hands. Youll also receive two sets of props and a tool to put the prop nuts on or off, as well as a pile of battery straps. Also, if you want to remove the camera mount, you can put on a piece of carbon fiber or put on a totally different camera. Mount two battery grips are included just peel off the back on one and stick it in place. Finally, you get a pile of additional screws as well as manuals stickers and, of course, the quick start guide.

So my final thoughts on this little guy, i would have to compare it to a nasal drone. You know the iflight nascals. Those are some of the best drones for fpv on the planet. They are really well constructed, i think, get bar c. They went above and beyond like putting the aluminum the huge piece of aluminum up front for strength just the way they have the boards way off. The stacks here way off the frame, so theres, no vibrations. This is the digital version and you can put a micro sd in the back. If you wish to record on this one – and they have all the tpu, you know like the 3d printed things to protect the arms, its really well good, solid carbon fiber construction all around it feels very solid in the hands. It feels this drone feels like you paid more for it than it actually costs, because its very solid feeling in your hands. So if youre somebody who likes iflight nascal drones and those are expensive as well, if youre somebody who likes those and youve been buying those all the time, youll really like the gap, rc mark 5., it is very high quality like i said it just feels so Solid in the hands and its an easy drone to fly so go check it out. Im going to put links below, i, obviously its on the get rc site ill see. If i can find some other sites that its on as well and go check that out and see if its for you and in future videos, youll, see me out flying this chasing airplanes and other cool things like that.

Alright guys, thanks for watching this one, if you have questions on this drone, just post it below, and i will get back to you, but until then i am gon na go and warm these little babies up because theyre not moving very fast anymore and uh yeah. Thanks for watching oh and this beanie hat, this is a gift from my son and his wife uh. They had it specially made for me. So no you cant buy the captain drone beanies in canada. We call them toques other place, they call them beanies, but uh. Maybe in the future ill have them up all right guys, thanks for watching catch.